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translation strategies 99%

The purpose of translation methods and procedures – and of translating itself – is to achieve maximal equivalence, or equivalent effect.


Chapter9 Titrimetric Methods 97%

9A.1  Equivalence Points and End points If a titration is to be accurate we must combine stoichiometrically equivalent amount of titrant and titrand.


MIN Programmationv6 95%

Bail* Usuel Souhait Equivalent modules Surfaces m² Equivalent modules Surfaces m² Equivalent modules Surfaces m² MIN Fleurs:


enseignants 95%

− soit en v´erifiant directement que 9/4 p n’est pas solution (1 ´etudiant) − soit en remarquant que, puisque f (x) est positif, si x0 est solution, on doit avoir x0 − 3 ≥ 0, condition qui n’est pas v´erifi´ee par 9/4 (2 ´etudiants) Aucun ´etudiant n’explique pourquoi apparaˆıt la valeur 9/4, a ` savoir que l’´el´evation au carr´e “cr´ee” de nouvelles solutions parce que “a = b” n’est pas ´equivalent a ` “a2 = b2 ”.



7 Sch´ema ´equivalent et diagramme vectoriel .


Translation procedures 94%

(in German) Performanz §SYNONYMY = To use a near TL equivalent to an SL word in a context, where a precise equivalent may or may not exist.


usthb17 93%

Fatma MEBREK Introduction Theoretical Developments Principal Components of the Technique The algorithm Illustration Conclusion Plan 1 Introduction The Problem Motivations Passage to deterministic equivalent problem of MOSILP 2 Theoretical Developments 3 Principal Components of the Technique 4 The algorithm 5 Illustration 6 Conclusion Djamal CHAABANE &


ketoacids 91%

...these are the equivalent carbon framework of the essential amino acids, but they lack the ammonia to make the complete essential amino acid.


-2016 chapitre 6 logique 91%

si f est un litt´eral, ¬f est ´equivalent ` a un litt´eral 2.


PlanTAV 90%


hda5 88%

Brown and Spencer [15] published a proof that crossed modules are equivalent to categorical groups in 1976.


1-s2.0-S092180090800298X-main 88%

Since living renewable resources regenerate using solar energy, a population Ecological Footprint can be said to represent the area continuously required to generate a quantity of photosynthetic biomass energy and material equivalent to the amount used and dissipated by the population's consumption (Rees, 2003, 2006;


AEDES received a Request for Services for the Philippines 87%

Team – Leader /Decentralisation Expert – 30 working days - Category and duration of equivalent experience  Category 1 expert with preferably 15 years, but at least 12 years' experience on national and local governments policy review and formulation  Proven in depth knowledge and experience in at least four different developing countries  Experience in South East Asia and the Philippines is an advantage - Education  Possess a PhD and Master's degree in development economics or equivalent - Experience  Longstanding experience with decentralisation processes and public administration reform  Experience in advising at senior decision level of relevant Ministries and Institutions  Experience in academic research /lecturing in the area of fiscal decentralisation and governance issues  Proven knowledge about international best practice in devolvement, able to compare with other similar countries and bring in knowledge of world-wide innovative approaches and lessons learned  Is author or co-author of more than 20 publications, articles/studies or monographs published preferably in internationally renowned journals, in books, etc, relevant to the assignment and covering different geographical areas.


yamaha psr-e333 87%

PA-130 or an equivalent Others:


Freedom of good 86%

Customs duties and charges having equivalent effect Regulatory restriction :


cursos conversa 86%

cursar 2n d’EOI o nivell oral equivalent*.