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recommandations anglais 100%

the small seafloor is managed and protected by the fishermen artisans 1 Workshop of consultation of the civil society (OSCs ) on the reform of the small scale fishing policy in the African countries Workshop of consultation of the civil society (OSCs) on the reform of the small scale fishing policy in the African countries under the theme By responsible fishing...


Vindelälven valley - a unique river system 99%

Both locals and tourists as well as spin- and fly fishermen have become aware of the productive rapids.


les paretroplus 95%

These Paretroplus species that are known locally as damba by the Madagascan fishermen, are deep-bodied fishes and the largest, Paretroplus maromandia, can reach 35cms TL.


com ANGLAIS 29oct17 87%

Price lists and reservation for the season 2018 Le principle doesn’t change, the reservation is for the big lake complete 6 spots for 8 fishermen maximum Period 7 days :


Intelligence-Update-HRA-Attack-280917 70%

It is assessed as likely this incident was attributed to a regional pattern of life in the area, most likely fishermen who often carry weapons to protect themselves and their territory.


Cahier des bonnes feuilles volume 3 - Chigozie Obioma - The Fishermen 70%

In The Fishermen, by Chigozie Obioma, endorsed by Naija Young Writers’ Club for the GPLA 2016.


tunisian trip (1)(1) 66%

Its fishermen in brightly painted boats setting out at dawn, the medina surrounded by its ramparts and crowned by an ancient fort overlooking the sea, fashionable boutiques where resplendent traditional tunics and caftans rival the shimmering sun.


Abstract - Cédric Guignard - Reef Ranching 64%

Reef Ranching, supplying  the marine ornamental  trade by stimulating the  ecosystem rather than  stressing it    A high percentage of tropical fishes and invertebrates traded on the marine ornamental market have  a life cycle linked to Scleratinians. The rich and complex habitat created by Scleratinians offers diverse  micro and macro habitat acting initially as nurseries for drifting postlarvae (PL). Current Post‐Larvae  Collection (PLC) techniques rely on capture of PL just prior to settlement and then require sophisticated  protocols to ensure their highly diverse needs during metamorphosis. This makes PLC difficult to use  in developing countries. To respond to global concerns about this trade, all environmental and socio‐ economic impacts need to be considered, including coastal populations that are currently depending  on wild animal collection and the coral reefs themselves.  The availability of low tech, large scale, and  efficient  coral  culture  techniques  now  offers  the  possibility  to  adopt  a  new  approach,  named  Reef  Ranching that is better adapted to use in remote areas. The technique relies on large scale coral culture  using  “Coral  Nursery  Devices”  CND  and  relies  on  Scleratinians  capacity  to  attract  and  sustain  PL  development  and  metamorphosis  into  juveniles.  Large  parks  of  “Coral  Nursery  Devices”  CND  are  developed on degraded reefs and/or in low productivity (sandy) areas. As the CNDs are mobile they  can be easily harvested using a net free collection method minimising damage and stress to the fish  whilst  offering  the  highest  level  of  animal  traceability.  Adult  individuals  and  unwanted  species  can  either be kept on site or moved onto degraded reefs. Only low tech equipment is required and this  technique does not require heavy husbandry protocols as the animals are harvested as juveniles and  can be easily weaned onto to artificial food. As it is adapted to use in remote areas, the process can  also be used to encourage fishermen to convert to in‐situ fish production. Reef Ranching is not limited  to fish and invertebrates production as it is only one of the components of a more global conservation  effort whose extent depends a lot on the local environment in which it is developed. Our pilot project  is developed on the reef surrounding the uninhabited island of Innafushi located in the north west of  the Maldives. In this project CND will be also be deployed in response to coastal protection goals to  limit  the  high  level  of  erosion  observed  on  the  island.  The  initiative  will  also  integrate  ecotourism  activities where aquarium and reef enthusiasts can participate in the diverse activities associated with  the  project  (Transplantation,  monitoring,  maintenance,  animal  collection).  Future  plans  include  construction of a laboratory on a floating station containing guest rooms and the fish stock, in order  to offer the possibility to any research institute or public aquarium to do in situ research. All in all, Reef  Ranching is more than a new fish production method, it is an innovative method of coastal and coral  reef  management  where  economically  viable  activities  can  be  generated  by  stimulating  the  local  ecosystem rather than stressing it.    First author: Cédric Guignard  Second author: Thomas Le Berre


brochuregb 63%

The camping is an ideal ideal spot for fishermen and bathers.


A few days in the Foteviken winter (1) 60%

Meanwhile our experience is closer to the life of two lonely fishermen.


Minneapolis Ice Fishing Flashers 59%

Savvy fishermen know that flashers are invaluable.


Intro E 58%

Like his late grandfather Kane Kwei, who set the trend of personalized coffins among fishermen of the Ga tribe, Eric develops "design coffins', whose shape evokes the passion or profession of the deceased.


A Walk to Remember 57%

The CAMERA FINDS a small coastal town, edged by a harbor on which fishermen toil.


Brochure 56%

Dramatically the fishermen transform a large part of whales’ meat into cosmetic or pets’ products.


CHU KA CHU 2 56%

When you come from Cobano, go down the hill when you first see the bay, before the town of Tambor, take the little dirt road, hard right at the bottom of the hill...where people come to buy fish...where the fishermen live...that is the dock where the parents can bring the’s a boat ride straight across the bay.


SURVEY Marine Aquarium 2013 55%

By responding to this survey you will help me reach my objectives of tracking down the marine fish species involved in the commercial trade from fishermen to hobbyists, and better understanding some of the issues related to this hobby and trade.


41catalogo tubertini 2015 54%

Tubertini’s company, with the advice of its own match anglers and collaborators, designs and produces competitive and winning items, being sure that match fishing is the base of technological evolution and above all being aware that these evolutions will give great satisfaction also to sport fishermen.


living conditions in prison 54%

Inveraray was a busy herring port until the late 19th century and the nets were readily sold to local fishermen.



Every Saturday, Kofi and his father used to go to the beach to help the fishermen bring in the fish.



FOOD 3 meals will be prepared by the host during the stay with fresh seafood directly from the community fishermen.


Arson attacks in Barcelona; the chaos for the rich 48%

We were in a typical bar in the "Barceloneta", which is an old neighborhood of fishermen;


Le mois à Antibes Eté 2016 48%

Three days of festivities in honour of the patron saint of Fishermen at the Saint-Jaume bastion, in the streets of Old Antibes and in the bay of Juan-les-Pins.


Plaquette exposition 45%

fishermen's huts, fishermen, figurative men on stilts and thin men, watchmen and bamboo.


Plaquette exposition 45%

fishermen's huts, fishermen, figurative men on stilts and thin men, watchmen and bamboo.