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epigenetic 100%

Review Article Epigenetic Studies in Human Diseases (epigenetics / human diseases / methylation / histone acetylation / miRNA / cancer) J.


Genetic Master Fellowships 87%

International Master’s Program in Genetics!


postdoc ad duharcourt 86%

 The  successful  candidate  will  drive  a  project  on  the  mechanisms  and  regulation   of   genome   rearrangements   in   ciliates,   particularly   the   role   of   epigenetic   factors   and   non-­‐coding   RNAs.


Post doc EMBL Rome RM 00067 85%

Rome, Italy Postdoctoral fellow 2 years N/A 20 May 2018 RM_00067 Job Description The Boulard group at EMBL Rome is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in chromatin biology or biochemistry to lead an exciting interdisciplinary project focused on the molecular basis of epigenetic silencing in mammals.


quelle place pour l epigenetique 85%

but this special issue shows that epigenetic studies are very diverse, and not limited to the study of chromatin.


PostDoc offers Navarro 83%

our hypothesis is that this represents a key process impacting cell fate acquisition and maintenance, epigenetic regulation across all forms of chromatin and, finally, the mechanisms of mitosis.


postdoc ad 78%

~ Identifying epigenetic mechanisms that regulate DNA replication and DNA amplification.


Open position Flower development .Postdoc. 2017 78%

Postdoctoral position on Flower development and plant molecular biology:


Ad 78%

We are now seeking to recruit a talented and motivated post-doc to expand our work into the epigenetic and epitranscriptomic fields.


epigenetic et trauma 77%

a link with the severity and type of trauma N Perroud1, A Paoloni-Giacobino2, P Prada3, E Olie´4,5,6, A Salzmann1, R Nicastro3, S Guillaume4,5,6, D Mouthon2, C Stouder2, K Dieben3, P Huguelet3, P Courtet4,5,6 and A Malafosse1,2 Childhood maltreatment, through epigenetic modification of the glucocorticoid receptor gene (NR3C1), influences the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA axis).


histone modification 73%

BMC Cancer 2010, 10:297 Open Access RESEARCH ARTICLE Promoter- and cell-specific epigenetic regulation of CD44, Cyclin D2, GLIPR1 and PTEN by Methyl-CpG binding proteins and histone modifications Research article Imke Müller, Frank Wischnewski, Klaus Pantel and Heidi Schwarzenbach* Abstract Background :


Eukaryotic Cell-2011-Roy-1384-95 65%

11 Diversity in Requirement of Genetic and Epigenetic Factors for Centromere Function in Fungi䌤 Babhrubahan Roy and Kaustuv Sanyal* Molecular Mycology Laboratory, Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur Post, Bangalore 560 064, India can be defined genetically as a chromosomal region where the mutant and wild-type alleles of a diploid heterozygous genetic marker always separate from each other in the first meiotic division.


Balthazart & Court 2017 55%, mutation of this gene located in Xq28, or changes in its expression induced by epigenetic mechanisms affecting its methylation, could then provide a mechanism explaining the changes in brain androgen sensitivity postulated by Breedlove to occur during early development in gay males.


Asthma Management for children 53%

However, there is strong evidence that methylation of the DNA (epigenetic change) at specific loci may increase the risk of wheeze and asthma [7].


J Cell Sci-2011-Youds-501-13-2 53%

Recent studies indicate a role for specific epigenetic modifications at DSB sites.


Bakroon et al-2016-Clinical and Experimental Optometry 53%

Therefore, although genetic variances accounted for the 60 per cent of the risk of developing ASD, their complex behavioural phenotypes are thought to be due to other factors, such as the environmental and the epigenetics factor as a variation risk for these disorders.35 Epigenetic factors Epigenetic factors refer to the heritable changes in gene activity that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequences but rather by one of the following factors:


ResumeEquipe 51%

provide therapeutic breakthroughs Our team has participated in the genomic and functional discoveries of this unique type of neoplasms in which a specific somatic mutation in the histone H3 tail at Lys27 is completely reorganizing the epigenetic landscape of the tumor.



genomic mutations, epigenetic alterations, mitochondrial dysfunctions, imbalance of protein synthesis and degradation, telomere shortening, accumulation of senescent cells, and altered intercellular communication (see Lo´pez-Otı´n et al., 2013 for review).



One of the epigenetic changes leading to decreased plasticity after the critical period involves the action of HDAC, an enzyme that acts as an epigenetic “brake” on critical-period learning (Morishita and Hensch, 2008;


cocas papier 41%



Oral corticosteroids and acute respiratory diseases 40%

These interactions probably begin in utero and, through regulatory mechanisms conditioned by the environment (‘epigenetic mechanisms’), they may influence the onset, expression and phenotypes of diseases at later ages or even in adulthood [13].


Cancer-et-épigénétique 38%

D’Alessio A., Szyf M., Epigenetic tête-à-tête:


2011 Evolving Concepts in Nutrition From Functional Foods to Nutrigenomics The Paradigmatic Example of FPP SEMAL 31%

Nutrigenomics mainly aims at studying genetic and epigenetic interactions with a nutrient so as to lead to a phenotype change and therefore to the cell metabolism, differentiation or apoptosis (Fafournoux 2000).