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top 25 turtles in trouble 2011 100%

Top 25+ Endangered Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles—2011 The World’s 25+ Most Endangered Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles—2011 Presented by the Turtle Conservation Coalition IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, Turtle Conservation Fund, Turtle Survival Alliance, Turtle Conservancy / Behler Chelonian Center, Chelonian Research Foundation, Conservation International, Wildlife Conservation Society, and San Diego Zoo Global Edited by Anders G.J.


hamiguitan 99%

Thus, it is the main concern of this research to identify and assess the endemic and endangered flora of Hamiguitan Range.


La Vallée des Singes Primate Conservation Research Grant 85%

We will give priority to studies that involve, in their natural habitat, little known and (probable) endangered species.


File 1 84%

CIFRE Thesis project “Management of the Western Lowland gorilla European Endangered species Program” Phd student Private company Public research departments Thesis supervisors Sueur Cédric Létang Benoit Ethology graduate Romagne (F) Hill Sonya Private corporate partners Bekesbourne-Port Lympne (UK) Apeldoorn (NL) Chessington (UK) Kerkrade (NL) St Aignan (F) Amsterdam (NL) Basel (CH) For over 30 years, CIFRE - Industrial Conventions Research Training - subsidizes any company under French law hiring a PhD they place at the heart of research collaboration with a public laboratory.


Brochure ZooParc Beauval 2014 UK 83%

This is fantastic not only for our visitors but also for the survival of many species that are becoming endangered in the wild.


Anglais EPP 2013-2014 76%

This includes emblematic species of conservation concern, such as, the world’s most endangered pinniped, the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal, sea turtles, several whales, dolphins, sharks, skates and rays at risk of extinction or threatened, and the overexploited bluefin tuna.


Lemur news 2014 18 74%

18, 2014 since 2008 and classified as Critically Endangered according to the IUCN Red list.


WI Iguana Husbandry Manual complete 70%

West Indian iguanas are among the most endangered lizards in the world, primarily because much of the tropical dry forest they inhabit has been eliminated by human development or severely degraded by exotic species.


Mahafaly Dictionary 68%

translating%and%guiding%our%way%around.%In%about%two%months%we%put%together%a%small%phraseM book%or%dictionary%of%about%three%thousand%English%words%and%phrases%translated%to%Malagasy% and%Mahafaly%Dialect.%Many%of%these%words%were%directly%translated%by%Heri,%others%required%the% knowledge% of% people% that% were% born% more% than% halfMaMcentury% ago.% One% of% the% biggest% challenges% of% making% the% dictionary,% as% I% assume% it% must% be% when% working% with% other% endangered% languages,% is% the% gradual% loss% of% information% due% to% the% influence% of% major% languages%such%as%English%and%French.%In%this%aspect%both%me%and%Heri,%made%our%best%effort%to% compile%words%that%reflect%with%the%utmost%fidelity%the%epistemology%of%the%local%people.% The%compilation%of%the%dictionary%was%complete%on%the%day%I%left%Ejeda,%the%5th%of%April%of%2011.% In% my% way% back% to% Antananarivo% I% undertook% the% task% to% transcribe% the% dictionary% to% my% computer,%and%design%its%edition%and%cover.%The%first%edition%was%presented%to%WWF%Madagascar% in%May%2011.% Since%the%first%edition,%the%dictionary%has%undergone%substantial%changes,%as%it%has%been%revised% by%David%McDonald,%the%Malagasy%Academy%of%Language,%and%from%Andriamiseza%Ingarao%from% the% Department% of% Endangered% Languages% at% UNESCO,% correcting% spelling% mistakes% in% English% and%Malagasy,%and%revising%the%structure%of%the%dictionary%to%a%more%userMfriendly%design.%% The%dictionary%is%collaborative%undertaking%that%represents%the%voice%of%hundreds%of%people,%in% their%majority%Mahafaly,%but%also%from%many%parts%of%the%world.%Whose%foremost%concern%was%to% share% and% protect% a% language% at% the% verge% of% extinction.% It% is% my% hope% that% this% dictionary% can% serve% vazaha% [foreigners]% and% Malagasies% to% bridge% worldviews,% build% consensus,% and% further% cultural%and%biological%conservation%in%Madagascar.% Thanks% go% to% all% the% people% that% made% the% dictionary% possible,% to% my% fellow% WWF% team% members,% and% to% all% my% Mahafaly% friends% including% Baina,% Rivo,% Haja% and% Heri% without% which% advise%and%example%I%would%not%have%been%inspired%to%undertake%this%adventure.%Your%courage% and%happiness%in%the%face%of%adversity%showed%me%there%is%no%limits%but%the%ones%you%pose%on% yourself.%I%am%also%grateful%to%my%family%for%their%longstanding%and%unconditional%support.% % % % José%Carlos%Pons%Ballesteros% Mexico,%DF% 4%November,%2012% % % % !


