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carte des émotions 100%

Bodily maps of emotions Lauri Nummenmaaa,b,c,1, Enrico Glereana, Riitta Harib,1, and Jari K.


MAG2013 95%

La galerie ART &


WORKBOOK - Mes Emotions 94%

Emotions, Emotions J'APPRENDS À VOUS DÉCODER !


musique triste 93%

Nevertheless, both the scientific and the philosophical literature have consistently reported that, in addition to sadness, sad music also elicits pleasurable emotions, ranging from a sense of relief to a state of profound beauty [13], [16], [17].


piece n3 92%

======= Pièce n°3 ======= Personnages : Liinnda ->


Vitakraft - Emotion Complete Junior 91%

Communiqué de Presse – Mars 2017 Emotion Complete Junior :


Loving Someone with BPD - A Model of Emotion Regulation 89%

•  utilize the Five Steps in Responding to Out of Control emotions and behaviors •  balance validation with problem solving for themselves and their loved ones •  recognize six patterns of behavior in BPD and respond to them   ©  Treatment  Implementa-on  Collabora-ve,  LLC    2011       Click Guidelines Basic to Edit Master for Title Responding Style to People with BPD •  Don’t try to talk her out of feeling the way she does •  Don’t remake your world to accommodate her emotional “fragility.” •  Understand the tasks in emotion regulation –  –  –  –  Re-orienting attention Upregulate/downregulate physiological arousal Stop from doing what emotion or mood tell us to do Have a life with goals that are independent of emotion/mood •  Remember that change is difficult for anyone and will be painful for your loved one ©  Treatment  Implementa-on  Collabora-ve,  LLC    2011       Click to Edit Master Title Style Start with Validation ©  Treatment  Implementa-on  Collabora-ve,  LLC    2011       Click to EditFinding Validation:


Menu réveillons 2018 89%

Emotions Traiteur vous propose son menu de fêtes de fin d'année 2018 Le menu complet :


science of heart volume 2 89%

Resilience, Stress and Emotions ..................................................................................8 Chapter 3:


Kristen crosslinguistic developmental consistency 88%

While mental state vocabulary may serve a variety of conversational functions in discourse and thus might not always indicate psychological comprehension, there is evidence for genuine references to mental states (desires, knowledge, beliefs, and emotions) early in development across languages.


Towards Robotics Leadership An Analysis 87%

More often then most, emotions can greatly influence the performance of a person tasked with a specific responsibility [16].


Combs al 2010 85%

This punishes the behavior and presumably induces moral emotions and the desire to make amends.


Activité n°31 dessin d'émotion 85%

dessin d’émotion Activité sur le dessin d’émotions Partie 1 :


emotional learning 85%

4.2.1 Qualitative emotions .


Social-Emotional-Development[1] 84%

During development, the repertoire of specific emotions remains constant, but the stimuli that produce them become more abstract.


journal.pone.0069546 84%

Studies 2 and 3 indicated that heightened feelings of guilt mediated the effect, whereas other negative emotions did not.


FB 01.11.2018 Development of the Positive Emotions Program for Schizophrenia 84%

Nguyen A, Frobert L, McCluskey I, Golay P, Bonsack C and Favrod J (2016) Development of the Positive Emotions Program for Schizophrenia:


Caractères et tempéraments 83%

réactions vives face aux différentes situations, avoir des grandes émotions, changements de l’humeur, manque de stabilité dans la personne, etc.


conservateurs et libéraux 83%

Mental illness aside, being able to sort out relevant patterns from irrelevant patterns logically is difficult to do when heavy emotions are involved.


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