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call for papers A4 100%

call for papers A4 Metamaterials 10th-15th October Hotel Barceló Sants Metamaterials 2011 Fifth International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics Barcelona, Spain, 10-15 October, 2011 The Fifth International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics – Metamaterials 2011, will be held on 10th - 15th October 2011 in Barcelona, Spain.


PhysRevA.84.023836 96%

PhysRevA.84.023836 PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023836 (2011) Coupled states of electromagnetic fields with magnetic-dipolar-mode vortices:


04277904 94%

8, AUGUST 2007 Comparison Between Finite-Element Analysis and Winding Function Theory for Inductances and Torque Calculation of a Synchronous Reluctance Machine Thierry Lubin, Tahar Hamiti, Hubert Razik, and Abderrezak Rezzoug Groupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Electronique de Nancy, GREEN-CNRS UMR-7037, Université Henri Poincaré, BP 239, 54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Cedex, France This paper compares the prediction of two independent methods for calculating electromagnetic torque and inductances of a synchronous reluctance machine under linear condition.


vuagnoux 92%

vuagnoux Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations of Wired and Wireless Keyboards Martin Vuagnoux LASEC/EPFL Abstract Computer keyboards are often used to transmit confidential data such as passwords.


EuroMag 1100-2200 91%

EuroMag 1100 2200 EuroMag 1100/2200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter MAINS OR BATTERY POWERED DN25...2000mm / PN 16… PN40 Description The EuroMag electromagnetic Flow Meters have been designed for compliance with the Ministry of Environment and Regional Council water consent and data acquisition transfer requirements.


EMP-System-Eng-Requirements 91%

Outline Standards and specifications Electromagnetic integration a.


bose suspension system tcm17-4142 89%

Introduction Bose Corporation has created a unique electromagnetic suspension system for automobiles.


Electromagnetic Scintillation Miltaire et météo 86%

Electromagnetic Scintillation Miltaire et météo Cambridge University Press 0521801990 - Electromagnetic Scintillation II:


Statement Brussels EN 84%

MCS Brussels 2015 Statement 2015, Brussels International Scientific Declaration on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Following the 5th Paris Appeal Congress that took place on the 18 th of May, 2015 at the Royal Academy of Medicine, Brussels, Belgium Recalling the pioneering work of the American allergologist Theron G Randolph to whom we owe the first clinical description in 1962 of what is today commonly called multiple chemical sensitivity.


Rodent Repellent 83%

Rodent Repellent The existing electrical wiring in our homes emits a low electromagnetic field that is harmless to humans, pets as well as pests like rats and cockroaches.


report danger des champs bioinitiative 80%

A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF) Organizing Committee:


electromagnetic radiation 79%

electromagnetic radiation This abstract is for a presentation made an international conference entitled “The Precautionary EMF Approach:


189165495-Electrical-machine-design-using-rmxprt 78%

RMxprt can then automatically set-up a complete Maxwell® 3-D or 2-D project including geometry, motion and mechanical set-up, material properties, core loss, winding and source setup including the drive circuit for rigorous electromagnetic analysis to refine parameters calculated by RMxprt and enhance accuracy.


EuroMag Transmitter MC 608 77%

The new generation converter extends the use of electromagnetic flow-meters to water distribution networks, allowing a better control of flows at every point of installation.


Remote neuronal monitoring 76%

RNM has been developed after about 50 years of neuro-electromagnetic involuntary human experimentations.


product folder art edition-low-safe 71%

230 Volt, 50 Hz Electromagnetic tolerance:


Electrogravitational communication 70%

Such radiation is extremely penetrating and is known to pass readily through barriers or shields impenetrable to electromagnetic radiation and is, therefore, readily distinguished by this quality.


PhysRevA.84.023818 70%

published 12 August 2011) A unipolar electromagnetic pulse is a pulse with nonzero value of the static component of the Fourier spectrum of its real electric field (and not its envelope).


Tutorial Translating Motion 3D 70%

Tutorial Translating Motion 3D CAD Package for Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis using Finite Elements FLUX 10 ® 3D Application Translating motion tutorial Copyright - June 2007 FLUX is a registered trademark.


le secret de la pierre 70%

It is their nature of magnetic fields generated stimulating cells in a symbiotisation attractivitÄs electromagnetic and resistivity cell, where are the subtleties and configurational atomic with care.


End Winding Characterization 69%

End Winding Characterization CAD Package for Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis using Finite Elements FLUX 10 ® 3D Application End winding characterization Copyright - February 2008 FLUX is a registered trademark.


Drive motor with SIMULINK 69%

Drive motor with SIMULINK CAD Package for Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis using Finite Elements FLUX ® 2D Application Scalar command of an induction machine technical paper Copyright - September 2004 FLUX is a registered trademark.


Tutorial Geometry Mesh 2D 69%

Tutorial Geometry Mesh 2D CAD Package for Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis using Finite Elements FLUX 2D Application ® Generic tutorial of geometry and mesh Copyright – February 2006 FLUX is a registered trademark.


PhysRevA.84.023843 69%

Planar reflectors with reduced sizes are finally obtained which may be useful in several optical and electromagnetic applications.


Some extended analyses concerning the physics and kinematics of wave propagation in moving systems 68%

For studying the details of the physical processes concerning space-time relations of signal exchanges in moving inertial-systems, it is purposeful to make at first a short exposition of the kinematics of electromagnetic wave propagation from a moving source to a stationary or moving field point in the free unbounded space.