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100% - BDM Affinity Position

     Key Responsibilities        Prospect, develop and create partnerships with targeted organisations in order to generate affinity sales and portfolio growth Participate in the development of sales budget and marketing strategies for the affinity channel in line with overall business targets Monitor and manage the performance of affinity clients with regards to profits, claim ratios, and standards Take part in planning aspects in regard to the development and growth of Affinity channels (product enhancements, program enhancements and the development of new affinity channels to help in new business acquisition) Build and strengthen relationships with affinity partners to maximise business return and ensure retention Supervise affinity channels business development executives and Officers to ensure achievement of set targets in line with set standards Follow up on the implementation of sales strategies and policies to ensure achievement of targets Assist in handling compliance reporting issues to ensure that affinity channels are carried out in line with statutory and regulatory requirements Offer necessary support affinity channels sales team to ensure that they carry out their duties in line with set standards and procedures Participate in securing new business opportunities by identifying and pursuing potential affinity channels Set accurate and competitive quotations for insurance business and ensure they are delivered promptly to potential clients Ensure prompt follow-up on insurance renewals to ensure that the retention proportions are achieved in line with set standards Qualifications Experience Competencies Application Procedure   Bachelor’s Degree in a business related field Professional qualification in Insurance (ACII, FLMI or AIIK)  At least 6 years’ experience in insurance with a focus on sales and distribution  Experience in the marketing, corporate affairs industry will be an added advantage             Knowledge of affinity channels Knowledge of insurance products Ability to deliver results and meet customer expectations Relating and Networking Working with people Adapting and responding to change Planning and organising Presenting and communicating Information Persuading and influencing Leading and supervising Adhering to principles and values Knowledge of insurance concepts and procedures If you meet the above requirements you are encouraged to forward your application and updated CV to before 30th April, 2018. 19/04/2018

99% - 30 09 2014 Conference Measures to ensure civil obligations

30 09 2014 Conference Measures to ensure civil obligations 10/16/2014 30-09-2014- International Conference: 16/10/2014

98% - Copy of UDP TL App form 2020 second round

RESPONSIBILITIES PERFORMANCE MANAGER OGX Build together with LCVP and implement a customer management strategy for apd, RE, FIN and CO EPs Track EPs from SU to FIN and ensure the delivery of OGX standards Ensure the full completion of auditing by members Ensure the LC is conducting either showcasing or improvement activities based on NPS results Build LC2LC co-operations, align with the MKT team and the TL operations, track and ensure the development of partnerships RESPONSIBILITIES TL OPERATIONS : 15/11/2020

98% - Manager of Customer Service

Customer Experience  Lead, coach and model legendary service at every customer interaction  Ensure employee scheduling is optimal to meet customer demands and ensure compliance with internal Hours of Work Policies  Lead on the execution of the branch CEI plan and support achievement of CEI objectives  Coach to ensure customer problems are handled appropriately, and participate in the negotiation and resolution where necessary  Lead and coach the team on advice giving strategies to improve the overall customer experience  Proactively demonstrate lobby leadership in the customer lounge, help & 31/10/2016

96% - Job Title shift supervisor

The incumbent will be required to flex their working hours across shifts to ensure staff communication lines remain open. 30/12/2012

96% - Visserie US

After printing, measure ruler above to ensure correct scale 5/8"-18 5 6 inches Copyright © 2000-2012 Bolt Depot Inc. 11/08/2015

96% - Recommandations comite DESC anglais

(a) Take steps, as a matter of urgency, to ensure the enjoyment of Covenant rights by the people living in areas affected by violence and a lack of security, particularly in the Far North, North-West and South-West Regions; 29/05/2020

95% - SmartPilot Series Commissioning GuideS1 S2 S3

To ensure optimum performance on your boat, you must complete Chapter 2: 25/02/2018

95% - spr5c

Remember, during the first few miles the cable system will “bed-in” which may necessitate adjustment to ensure the hub is working to its maximum potential and to prevent possible hub damage (See Section 2.). 01/05/2012

95% - Hire Cooks In Bangalore

Every cook on Freskkoz has been interviewed in person and passed a background check They also have to undergo through regular health checkup to ensure proper hygiene of the food they prepare. 16/05/2017

95% - Maintenance Requirements 2

To ensure that the plant mechanical equipment provides the accurate and quick real-time measurement data to the control systems to effectively respond to abnormalities and control operating parameters of the plant in order to comply with the Company’s strategies and operational priorities (profit, safety, reliability, and environmental requirements). 24/07/2018

94% - 141208 PI Kosovo Pedagogical Expert

(1) the Sport4All project aiming to encourage other organizations to work on inclusive sport and (2) the Sport4Inclusion project focused on the Mitrovica region OVERALL MISSION The Pedagogical Expert’s main responsibility will be to ensure the pedagogical quality and impact of the projects implemented. 06/01/2015

