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Colleagues for Excellence…the newsletter covering the latest in endodontic treatment, research and technology.


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International Endodontic Journal, 46, 889–895, 2013.


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Endodontic Microsurgery Supervised by:


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- Preventive materials - Materials with calcium hydroxide - Filling materials - Endodontic materials - Auxiliary materials We are thankful to dentists for using our materials in their practice and for clinical experience gained.


IADT 2012 Fractures & Luxations Guidelines 84%

Treatment guidelines for fractures of teeth and alveolar bone Clinical findings Radiographic findings Treatment Follow-up procedures for fractures of teeth and alveolar bone1 Favorable and unfavorable outcomes include some, but not necessarily all, of the following Follow up Favorable outcome Unfavorable outcome • Symptomatic • Negative response to pulp testing • Signs of apical periodontitis • No continuing root development in immature teeth • Endodontic therapy appropriate for stage of root development is indicated • Symptomatic Asymptomatic Positive response • Negative response to pulp testing to pulp testing Continuing root • Signs of apical periodontitis development in • No continuing root immature teeth development in Continue to next immature teeth evaluation • Endodontic therapy appropriate for stage of root development is indicated • No radiographic • In case of marked • No follow up is • Asymptomatic generally needed • Positive response infractions, abnormalities to pulp testing for infraction etching and • Radiographs • Continuing root injuries unless sealing with resin recommended:


IADT 2012 Avulsions Guidelines 83%

(see Endodontic considerations).


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Endodontic treatment : ... Endodontic treatment: