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CP ANG 100%

With the RUSH foot brand, Ability Dynamics products quickly established themselves on the US market and made the brand, in just a few years, a challenger recognized by all patients and professionals of the North American orthopedic community!


WFP Presentation 98%

established and functioning well/ designed and operating effectively >>



Philip Wong Fairtex Chairman P.5 The Camp was initially established in central Bangkok but later relocated to Bangplee, about 25 km away.


afixis-presentation 97%

Established diversified projects with a wide support from participants of all ages.


VASIE Newsletter No3 EN Final 95%

Piloting by IRIPS (Bastia, France) Piloting by Stimulus (Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia) In order to have pairs of youngsters/seniors for the piloting, the French team established a partnership with the second chance school of Bastia.


appendix 1 main concerns regarding the 4th amendment to the fundamental law of hungary 2 95%

This provision does not concern the legal effects achieved by the preceding decisions.” The proposal has not been voted on yet, and it would basically lead to the same consequences as the current text.) The proposed amendment also clearly contradicts the case law of the CC as established after the Fundamental Law came into force, since e.g.


Freedom of speech text simo 94%

(simo) Where can this freedom be established ?


AFROUKH CV EN 042015 92%

• worked out a clear segmentation, positioning and targeting • set up the appropriate marketing mix for each target • established the Minimum Viable Product through the Business Model Canvas+ • Enhanced the existing IoT products/services to match the evolution of the B2B and B2C markets.


AFROUKH CV EN 072015 92%

• worked out a clear segmentation, positioning and targeting • set up the appropriate marketing mix for each target • established the Minimum Viable Product through the Business Model Canvas+ • Enhanced the existing IoT products/services to match the evolution of the B2B and B2C markets.


1Trivago 91%

While trivago used AdWords to help establish itself as a top global brand for travelers in 2009 through traditional search campaigns, the company decided to supplement this strategy to increase its search presence in both newer and more established markets.


ARMONIA company and products information hx aspersa (1) (1) 91%

a sn a t u r a l a sy o ua r e c o mp a n ya n dp r o d u c t si n f o r ma t i o n   The  brand  Armonía  Cosmética  Natural  was  created  in  Ibiza  (Spain)  in  1981,  based  on  the  handcrafted  production  of  beauty  products  and  creams  made  with  herbal  and  plant  extracts.  Armonía  established  itself  as  a  natural  cosmetics  company from its inception.    Now it is the leading Spanish company in the natural cosmetics sector. Armonía wants  to  retain  its  leadership  in  Spain  and  grow  towards  new  frontiers  by  incorporating  new  generations,  with  strong  future  projections  whilst  maintaining  its  image  of  a  solid  and  innovative company.    More  than  30  years  in  herbalist  shops  and  health  food  centres  safely  guarantee  its  business future.    1981: ARMONÍA IS CREATED  Armonía  Cosmética  Natural  was  created  in  Ibiza  based  on  the  handcrafted  production of beauty products and creams  made with herbal and plant extracts.    1985: LEADERS IN NATURAL COSMETICS   Armonía  established  itself  as  a  family  company  which  is  a  leader  in  the  natural  cosmetics  market  in  Spain  and  established  its  commercial  and  logistics  base  in  Zaragoza.    1990: R&D   New  concepts  and  textures.  Armonía  developed  new  formulas  based  on  extraordinary  and  innovative  natural  extracts  such  as  Tepezcohuite,  Propoleum and Royal Jelly.   It reached 3,000 sales points in herbalist shops and  natural health stores.          2000: NEW GENERATION.     First contacts with markets abroad in Portugal  and Italy.  Development of new products thanks to avant‐ garde  techniques  in  the  extraction  of  active  ingredients  from  plants  and  marine  algae.  Q10  Coenzyme  and  soya  isoflavones  as  ingredients.  New  production  lines  focused  on  manufacturing for third parties      2006: THE REIGN OF THE SNAIL, A GREAT INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS  The  revolutionary  Snail  Extract  became  a  dominant trend in the Cosmetics market.  More  than  500,000  units  of  snail  cream  have  been sold.  Shopping  centres,  perfumeries  and  chemists  become new distribution channels.  Independent  clinical  trials  show  the  product's  efficacy.      2007: ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS  First  Spanish  laboratory  to  obtain  ECOCERT  certification.  99% of ingredients are from natural origin.  With no derivatives from petrochemistry.  Paraben‐free.  France,  Denmark,  Greece,  Holland  and  Portugal are fascinated by Armonía Bio.    2008: INTERNATIONALIZATION  The  snail  trend  arrives  in  European  markets  and  with it Armonía.  The company moves to new facilities.  France is the new major market for Snail cream and  is  followed  by  Portugal,  Belgium,  Holland  and  Hungary.    2009: THE ERA OF WINE GREEN FORMULATION    Resveratrol  is  revealed  as  the  molecule  for  longevity.  Resvital  is  the  first  nutraceutical  complement  by  Armonía,  based  on  Resveratrol.  Demand  increased  for  the  snail  range  in  export markets.  Armonía  obtains  sales  leadership  in  the  natural cosmetic market in Spain.    2010: BABIES ARE THE FUTURE   Natural  formulas,  certified  by  Ecocert,  designed for the needs of younger skin.  Support from the media.  The Armonía office is set up in Germany  Exports  increase:  launch  of  snake  venom  cream with SYNAKE and lifting effect.    2011: SECOND BIO GENERATION  Launch  of  new  Ecocert  certified  products  and other natural paraben‐free formulas.      MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER   CLEANSES AND TONES IN ONE SINGLE STEP  Micellar cleansing water combines the gentleness and efficiency of a mild cleansing base with  the freshness of the toning and revitalising leaves of elder, thus helping to regenerate the skin.  Ideal for removing make‐up from the face and eye contour. It purifies the skin, making it glow.      of all the ingredients are of natural origin.  99%     21% of all the ingredients come from Organic Farming.


