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c o m / l o c a t e / e c o l e c o n A research agenda for improving national Ecological Footprint accounts Justin Kitzes a,⁎, Alessandro Galli b , Marco Bagliani c , John Barrett d , Gorm Dige e , Sharon Ede f , Karlheinz Erb g , Stefan Giljum h , Helmut Haberl g , Chris Hails i , Laurent Jolia-Ferrier j , Sally Jungwirth k , Manfred Lenzen l , Kevin Lewis m , Jonathan Loh n , Nadia Marchettini b , Hans Messinger o , Krista Milne k , Richard Moles p , Chad Monfreda q , Dan Moran r , Katsura Nakano s , Aili Pyhälä t , William Rees u , Craig Simmons m , Mathis Wackernagel a , Yoshihiko Wada v , Connor Walsh q , Thomas Wiedmann d a Global Footprint Network, 312 Clay Street, Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94607, USA Deptartment of Chemical and Biosystems Sciences, University of Siena, via della Diana 2A, Siena, 53100, Italy c IRES:


Carbon footprint current methods of estimation 99%

Environ Monit Assess DOI 10.1007/s10661-010-1678-y Carbon footprint:


Danone’s initiatives to fight climate change 93%

"At Danone, because we believe that healthy food can only come from a healthy nature and that the energy and raw materials we consume change the nature of our planet, we are continuing our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint."


hannah 2013 pnas 84%

Habitat impact is assessed by using an “ecological footprint” index, which measures the intersection of viticultural suitability with remaining natural habitat (27).


kato 3 84%

Footprint Less Parking 81mm x 50mm.


FNB 84%

FSR) Retail and commercial banking, insurance Corporate and investment banking Instalment finance Asset management UK specialist bank Group-wide functions 3 Our African footprint With an active CIB presence in 12 countries across sub-Saharan Africa, and an extensive deal footprint across the continent, our roots are firmly entrenched in the African soil.


Jones et al 2018 one third of global protected land is under intense human pressure 82%

Here we use the most comprehensive global map of human pressure on the environment [the human footprint;


Panel 1-Meryeme Oubamoh 76%

SteriTec 2014 Acquisition of Pulsion Medical Systems GLOBAL FOOTPRINT 16 000 Talented Employees in over 40 Countries Global footprint Market Leading positions Net sales (2015) EUR 3 Billion Our TEN largest markets Page 3 LE GROUPE GETINGE Un groupe au service de la santé qui intervient sous les marques suivantes dans le monde entier :


Texte EN 71%

- No - Besides some footprints earlier in the uphill slope - Looks like there were squatters - Yeah there were, we saw some packs of cigarettes - Oh, yeah, that's too bad, and yeah this is tiresome because you can ask them to leave their tracks on a place where there is nothing, you can ask them to leave a footprint for you.



13 © Analysys Mason Limited 2013 Contents Toward a services-oriented factory super-suite | 2 1 Executive summary When both speed of implementation and efficiency of operations are important, communications service providers have found that implementing large-footprint suites of operations support software systems from commercial vendors can be an effective approach.


Mr DEGRE Speech @ R.E. Conference 27 Oct 2020 70%

The NGO Global Footprint Network is publishing annually an atlas detailing the ecological footprint of each country, revealing the date of the Day of the Exceedance, which marks the day in the year when humanity has exhausted the planet's renewable resources.


Payara Micro Data Sheet 70%

For microservices built using Java EE, Payara Micro offers a tiny footprint, allowing you to deploy microservices whenever and wherever required.


WéCo ecological, autonomous, design public toilet 70%

Non-sewered, ecological and design public toilets non-sewered - transportable, modular - positive carbon footprint WéCo conceives and produces ecological flushing toilets not connected to a sewer system.


Newsletter septembre 2014 69%

Tous les ans, l’ONG Global Footprint Network calcule « le jour de dépassement », c’est-à-dire où l’empreinte écologique de l’humanité dépasse la capacité de la planète à renouveler ses ressources et absorber les déchets.


guide en 67%

Indeed it is not unlikely that events as consequent as Challenge possess a strong ecological footprint.


YAK rapport 10 02 2014 66%

Retro plume for the entire air column and footprint PES for release point 53 of Flight 2 (E2 event) _ 43 Figure 27 :


rapport YAK AEROSIB version non définitive 63%

PES the entire air column (12 000m) (top) and the footprint PES (down) for F2E1 event.


TEC ST A10 Folder 62%

een geslaagde combinatie van maximum connectiviteit, eenvoudig beheer en een ultrakleine footprint in een kwalitatief hoogstaande unit tegen een lage prijs.


AEM 60%


BEM 60%


vx 60%

a footprint ou empreinte mémoire.


Dépassement écologique Monde 60%

Global Footprint Network (Réseau Empreinte Globale)


cours 04 gecosys 60%

Il s’agit d’une méthode scientifique appliquée dans le monde entier (Global Footprint Network) qui met en évidence la localisation (nature) et l’importance (intensité) de la CHARGE exercée sur l’environnement par les humains en des domaines définis.


Les Mômes PLAYTIME 2301 web 60%

Furthermore, we want to limit our carbon footprint by planting trees for every delivery we make.