AquaCirta-gambusie 68%

Blaustein, « Deleterious effects by mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) on the endangered fire salamander (Salamandra infraimmaculata) », Animal Conservation 12, 2009, 29–37.


Acanthobrahmaea europaea 65% >


Sulfuric Acid Treatment 63%

An Endangered Medicinal Plant of the Himalayan Region Sumit Purohit .


Le PAL 2010 62%

EEP ESB (European Endangered species Programs) Manchot du Cap Vari noir et blanc Saïmiri écureuil Mandrill Gelada Lycaon Panda roux Lion d’Asie Tigre de Sumatra Eléphant d’Asie Zèbre de Grévy Tapir terrestre Girafe Oryx algazelle (European Stud-Book) Pélican gris/à dos rose Gibbon lar Chimpanzé commun Ours brun Otarie de Californie Hippopotame amphibie Nyala Cobe de Lechwe Mise en place en 2008 l’association Le PAL NATURE déverse chaque année 200 000€ { différents projets destinés { protéger des espèces menacées d’extinction


les paretroplus 62%

This conservation status of this species is extremely endangered and therefore makes a captive breeding program an absolute necessity.


Agenda for Wilderness Training of Giant Panda 60%

Joint Operation Earth’s Effort to Save World’s Most Endangered Species of Wildlife!


Keith Dorson 2003 60%

Towards a conservation strategy for Anaecypris hispanica, the most endangered non migratory fish in portuguese streams.


EcoAmericas SEPTEMBER 2012 59%

The two most serious cases in Mexico are the scalloped hammerhead shark and the great hammerhead shark, which are classified as endangered and facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild, according to the study by the IUCN’s Shark Specialist Group.


Azafady 59%

Tegan Jones International Volunteer Coordinator, Azafady The Azafady Conservation Programme (ACP) combines hands-on conservation research, environmental education and community-based projects in the critically endangered coastal forests of southeast Madagascar.


571853 Workbook Servo motor drive technology 58%

However, life and limb of the user and third parties may be endangered, and the components may be impaired, if they are used improperly.


Reverse My Tinnitus By Watson & Dr Phillips Ebook Review 53%

Reason why using this method isn’t as popular because it probably should end up being is, that pharmaceutical companies are doing everything they are able to to keep this amazing method from scattering, because there can be so much money endangered.


v.boury 53%

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (see p.


Brochure 52%

However they become endangered species because many people hunt them.


Rapport RSE 51%

- Le commerce de toute espèce ou produit animal ou végétal régulé par la convention CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna or Flora) et qui ne serait pas autorisé par un permis CITES - La production, le commerce ou l’utilisation de filets dérivants de plus de 2,5 kilomètres de long - Le tabac ou la pornographie



create protected areas, define action plans for endangered species and raising awareness all around the country to spread the good practices to fight climate change.


descripcion xenotocas-2016 50%

(2005) listed this species as endangered and a priority species for conservation.