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100% - Oksala in defence of experience

Feminist theorists, inspired by poststructuralist insights into the constitutive role of discourse, advocated the need to reorient feminist theory toward an analysis of discourses and their political effects and away from all fixed and naturalized identities.2 Scott’s essay was not only an argument for the importance of analyzing discourses in order to understand how they position subjects and produce their experiences, however. 17/12/2017

98% - Psychotic and mystical states of being

Previous analyses of descriptively defined psychotic phenomena have concluded that they can occur in benign spiritual experiences as well as pathological states. 08/11/2013

95% - anglais

anglais Daniel Lemaitre Clara Lopes English presentation Near death experience Introduction A near death experience refers to [a broad range of] personal experiences associated with impending ( = imminente) death. 22/11/2012

93% - Offre d'emploi Aspertise(2)

Offre d'emploi Aspertise(2) The company Aspertise recruits a Front end Developer Purpose The front-end Developer is primarily responsible for the design and development of engaging user experiences for our SaaS applications. 06/02/2018

93% - Agenda Manufacturing 2017

Discover how it enables manufacturers to shake and reshape their industry, thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin approach IMMERSION – BREAK IN THE 3DEXPERIENCE PLAYGROUND LEARNING EXPEDITION – CUSTOMERS STORIES Experiment the new paradigm of manufacturing through “the shop floor journey”, illustrated by 4 customers’ experiences on transformation, innovation and reinvention INNOVATION – CHINA 2025 Push the boundaries of innovation in China and explore new horizons in Manufacturing 05:20pm CONCLUSION 05:30pm COCKTAIL IN THE 3DEXPERIENCE PLAYGROUND 07:00pm GALA DINNER WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH 2017-MANUFACTURING IN THE AGE OF EXPERIENCE PLAYGROUND 3DEXPERIENCE PLAYGROUND INNOVATIVE SESSIONS STRATEGIC TREND MANUFACTURING IS CREATIVE All day long An amazing showcase of Experiences to concretely live the experience of tomorrow in the plant From 09.00am to 04.00pm Exchange and interact with peers to face new challenges of Manufacturing of the Future in five 45 minutes innovative sessions Innovation at the heart of the production game, and new business models that would allow mass customization at the cost of mass production in five 45 minutes innovative users sessions MANUFACTURING IS SMART Discover a unique model-based and data-driven platform enabling a new level of decision making by combining the power of a projective & 25/09/2017

92% - Digital Playbook Trade Associations

Digital Playbook Trade Associations The Ingeniux Digital Playbook for Member Associations Key capabilities and strategies to build modern member association websites and experiences Table of Contents Introduction.............................................................................................................................. 12/04/2016


• • • QUALIFICATIONS ET EXPERIENCES • • • • • • • Holds at least a Master 2 in economics, management sciences, public administration, political science, cultural management, development studies or a related field. 04/07/2019

92% - DreamTrips Brochure

8 6 DreamTrips Rewards VolunTours DreamTrips Benefits DreamTrips Examples Your Unique Experiences 22 20 19 16 14 You Should Be Here! 24/09/2016

92% - LIVE YOUR DREAM F1 Abu Dhabi

From our ultramodern Formula 1® track to the products and facilities available to public and corporate clients, the experiences we create go beyond motorsports. 19/12/2013

92% - LIVE YOUR DREAM F1 Abu Dhabi

From our ultramodern Formula 1® track to the products and facilities available to public and corporate clients, the experiences we create go beyond motorsports. 19/12/2013