Newsletter 22 90%

As an Association, we are very proud with the growing number of Medical Geology Chapters that have been established worldwide.


Foundation for the future Strategy 90%

FFF established its headquarters in Amman (Jordan) and started operating in 2007.


OFFRE DE STAGE LOGOS Public affairs 88%

The company is well established and for the last 15 years has been one of the most influential Public Affairs consultancies in Brussels.


Classes of Business and Legal English 88%

Business and Legal English for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students Teacher of English (Native level) Courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students Total Immersion sessions to practice and improve your level of English (Business, Financial and Legal English) Lessons based on the principles established by Language scholars, Sarah Elaine Eaton among other experts Support material provided by the teacher Charlie, your teacher of English Business and Legal English course for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.


OIA Presentation 88%

OIA Follow-up On Audit Recommendations September 2016 Contents ØIntroduction ØFollow-up Processes ØResults of the Follow-up Introduction • The Office of Internal Audit (OIA) was established by the AU Executive Council Decision in July 2003 in Maputo, Mozambique • OIA is a directorate reporting to the Chairperson of the Commission administratively • OIA reports to the PRC Sub-Committee on Audit Matters functionally as per Article 10(ii) of the African Union Internal Audit Regulations (AUIAR) Introduction (contd.) • OIA is a secretariat to the Internal Audit Progress Committee (IAPC), established under Article 10(i) of AU-IAR.


Prevent Aging 88%

Best Supplements for Skin, Bones and Arthritis Marine Excellent Extracts Established in Nov 1997, MarinEx Pharmaceuticals was a joint venture between Singapore Bio- Innovations, a life sciences investment fund of Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Wen Ken Group (a Singapore-based Natural Medicine/ Pharmaceutical company, established since 1937).


Finale junior w 88%

RESULTS TRAP WOMEN JUNIOR FINAL TUE 25 JUL 2017, START TIME 16:15 Records ERJ European Record Junior not established yet 2017 WRJ World Record Junior not established yet 2017 Rank Bib No Name Nat Targets Total Remarks 1 1457 MEYER Marie-Louis GER 41 2 1485 VALDORF Bettina GER 29 3 1615 LUPPI Greta ITA 24 4 1606 GHILARDUCCI Diana ITA 20 5 1100 ALI Selin BUL 14 6 1889 KNIAZEVA Polina RUS 11 WRJ ERJ Legend Bib No E85590CB Bib Number Nat Nation History Release:


Présentation PackMan pdf 88%

METAL • Aluminium, Zamak, Brass, Stainless steel… • Stamping, injection, forming ,etching • Anodisation, electroplating, ecoating • Varnish, uv-coating • Assembly operations PLASTIC • Injection, Bi injection • ABS, Surlyn,PBT, PMMA… • Electroplating, lacquering, vaccum plating • Assembly operations Metal manufacturing Aluminium factory New factory mid – 2017 (30 000 M2) Audit after all the building transfert Zamak factory SGS audit December 2016 Established in:


Malaysia Roller Shutter 88%

SENG KONG SHUTTER INDUSTRIES SDN BHD Seng Kong Shutter Industries Sdn Bhd (S.K), established in 1993, is one of the leading manufacturers of Roller Shutters &


Life in Elizabethan era 87%

Sir Walter Raleigh William Cecil Elizabeth I was highly accomplished in the art of rhetoric and Public Relation and she established a goods rulers.


OpHandbook for Unsung ArmA 2 - Release 1 87%

It was also the coming of age for the helicopter, the creation of advanced infantry tactics to combat a foe never before encountered, in a country that had no front lines established, and with no defined battlefields.


ENG LEAFLET B2B mission to China by Voka Mechelen in October 86%

Tue 17 oct | Chongqing – Shenzhen Seminar at the hotel about the e-commerce legislation in China and the “New Century Department Store Company”, a company specialised in online sales of imported consumer goods established in 1996.


Sabah Rent Car 85%

KK Leisure was established in 2006 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with a clear aim:


161808.PreEnrolmentCertificate 85%

Le 31 Août 2015, Pour SUPINFO, Alick MOURIESSE Président SUPINFO International University® SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology established 1965 and French State accredited since 10 January 1972 SUPINFO – BP 3 – 33 Avenue du Maine – Tour Montparnasse 40ème étage – F-75755 Paris Cedex 15 – France Tel: