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Becker et al-2015-The Cochrane library 100%

Comparison 2 Any manual pump versus hand expression, Outcome 2 Quanity of milk expressed.


Heintzman2009 Nature Histone mod enhancers cell type specificity 93%

Predicted enhancers are markedly enriched near HeLa-specific expressed genes (Fig.


Rapid Gene Expression Changes in Peripheral-Blood-Lymphocytes-upon- Practice-of-a-Comprehensive-Yoga-Program 91%

This produced four sorted lists of differentially expressed genes with a threshold qvalue ,20%, two for each identical intervention (replicates).


Gene-Expression-Changes-upon-Practice-of-Yoga 91%

This produced four sorted lists of differentially expressed genes with a threshold qvalue ,20%, two for each identical intervention (replicates).


Breast Cancer 89%

Cancer represents something held in and not expressed, and the part of the body affected shows what it was that was not expressed.


Phonology 88%

This means that features easily expressed as gradual oppositions (e.g.


NAR lncRNABioInfo (1) 86%

(11) identified 849 ncRNAs that were expressed in the adult mouse brain.


10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0100033 (1).PDF 85%

Using a GFP reporter expressed specifically in body wall muscle nuclei and mitochondria, we found that statin treatment also causes disorganization of the muscle mitochondria C.


Paper (1) 85%

Based on [15,16], these device parameters can be expressed as a function of the Author's personal copy J Comput Electron mole fraction x as The spontaneous polarization Psp can be expressed as [17] φeff (x) = 0.84 + 1.3x, (5) ε (x) = 0.3x + 10.4, Al Ga N E ceff (x) = 0.7 E g x 1−x − E gGaN , (6) Al Ga (7) N where E g x 1−x is the energy band gap of Alx Ga1−x N layer as a function of Al mole fraction, and is given by [15] Al x Ga1−x N = 6.13x + (1 − x) 3.42 − x (1 − x) , Eg (8) and E gGaN = 3.42 eV is the energy gap of GaN.


D Article partie 3 Doc TD 25092017 84%

The respiration rate was expressed as L/(kg·h).


The finite strain ellipsoid for any strain combinations 83%

Many deformations can be expressed as a simultaneous combination of pure shear and simple shear.


13018 Podevyn flyer 83%

No warranty is given, expressed or implied as to the condition or its fitness for use.


Compressor approval Performax V2 2015 80%

Released 10th September Nov '12 Jan '13 Nex Release DISCLAIMER Although all statements and information contained herein are believed to be accurate and reliable, they are presented without guarantee or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.


Demonology-demonicBible 80%

What has needed to be said, written and expressed about such things, has been said, written and expressed by the many great artists of the past two millennia.


V4-WB - Joint Statement - final 80%

They expressed their support to the start of accession negotiations with Serbia not later than in January 2014, ideally soon after the adoption of a negotiation framework not containing new conditions, as well as to the negotiations for a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with Kosovo*, while stressing the significance of the ongoing dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and the implementation of the agreements reached.


PIIS147149220200065X 79%

Whereas ring-stage IRBCs will probably survive splenic passage, IRBC carrying mature parasites will be removed and destroyed as a result of antibody recognition of the antigens expressed on IRBC surface.


Teranet E 151112 78%

The opinions expressed are based upon our analysis and interpretation of these particulars and are not to be construed as a solicitation or offer to buy or sell the securities mentioned herein.



Early stage iN cells expressed neuronal marker bIII-tubulin and residual undifferentiated iPS cells expressed Oct-4 (Supplementary Fig.


IBHM 058-085 78%

Notation Functions can be expressed in two forms:


nitrates gènes 77%

In response to anaerobic growth, 691 transcripts were differentially expressed.


Impellizzeri IJSM 2006 Generic vs Aerobic training in soccer 77%

For between-group comparisons training-HR data were expressed as percent of HRmax and classified into five intensity zones:


POSTER SEUD 2018 77%

 Several research teams have studied the role of circulating genetic material in the development of the disease, described as intervening in cellular functions, related to endometriosis (embryology, cell cycle, intracellular signaling) or differentially expressed targets in eutopic vs ectopic endometrium.


effects on neuron 76%

Significant excitatory Ca2+ influxes were evoked by ACE, IMI, and nicotine at concentrations greater than 1 mM in small neurons in cerebellar cultures that expressed the mRNA of the a3, a4, and a7 nAChR subunits.


Satellite-Comms-Link-Budget 75%

SFD Uplink Path Loss Rain Attenuation „ Antenna Gain Power of Amplifier Uplink Downlink Path Loss Rain Attenuation „ „ EIRP Up Path Loss Rain Attenuation G/T ES Gt Pt LNA / LNB HPA / Transceiver 1 Satellite Receiving Earth Station „ G/T „ EIRP „ SFD (Saturated Flux Density) Amplifier Characteristic „ „ (Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power) „ „ Antenna Gain LNA /LNB Noise Temperature Other Equipment Downlink „ „ Path Loss Rain Attenuation Signal Power Calculation Antenna Gain Antenna Beam width G = η (Π * d / λ) 2 [dBi] θ3dB = 70 * C / df Where, λ=C/f, C = Speed of light f = frequency of interest η = efficiency of antenna (%), d = diameter of antenna (m) EIRP Is the effective radiated power from the transmitting side and is the product of the antenna gain and the transmitting power, expressed as EIRP = Gt + Pt –Lf Signal Power Calculation [dB] [degrees] Where, C= 3x108 m/s (Velocity of Light) Signal Power (Pr) Pr = EIRP – Path Loss + Gr (sat) [dB] Where, Path Loss = (4ΠD / λ) 2 D is the Slant Range (m) Where, Lf is the Feed Losses 2 Noise Calculation Thermal Noise Is the noise of a system generated by the random movement of electronics, expressed as Noise Power = KTB Where, K= (-228.6 dBJ/K) T= Equivalent Noise Temperature (K) B= Noise Bandwidth of a receiver Effective Temperature Noise Temperature Te = T1 + (T2/G1) Ts = Tant / Lf+(1-1/Lf)Tf Where, Where , Tant = Temperature of antenna Lf = Feed Losses Tf = Feed Temperature T1= Temperature of LNA T2= Temperature of D/C G1= Gain of LNA Effective Temperature G/T (Gain to System Noise Temperature) „ Tsys = Ts + Te „ „ „ Being a first stage in the receiving chain, LNA is the major factor for the System Temperature Calculation Lower the noise figure of LNA lower the system temperature Antenna temperature depends on the elevation angle from the earth station to satellite „ This is the Figure of merit of any receiving system It is the ratio of gain of the system and system noise temperature G/T = G-10log (Tsys) [dB/K] 3 Eb/No (Energy per bit per Noise Power Density) Link Analysis C/N Uplink (C/N)u = (EIRP)e-(Path Loss)u+(G/T)sat-K-Noise BW „ [dB] „ C/N Downlink (C/N)d = (EIRP)sat-(Path Loss)d+(G/T)e-K-Noise BW „ [dB] „ C/N Total (C/N)T-1 = (C/N)u-1 + (C/N)d-1 + [C/I)IM-1 + [C/I]adj-1 + [C/I]xp-1 Carrier Parameters „ Solution - Carrier Performance:


New Phytologist Paganelli et al 75%

When stably expressed in Arabidopsis, BRK1 localised to the kinetochores during all stages of the mitotic cell cycle.