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Etude efficacité EFT (1) 99%

Vol.4, No.8, 645-654 Published Online August 2013 in SciRes ( Clinical EFT as an Evidence-Based Practice for the Treatment of Psychological and Physiological Conditions Dawson Church National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, Fulton, USA Email:


RulesOfTheGame 99%

RulesOfTheGame the rules of the game Evidence base for the Climate Change Communications Strategy The game is communicating climate change;


Lois Addy Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Physical Rehabilitation 2007 95%

Lois Addy Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Physical Rehabilitation 2007 Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Physical Rehabilitation AOT_PR.indd i 8/19/2006 10:02:31 AM AOT_PR.indd ii 8/19/2006 10:02:31 AM Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Physical Rehabilitation Edited by Lois M.


armstrong 95%



Allergic-Specific Immunotherapy 94%

Summarize and update current evidence for the efficacy and safety of subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) in pediatric allergic asthma.


Oksala in-defence-of-experience 92%

A critical study of the evidence of experience does not have to imply metaphysical or epistemological foundationalism, as Scott claims, but on the contrary, such a study is indispensable for challenging them.


Adequacy of Evidence for Physical Activity 90%

Adequacy of Evidence for Physical Activity Adequacy of Evidence for Physical Activity Guidelines Development:



fMRI meta-analysis evidence toward new perspectives in sexual medicine ORTIGUE, Stéphanie, et al.


behavior pg 092308 87%

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) publishes practice guides in education to bring the best available evidence and expertise to bear on the types of systemic challenges that cannot currently be addressed by single interventions or programs.


major trauma coagulopathy guidelines 85%

Evidence-based recommendations are needed to guide the acute management of the bleeding trauma patient.


pr240 E 85%

Red meat After thoroughly reviewing the accumulated scientific literature, a Working Group of 22 experts from 10 countries convened by the IARC Monographs Programme classified the consumption of red meat as probably carcinogenic to humans (Group 2A), based on limited evidence that the consumption of red meat causes cancer in humans and strong mechanistic evidence supporting a carcinogenic effect.


CRE Combination versus monotherapy 84%

Despite the strong twin rationales of improving efficacy and reducing resistance development, the evidence supporting this strategy remains controversial.


Nutrition for critically ill patients 83%

For this review, we focus on evidence from randomized, controlled studies that met the following criteria:


McLellan-2017-EVJ- safety biphosphonates in racehorses 80%

With the increasing awareness of bisphosphonates amongst racehorse trainers, owners and veterinarians, it is prudent to examine the existing evidence to determine if this class of drugs has a place in the off-label treatment of orthopaedic disorders of young and/or racing Thoroughbreds.


ExcesAP 80%

Morrison, Paul Hutton, David Shiers and Douglas Turkington Summary Evidence regarding overestimation of the efficacy of antipsychotics and underestimation of their toxicity, as well as emerging data regarding alternative treatment options, suggests it may be time to introduce patient choice and reconsider whether everyone who meets the criteria for a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis requires antipsychotics in order to recover.


table matières 79%

The Econometric Evidence Volume Author/Editor:


BJNN 8 2 xxx MS cannabis (1) 79%

This mini-review aims to provide the summary of evidence of a single question and its outcomes with limited scope as described by Griffiths (2002).


e 79%

This article discusses the emergence of evidence-based psychomotor therapy.


murray johnson review creativity 79%

The aim of this review is to outline these implications by (i) reviewing evidence for the link between creativity and BD, (ii) developing a provisional model of mechanisms underpinning the creativity–BD link, (iii) describing unique challenges faced by creative-BD populations, and (iv) systematically considering evidence-based psychosocial treatments in the light of this review.


Surviving Sepsis Campaign 77%

Population, intervention, comparison, and outcomes (PICO) questions were reviewed and updated as needed, and evidence profiles were generated.


2045-709X-20-26 77%

Although there is evidence that spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) can reduce pain, the mechanisms involved are not well established.


Impact prothèse sur allaitement 77%

The Newcastle-Ottawa scale (NOS) was used to critically appraise study quality, and the National Health and Medical Research Council Level of Evidence Scale to rank the level of the evidence.