93% - Civil Society Migration Stockholm Agenda June 2014

Civil society proposes to collaborate with UN member states to ensure that the forthcoming post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and national development agendas reflect these goals and targets, and to together achieve, monitor and measure progress on them over the 15 years through 2030. 25/09/2014

93% - freelander LN 1994 0036

With the cylinder head removed refer to this bulletin to ensure the engine is not rebuilt with a potential defect. 30/11/2014

93% - Copy of UDP TL App form 2020 1.pptx

RESPONSIBILITIES MARKETING Be in charge of the AUDITS Implement the strategies defined with your VP Track your members Weekly team meetings with your Team Synergy meetings with OGTA TLs Be in charge of the online events and online posts RESPONSIBILITIES PERFORMANCE MANAGER OGX Build together with LCVP and implement a customer management strategy for apd, RE, FIN and CO EPs Track EPs from SU to FIN and ensure the delivery of OGX standards Ensure the full completion of auditing by members Ensure the LC is conducting either showcasing or improvement activities based on NPS results Build LC2LC co-operations, align with the MKT team and the TL operations, track and ensure the development of partnerships 08/11/2020

93% - Callforapplicationcommunicationtrainer

Callforapplicationcommunicationtrainer       Call for application  Communication Trainer    Culture  For Citizenship is  a Tunisian organization that was formed in May 2011 and obtained  the  visa  on  23  August  in  2011.  The  goal  of  this  non­profit  organization  is to promote human  rights and active citizenship through cultural activities and events.  Culture  for  Citizenship  has  launched  the   project   ​ “Awaken  Youth”.  This  project  will  engage  75  university  students from 5 Northern governorates (Beja, Bizerte, Jendouba, El Kef, Tunis)  in  a  workshop  series  focused  on  accountability  and  transparency.  The  project  is  divided  as  follow:  ­ Communication trainings  ­ Local Governance trainings  ­ Initiatives  This  project  is  100%  financed  by  The  U.S.­Middle  East  Partnership  Initiative  (MEPI)  of  the  State  Department.  MEPI  offers  assistance,  training,  and  support  to  groups  and  individuals  striving to create positive change in the society.  Culture For Citizenship is looking for a Communication trainer:  Job responsabilities:  ­ Prepare the training content based on participatory activities  ­ Ensure the initiatives planning and management  ­ Ensure the presentation of the trainings   ­ Ensure the follow­up with the 75 participants  ­ Preparation of the report after each training   Criteria and skills  ● Has a communication diploma (or any other related field)  ● Has  at  least  5  years  experience  as  a  trainer, coach or moderator for Communication  trainings  ● Has at least 4 years experience in project planning and follow­up  Culture for Citizenship  ème​  2, Avenue de la Liberté, 3​  étage, Tunis.    ● Has worked with NGOs (National and International)  ● He/she can work with students  ● The ability to work with a team and coordinate effectively with the staff members   ● The ability to work with the participants and ensure the follow­up online   ● The motivation to participate in the realization of an associative project.  ● He/she can be available for the whole period of the project    Starting date:​  ​ March 2016    If  you  are  interested,  please  send  your  CV  to  ​  mentioning  “Communication Trainer” as subject for the email, no later than 4th of March 2016.    Culture for Citizenship  ème​  2, Avenue de la Liberté, 3​  étage, Tunis. 29/02/2016

93% - 70 681

You need to ensure that the MDT deployment database supports Windows integrated security from the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). 24/04/2015

92% - MIDDCOMpresentation

DESNERCK HENRY BORZI PRESS RELATIONS| PRESS RELEASES | PUBLIC RELATIONS | EU AFFAIRS PRESS RELATIONS We help you get in touch with the most relevant press actors in your area to ensure you good echoes to your event, your product presentation, your message PRESS RELEASES We, taking into account our experience of press and media do realize press releases for you in order to get a maximal echo for your news. 25/08/2012

92% - Alternator & Regulator Bosch

Exploded View of Bosch 55-Ampere Alternator OUTPUT TEST 1) Ensure connections at battery, alternator, and starter (most vehicles) are clean and tight. 13/02/2013

91% - The R2C facing COVID 19

Ensure all fundamental human rights are respected, especially the right to adequate housing, food and nutrition. 27/03/2020

90% - CV Adrien Vernay (en)

• Assess the impact of the new practices on the studio and coordinate the activities required to ensure the application of these changes. 17/08/2015

90% - interim recommendations filovirus

Ensure that all visitors use personal protective equipment (PPE) according to the health care facility (HCF) guidance and are provided with instructions in its use and in hand hygiene practices prior to entry into the isolation room/area. 22/04/2014

90% - Export katalogus 201801 25 52 press

braid hooklength line This braid hooklength made of the latest technology, weaving with 8 carriers, which ensure the cyclic cross-section. 09/02/2018