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3-Gresch-JNchem-1995 100%

3 Gresch JNchem 1995 Joutnal of Neurochemistry Raven Press, Ltd ., New York 1995 International Society for Neurochemistry Local Influence of Endogenous Norepinephrine on Extracellular Dopamine in Rat Medial Prefrontal Cortex *Paul J .


4-Carboni-JNeurosci-2001 82%

21 RC141 1 of 4 Cocaine and Amphetamine Increase Extracellular Dopamine in the Nucleus Accumbens of Mice Lacking the Dopamine Transporter Gene Ezio Carboni,1 Ce´cile Spielewoy,2 Cinzia Vacca,1 Marika Nosten-Bertrand,2 Bruno Giros,2 and Gaetano Di Chiara1 Department of Toxicology and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Center for Neuropharmacology, University of Cagliari, 09126 Cagliari, Italy, and 2Neurobiology and Psychiatry Faculte´ de Medicine de Creteil, 94000 Creteil, France 1 Behavioral and biochemical studies suggest that dopamine (DA) plays a role in the reinforcing and addictive properties of drugs of abuse.


2-Rocha-Nat1998 78%

Cocaine blockade of DAT leads to increased extracellular dopamine, an effect widely considered to be the primary cause of the reinforcing and addictive properties of cocaine.


BIO-10 2009 67%

…To pluricellular Organisms 1 22/03/10 Advantages of multicellularity Specialization of cells More resistant to aggressors 2 22/03/10 Adaptation Needed Cell-cell adhesion Extracellular Matrix Cell-Matrix adhesion Tissues organization Cell communication


9-Budygin--JNeurosci2002 63%

Jones Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157 Cocaine produces its reinforcing effects primarily by inhibiting the dopamine transporter (DAT) at the level of presynaptic terminals and increasing extracellular levels of dopamine (DA).


Matrigel 50%

The ability to identify the low mass and abundance components of Matrigel illustrates the utility of this method for the analysis of the extracellular matrix, as well as the complexity of the matrix itself.


Postdoc eq Soler Chromatin Looping1 49%

Specifically, the regulation of enhancer-gene looping events during cellular differentiation or in response to extracellular signaling remains obscure.


7-Spielewoy-Psychopharm 2001 48%

Mice lacking the dopamine transporter (DAT–/–) exhibit high extracellular dopamine levels and marked hyperactivity.


postdoc 44%

PROJECT We are generally interested in understanding of how the complex environment that cells experience in vivo (neighboring cells, extracellular matrix, chemical cues, mechanical constraints) influences their migration, and how it allows coordination of cell behavior, ensuring proper morphogenesis and development.


postdoctoral position 42%

The project will involve further studies of the role of DORN1 in reception of extracellular ATP and downstream signaling, as well as characterization of various Arabidopsis mutants defective in purinergic signaling.


0054 42%

poor spatial resolution, since the extracellular microelectrodes typically used today simultaneously interface with all neurons within approximately 100µm;



Consistent with this new concept, recent studies have reported that human tau can be released in the extracellular space by an active process of secretion, and can be endocytosed both in vitro and in vivo.