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DoYourThing 100%

Arms are moving with steps – Both arms at chest level for counts 1-8, L arm across chest palm facing in, R arm out to right, palm facing forward (1), R arm across chest, palm facing in, L arm out to left, palm facing forward (2), L arm across chest palm facing in, R arm out to right, palm facing out (at this point keep arms in this position and keep with rhythm of feet 3&4);



Step left to side, cross right over left (toward 10:30), turn ½ left (weight to left, facing 4:30) 5-6&


Cicada Bug Pattern 95%

Small amounts of various fabrics Ribbon or cordage Beads 1...once you have chosen your fabrics, choose the one you wish to make your pouch opening facing from ------------------>



Hugh's College, Oxford 1889 facing page 14 c.


Circle waltz 92%

SWAY TURN 13 14 15 16 17 18 Left foot rock step forward (3:00) crossing in front of right foot Right foot recover back in place (9:00) drawing left foot to right foot, rotating 1/8 to right Left foot step back (10:30, facing 4:30) Step right forward (4:30), pivoting 1/8 to right Step left to side (3:00) drawing right foot to left foot rotating ½ turn to right (facing 12:00) Step right to side (3:00) rotating ¼ turn to right (facing 3:00) 19-24 TWINKLE WITH REVERSE SWING &


Noway 92%

LEFT HEEL, TOGETHER, HEEL, STEP 1.2 Touch RIGHT heel forward 45 degrees (touching and facing approx.


somebody like you alan birchall 92%

6 Wall After Steps 35&36 Always Facing The Home Wall th Ending :


Jordan marrec (15) 92%

ÉXPÉRIENCE PROFESSIONNELLES BRICO E.LECLERC / QUIMPERLÉ STAGE DE 1 MOIS |  24 AVRIL 2017 -  20 MAI 2017 Conseils clients , mise en rayons , facing , vérification et changement de prix , merchandising , Inventaire , Relevé de prix , Implantation d'un rayon .


BOUNCE barry durand LINE 91%

Tap forward R (1), step on R (2), tap forward L (3) step on L (4), stationary pivot turn to L by stepping forward R (5), ½ turn to L step on L (6) triple step forward R,L,R (7&8) Kick ball press ¼ turn, heel drops, brush point tap, back and tap Kick ball change ending with press on right by kicking L (1), step together with L (&), turn ¼ turn to right and press forward on R ball of foot (2), drop R heel 2 times (3,4), slightly brushing the floor with L point L in front of you slightly off the floor (5), jump forward slightly as step on L (&), tap R behind and crossed (6), hold 7, jump back onto R (&), tap L together with R turning body ¼ turn to R but still facing same direction (8).


ReadyToGo 91%

(Facing 6 o’clock) Side Rock &


J Ho 91%

The right palm is facing away and is vertical.


Rain%20Against%20My%20Window 91%

Touch Right side right (facing 6 o’clock) 3 – 4 Step Right foot in front of left;


service manual. PAGE 600 89%

3) are equipped in the clutch system, they can be distinguished by the inside diameter and clutch facing “H”.


tchoutchoutrain 88%

les danseurs du cercle extérieur « facing center » et les danseurs du cercle intérieur « facing wall » Walk, Walk, Touch, Shuffle backward, Rock back 1–2 3–4 5&6 7–8 Pas droit devant, pas gauche devant Touche la pointe droite derrière le talon gauche, pas droit derrière Shuffle gauche derrière (GDG) Rock step droit derrière (pas droit derrière, revenir sur le pied gauche) Grapevine to the right (1/4 turn right), Scuff left, Grapevine to the left, Scuff right 1–3 4 5–8 Grapevine à droite avec ¼ de tour à droite (pas droit à droite, pas gauche derrière le pied droit, pas droit à droite avec ¼ de tour à droite) Scuff gauche Grapevine à gauche, scuff droit (Les danseurs de l’extérieur du cercle se retrouvent dans le sens contraire des aiguilles d’une montre et les danseurs de l’intérieur du cercle dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre) 3 steps forward, Scuff, 3 steps forward, Scuff 1–2 Main droite dans la main droite de la personne qui est en face :


patons-royal-baby-dress-pattern-update 88%

  Change to 3.25mm needles and starting with a K row work in stocking st for 8 rows, ending with RS facing for next row.


FC01021 87%

Side Edging With RS facing, working in ends of rows, join with sc at lower side edge, [sc in sc rows, 2 sc in dc rows] across.



Sweatheart Face à la ligne de danse [Facing Line of dance :


ThePearl 86%

into track) Don’t be scared – it’s much easier than it looks ☺ A SECTION (waltz section) Counts Footwork End facing 1-6 1-3 4-6 Walk R hold x2, Walk L hold x2 Walk fw R, hold, hold Walk fw L, hold, hold 12:00 12:00 7-12 1-3 4&


Metso Brochure 86%

HEAVY CAPACITY HORIZONTAL BORING MILLS AVAILABLE 6-AXIS CNC 2-axis CNC milling head View of facing head View of spindle and ram CNC HORIZONTAL BORING MILLS – FLOOR TYPE TRAVELS X-425.5”, Y-196.85”, Z1-62.99”, Z2-41.9” INNOCENTI CWD floor type horizontal boring mill 250 TON CAPACITY View of 216.53” x 216.53” INNOCENTI B-axis infeeding rotary table View of head attachments available INNOCENTI CWD 6-Axis CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 7.87” Boring Spindle Dia., 12” Milling Spindle Dia., Travels:


3 A4 Traductions Expo BobMauranne dont FR 85%

Manykis, facing the city est une proposition qui vise à détourner ces lieux de cette vocation originelle.


CanAm%20Tango 85%

Hold 9 - 16 OCHOS IN PLACE – “STALKING” ROCK STEPS IN PLACE (do not travel) 1–2 3–4 5–6 7–8 R step over L (body facing left diagonal);


eyes on you 84%

restart facing 3:00 12:00 1-3 4-6 Restart Restart SAILOR TURN ¼ R, SAILOR TURN ½ L Turning ¼ right on ball of L, sweep R behind L, step L to left side, step R beside L 3:00 Turning ½ left on ball of R, sweep L behind R, step R to right side, step L beside R 9:00 **Wall 4 starts the 1 st time you face 3:00;


trx 84%

- Stand facing away from TRX System with neutral grip on handles.


Villas@north of Mauritius island 84%

                                     VILLAS BANYAN  Located  in  the  North  of  the  island  in  Grand  Gaube  and  set  in  a  haven  of  peace,  Les  Villas Banyans complex consists of 6 bungalows facing the sea.     Upstairs  there  are  three  bedrooms  and  two  bathrooms.  The  master  bedroom  has  its  own  bathroom,  air‐conditioning  and  a  balcony with a view on to the sea and the garden. The other two  bedrooms are equipped with two twin beds and one of them also  overlooks the sea.    Downstairs  you  have  a  spacious  living  room,  a  fully  equipped  kitchen and a terrace facing the garden and the ocean.  Facing  the  sea  and  the  islands,  Les  Banyans  has  a  fresh  water  swimming pool, under the shade of the huge Banyan tree.  Prices 2016/2017  Per Villa / 6 People    May/June 2016: 75€/Night  July to Nov 2016: 99€/Night  Services   A daily cleaning service included for your comfort  Laundry services available  Cook available on request for additional fee.  1st – 14th Dec 2016: 99€/Night  15th Dec 2016 – 14th Jan 2017:  135€/ Night  Activities Fishing in the lagoon  Deep sea fishing  Boat trip to the islands of the north  Scuba diving  Shopping and restaurants in Grand Bay   (15 minutes drive from Grand Gaube)  **Activities are not included in the price of the bungalows    Transport  Bus Stop very near by  Taxi services available  Transfer Service (Airport/Villas/Airport)  100 €uros by car: maximum 3people  130 €uros by bus: maximum 8 people  Grand Gaube is, a small village on the north‐east coast of    Mauritius, situated at only 30 minutes by car from Port Louis, the  capital.   15th Jan – 30th Apr 2017:  110€/ Night  May/June 2017 : 85€/ Night  July‐15th dec 2017: 110€/ Night  15th Dec 2017 – 14th Jan 2018:  145€/ Night  VILLAS BANYAN  Saint Michel Road  Grand Gaube, Ile Maurice   This charming residence faces a lagoon and several uninhabited  islands.  Les  Villas  Banyans  is  a  residence  composed  of  six  fully  furnished bungalows, that will contribute to making your stay in  Mauritius a dream come true.  TÉLÉPHONE /MAIL   + 33  6 98 83 76 95  infos@villas‐  WEB‐maurice‐Banyan‐ 1204033406273754/