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Microfocusing and polarization 99%

In contrast, our studies show that on a microscopic scale, the local electric fields are disproportionately intense close to grain boundaries and rough surfaces due to strong focusing.


PhysRevA.84.023836 98%

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023836 (2011) Coupled states of electromagnetic fields with magnetic-dipolar-mode vortices:


PhysRevA.84.023806 97%

Our calculations show that the combination of THz fields with up to 12 fs laser pulses can be an effective gating technique to generate single attosecond pulses.


PFPX Flight plan template 97%

Fields and sections can be used to create custom flight plan formats.


Appendix1 97%

Conventional electric motors rely on the interaction of magnetic fields to produce a force which results in either rotary or linear motion.


PhysRevA.84.023818 96%

Let us start by writing Maxwell’s equations for the linearly polarized electric E(z, t) and magnetic H (z, t) fields incident from vacuum on a slab of a nonmagnetic medium (H = B) without free charges and electric currents:


apex api 96%

32 Compound Fields . ... 38 Address Compound Fields .


eupen cable VMVB 96%

LOW PASS SCREENED CABLES FOR DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATION - VMVB KABELWERK EUPEN developed a special cable that reduces considerably the influence of 50 or 60 Hz fields generated by electrical installations.


PhysRevA.84.023817 95%

In our scheme, the electric field is given by E(t) = E0 f0 (t) cos [ω0 t + δ(t)] + E1 f1 (t) cos(ω1 t + φCEP ), (11) where E0 and E1 are the amplitudes and ω0 and ω1 are the frequencies of the driving and controlling fields, respectively;


PhysRevA.84.023824 95%

Since the phase of the field is a relativistic invariant, it follows that the periodicity property is also valid when the analysis is made in the inertial system in which the initial velocity of the electron is zero in the case of interactions between very intense electromagnetic fields and relativistic electrons.


PhysRevA.84.023834 94%

The inclusion of two counterpropagating light fields and three matter field modes leads to important differences between the two situations.


LS MODEL 2018 94%

V Picture Rolf Wiemann Picture Rolf Wiemann 47 360 Apm EC, ex Cisalpino, silver, black window band, yellow fields, blue stripe, Ep.


section 6 93%

Paulraj and Behari [2006] reported an increased in single strand breaks in brain cells of rats after 35 days of exposure to 2.45 and 16.5 GHz fields at 1 and 2.01 W/kg.



5.6 Integral representations, without boundary terms on Γ g + Γd , of pressure fields in Ω0 and Ω1 for n-th realization .


LS model 2017 92%

V Picture Rolf Wiemann 47 360 Apm EC, ex Cisalpino, silver, black window band, yellow fields, blue stripe, Ep.


PaulBriard-2011-Optics Express 92%

Meng, “Digital holography of particle fields:


2045-709X-20-26 92%

("manipulation, spinal"[MeSH Terms] OR ("manipulation"[All Fields] AND "spinal"[All Fields]) OR "spinal manipulation"[All Fields] OR ("spinal"[All Fields] AND "manipulation"[All Fields])) AND ("pain"[MeSH Terms] OR "pain"[All Fields]) ;


تقييم المهارات للأخصائيين الاجتماعيين 91%

١) The increased importance of social services technical procedures inside the Saudi community and its importance in the field of resisting many problems and negative influences which appear every period of time after each set of fast consequent changes ٢) The rapid development and improvement through scientific research fields and social services inside its various activities and the new challenges on the scientific level and the need of evaluating and improving the current performance Research Objectives:


PhysRevA.84.021801 91%

Then, by exploiting the difference in the time response of the (instantaneous) FWM and the (time-accumulated) resonant Raman signal, we control the relative phase between the signal and LO fields.