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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EURONAT Extract of the regulation of tenure First Part Heading IV - Article 7 - OBLIGATION TO MAINTAIN STYLE OF ATCHITECTURE « The volumes, materials and colors of the buildings erected or to be erected shall therefore be determined by the architect in charge of the design or the conservation of the whole center » (so it is essential to receive prior agreement from the Company EURONAT for all work).


GrahamBlythe2MarchDutchPresidency 86%

Sadly walls that in our living memory once divided and scarred Europe are being erected again.


ant2011-0107a 85%

Quesnel1 The World Heritage Site of Wanar in Senegal features 21 stone circles, remarkable not least because they were erected in the twelfth and thirteenth century AD, when Islam ruled the Indian Ocean and Europe was in its Middle Ages.


Cabanon pliantes 2008 74%

The Trailer Tent and Awning can be erected, with practice, in around twenty minutes.


FALLER N 2019 71%

Those buildings that were erected nearly 90 years ago remarkably match the landscape.


V6SlavkoHolodomorRS 69%

Holodomor — the Ukrainian Genocide Historical Note This monument has been erected in memory of victims of the most heinous crime of genocide, we now call the Holodomor, when millions of Ukrainians were starved, shot, murdered or worked to death in Arctic labor camps.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 15 65%

The Sculptures Erected on the River of Lamentation Translators:


Qualification Finale 61%

During the evolution of the non-mammaliaforms synapsids, the sprawling posture of the basal amniotes has been progressively replaced by the establishment of the erected posture, adopted by most of the extant mammals.


MeinKampf english 60%

A monument erected to him on the site of the execution was one of the first public objects that made an impression on Hitler as a little boy.


2 CLTO products english 60%

Composed and erected like a steel structure, it offers all the required structural capacities.


message résumé e 58%

And apart from this, the other verses of the Bible are filled with contradiction and injustice forbidden by Jesus and the other envoys of God, and it is these injustices that were erected in doctrine at the Council of Nicaea in the 4th century by Christianity, which is still in force today, leading people to hell en masse, thinking they follow Jesus as they practice the prohibitions of Jesus.


08 57%

Sloping ground locations In many cases, an antenna cannot be erected above perfectly flat ground.


The Craft Degrees and the Holy Royal Arch 54%

The Master Mason is left in a purgatory-like state, only given certain hints, and it is only through the Royal Arch, (or arguably the 14th degree of the S.R), that he is fully liberated from “ignorance” and "sublimely raised/erected through knowledge,"


FALLER Neuheiten 2016 51%

The vigorous pithiness and visual impact of that most diversified building and roof landscape result in particular from the monastic church with its richly ornamented central steeple erected above the intersection of the nave and the transept, which belongs to the masterpieces of late Gothic architecture and stonework art.


23 انجليزي لغة أولى -1 ) 50%

The other American states refused to financially participate – based on the idea that the statue would be erected in New York and that only the New Yorkers were to provide the expenses.


Newsletter Mars 2013 49%

 Buildings   erected  aeer  1870  are  considered  only  for  5  or  10  years.


Abdounia 48%

However, that taxon was erected for isolated teeth with slender, elongated and upright principal cusps in all jaw positions.


Pelote Basque 48%

The fact that this act of solidarity took place on the place libre (plaza in Basque), where the fronton is erected, is not without significance.


CityOfMontreal Rules 48%

Food Stand A light, open shelter, erected on a public or private site, intended for the preparation, sale, or serving of food.


0376 Galileo etal 2014 46%

Breuning (1940) erected Esthlogena (Pseudotaxia) to include four species:


0376 Galileo etal 2014 46%

Breuning (1940) erected Esthlogena (Pseudotaxia) to include four species:


Goldwern eng2 46%

They then erected a church on the site of their battle to celebrate their victory and forever guard what they think to be an entrance to Limbes.


new all 14 11 04(1) 45%

The United States is a European settler‐colonial project that has erected a racial state to enforce and maintain a rigid order of white supremacy, colonial occupation, and capitalist exploitation.


0351 LeTirantandSantos-Silva 2014 44%

384) erected Heteropalpini for two genera:


0351 LeTirantandSantos-Silva 2014 44%

384) erected Heteropalpini for two genera: