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Hottentotta hottentotta Parthenogenesis 97%

In the present note, several new cases of parthenogenesis are reported for females of H.


HUMOUR 2 96%

Twenty healthy subjects (10 females) underwent fMRI scanning while subjectively rating 70 verbal and nonverbal achromatic cartoons as funny or unfunny.


Hottentotta caboverdensis Parthenogenesis 95%

Further observations were made on two females from brood n°3 of female A born in the laboratory.


Caillaud et al 2008 sex selection morpho renc 94%

Mature males are twice the size of females and have grey fur on their backs and a fibrous, adipose crest on their heads.


The Inequality of Sport 94%

Therefore, the amount of media coverage and airtime given to males compared to females is a ratio heavily favoring men.


10.1007@s11199-008-9535-y 93%

13 September 2008 # Springer Science + Business Media, LLC 2008 Abstract Body dissatisfaction in females, and to a lesser extent males, is associated with low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders.


sdarticle 003ffffffffffffffffffffff 93%

Human sexual differentiation Why do males and females differ behaviorally?


Auyantepuia laurae Ythier 2015 93%

A peer-reviewed open-access journal ZooKeys 539:


Auyantepuia laurae Ythier 2015 93%

A peer-reviewed open-access journal ZooKeys 539:


2011 Hottentotta jayakari Hybridization 92%

Hybrids were successfully produced not only from F0 males and females, but also from F1 males and females, thereby attesting to the fact that the first generation obtained (F1), was completely fertile.


A7V 501 Gretchen 92%

There were to be 16 females and 4 males, 1 male and four females per 5-tank detachment.


النمو النفس 91%

No significant differences were found between males and females from different majors and different levels in the mean scores of psychosocial development.


Euscorpius carpathicus fanzagoi Validity 90%

Among the 46 collected specimens (18 males and 28 females), the following criteria were noticed :