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100% - PARALYSES Previously, we reported that one individual who had a motor complete, but sensory incomplete spinal cord injury regained voluntary movement after 7 months of epidural stimulation and stand training. 08/04/2014

82% - Discitis3

To exclude the possibility of an epidural abscess and to culture the disc space, the intervertebral disc space was explored posterolaterally through a hemilaminectomy: 14/04/2012

76% - nihms139287

Moreover, multiple fixed factors such as parity, maternal weight, and fetal weight as well as commonly employed interventions (e.g., oxytocin augmentation, epidural use) may significantly affect the duration of labor. 15/04/2015

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En 1904, se sintetizó la Procaina y en 1921, Pagés, describió la Anestesia epidural, peridu ral o extradural. 04/06/2016


En 1904, se sintetizó la Procaina y en 1921, Pagés, describió la Anestesia epidural, peridu ral o extradural. 24/03/2015

64% - sédation

vii.  We recommend that thoracic epidural anesthesia/ analgesia be considered for postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery ( 1B). 31/08/2013

64% - Hernie discalerhumato perso

Hernie discalerhumato perso Disque Intervertébral • Nucleus puplosus  ovoïde, gélatineuse  excentré vers l’arrière • Annulus fibrosus  anneau fibreux externe (fibre de Sharpey)  anneau fibreux interne • Plaque cartilagineuse VARIATIONS MORPHOLOGIQUES ESPACES RACHIDIENS • ESPACE EPIDURAL : 10/10/2012

59% - 17 Schaeffer et al

The MSLM decoding performance was evaluated for asynchronous wrist position reconstruction from both epidural and subdural ECoG data in monkeys (2 monkeys for each data set). 16/07/2018

54% - 17 RewNPLS

Experiments in Monkeys.  Data description.  To validate the proposed approaches, the publicly available dataset is considered ( 16/07/2018

50% - Surgical Apgar Outcome Score Perioperative Risk Assessment

Furthermore, epidural placement and operative time surgery did not correlate with postoperative complications. 06/09/2013

49% - Sophrology birth and motherhood

When I got to the hospital, the pain was so intense, I mentioned to the midwives that I was thinking about asking for the epidural. 29/09/2015

48% - Poster II How to prevent and treat Ehlers Danlos syndrome A medico social emergency A tewnty years experience Hamonet. Manicourt

morphine, corticosteroids, anticoagulants, pregabalin, high doses antidepressants, neuroleptics, cervical manipulations, endoscopy, intraarticular injections (except capsulitis in shoulder dystrophy), lumbar or arterial punctures (except epidural), orthopedic surgery (except for very rare exceptions). 26/09/2018

48% - Discitis1

In two children MRI demonstrated an ‘abscess’ and in one an epidural collection (Fig. 14/04/2012

47% - Charvet IEEE 2011

For this purpose, neuronal [1] activity is being recorded using scalp electrodes , epidural [2] [3][4] electrodes , subdural electrodes or microelectrode [5][6][7] . 20/07/2018

42% - Assessing progress

'how much longer', 'I can't do this anymore', or 'I want an epidural now'. 15/04/2015

41% - 201700001841 Costecalde T

In previous BCI studies (Table 1), neuronal activity has been recorded using scalp [3 and 4], epidural [5 and 6] or subdural electrodes [7-9], together with microelectrode arrays [10-16]. 19/07/2018

32% - Does the Surgical Apgar Score Measure Intraoperative

Patients undergoing general or vascular surgery with general, epidural, or spinal anesthesia, or specified operations (carotid endarterectomy, inguinal herniorrhaphy, thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, breast biopsy, and endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm) regardless of anesthetic type, are Ann Surg. 06/09/2013

30% - Charvet EMBC 2013

Neuronal activity can be recorded using scalp electrodes[1], cortical (epidural or subdural) electrodes[2], and intraparenchymal microelectrode arrays[3]. 20/07/2018

28% - Obstetrics by ear

childlike, out-of-ronhol. and with epidural anesthesia. 15/04/2015

27% - Discitis2

No intraspinal or epidural abscesses were seen. 14/04/2012

26% - SurgNeurolInt42335 3043284 082712

With custom‑built units,[1,24] the spinal subdural and epidural spaces can be perfused with cold solutions at 4-15°C, with rapid cooling and easily maintained at 10-15°C for several hours without neurologic sequelae [Figure 3]. 04/07/2013

26% - Altered Level Of Consciousness

Small epidural hematomas may be asymptomatic initially, but as the hematoma expands and causes mass effect, patients may develop ALOC, along with other signs of increased cranial pressure. 15/09/2017