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EPFM-17 100%

5TH ANNUAL ELECTRICITY PRICE MODELLING AND FORECASTING FORUM 14th – 15th December 2017 — Berlin, Germany VENUE FEATURED ƒƒ How to best tackle the issue of increasing price volatility in 2018 ƒƒ How to account for changing demand forecasting based on changing consumer needs ƒƒ How to account for new technologies and trends for the long-term SPEAKER PANEL Matthew Wittenstein Senior Electricity Analyst IEA Bayram Kaddour Project Manager EDF R&D EDF Brent Wanner Senior Energy Analyst IEA Erkan Kalayci Power Portfolio and Operations Manager EWE Turkey Ralph Renner Head of European Origination Sompo Global Weather Marten Tiddens General Manager Powerline Claus Huber Senior Economist Head of Long Term Modelling and Forecasting Axpo Iain Staffell Lecturer in Sustainable Energy Imperial College London Andre Estermann Project leader Common Grid Model Alignment ENTSO-E Claudio Dicembrino Head of Macroeconomic and Energy Analysis and Forecasting Enel Group Axel Bredenstein Lead Analyst Value Forecasting and Optimisation Vattenfall Energy Trading Gilles Etienne Product Manager - EU Market Integration Elia Petr Jonas Strategy Analyst CEZ DAY ONE 14th December 2017 08.30 Registration &


KPI UKRAINE thesis master 94%

Forecasting and performance audit of energy..................................................26 1.2.3 Evaluation and selection priority technologies of sustainable energy sources.28 1.2.4 Risk assessment of technical energy systems of alternative energy sources...29 1.2.5 Methodology adopting an integrated regional structure supply………...…….31 1.3 METHOD OF CALCULATION AND GRAPHICS 1.3.1 Energy &


models of tourism dvp 76%

In the travel and tourism literature most references are made to forecasting models (partly or wholly mathematical in nature) and to diagrammatic models of the planning process or some theoretical aspect of the tourism system.


kds neo expense product sheet EN 75%

Visibility into total cost of trips across your teams helps with budgeting and forecasting.


Oceanography article 74%

IOC has always given special attention to planning and forecasting new developments in ocean sciences, taking into account both the steady evolution of knowledge and fundamental changes leading to major scientific breakthroughs.


PR UK Demand Planner 72%

Key Relationships • • To work closely with commercial teams ensuring optimal forecasting.


Soitec-Company-Independent-Report-WSL 64%

We are forecasting sales of EUR92m in the solar business in 2014/15e and EUR273m in 2015/16e, with breakeven point likely to be exceeded as of 2015/16e.


SACtraining2017b 63%

Analytics Consulting STG-06 Forecasting Tools and Techniques 1 Quantitative vs qualitative methods Trend analysis vs disruption detection Linear and seasonnal models Penetration and adoption models     STG-07 Sources of data collection Competitive analysis tools Forces that drive competition (M.


wp1301 Growth Forecast Errors and Fiscal Multipliers Olivier Blanchard Daniel Leigh 63%

Fiscal policy, forecasting, taxation, government expenditure, output fluctuations Author’s E-Mail Address:



Case Study on Poly(arylene-ethynylene)-alt-poly(arylene-vinylene) Poly(arylene –Based Based Solar Cells ________ 15 MPPT CONTROLLERS FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC APPLICATIONS – CURRENT STATUS AND FUTURE PROSPECT ___________ 16 PROMISES AND CHALLENGES OF PEROVSKITE BASED SOLAR CELLS ____________________________________ ________________________________ 18 CONDOR ELECTRONICS, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY CAPABILITIES ________________________________ 19 WIDE BAND-GAP AP SEMICONDUCTORS FOR SOLAR CELLS APPLICATIONS _________________________________ ________________________________ 21 EXPERIENCE DE CONDOR ELECTRONICS DANS LE DOMAINE DES ENR __________________________________ ________________________________ 22 DAILY GLOBAL SOLAR RADIATION TION FORECASTING MODEL BY SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE IN GHARDAIA, ALGERIA ______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ ______________________ 25 EFFET DU RAYONNEMENT SOLAIRE SUR LA CONVECTION DANS LES BATIMENTS AU SAHARA D’ALGERIE [CAS DE LA VILLE DE BECHAR] _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________ 26 SPACE RADIATION ENVIRONMENT OF ALSAT-2 ALSAT 2 AND ITS DEGRADATION EFFECT ON GAINP/GAAS/GE SOLARCELLS ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ ______________________________ 27 EFFECT OF SHIFTING OF ANTHRACENE UNITS ON THE PHOTOPHYSICAL AND PHOTOVOLTAIC PROPERTIES OF ANTHRACENE-CONTAINING CONTAINING PPE-PPVS PPE ________________________________ __________________________________________________ 28 VALORISATION DU SECHAGE SOLAIRE APPLIQUE A LA VIANDE CAMELINE PAR UNE ETUDE COMPARATIVE ET L'EFFET DES DIFFERENTS DIFFEREN PRETRAITEMENTS _______________________________________ ________________________________ 29 EFFECT OF EMERGING ENCAPSULANT MATERIALS ON PV MODULESPERFORMANCES AND DURABILITY:


Données de production éolienne - Elia- 012015 62%

Refresh Monitored capacity: 1122.51 [MW] Belgian Wind-Power Forecasting Forecast [MW] Wind Power [MW] 750 Upscaled Measurement [MW] Active Decremental Bids 500 250 Current selection 01 27 / 26 /0 1 25 /0 1 24 /0 1 23 /0 1 01 22 / 01 21 / 20 / 01 0   Export   Vous trouvez ci­dessus un aperçu de la prévision de la production éolienne totale jusqu’à 7 jours. Une estimation en temps réel de la production éolienne est également présentée sur base quart­horaire.


intro v2 62%

(2003), "Forecasting Output and In‡ation :


Internship Offer Rocket Internet Thailand 62%

RESPONSIBILITY       Work with Project managers to develop and refine financial budgeting, forecasting, and cash projection models;



SERGE YVON • imo add me Hangout add me • + 225 46 00 99 77 + 225 75 11 93 33 Responsible for project web / mobile marketing business analyst Social media marketing manager @ Web Designer SEO Web Optimizer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ✓ Analysis and positioning report ✓ Technical audit and semantic websites ✓ SEO Tips and Recommendations ✓ Study and choice of keywords / landing pages ✓ Development of traffic acquisition strategy ✓ Optimization of the internal mesh / external ✓ Technical optimization (structures, contents, connections) ✓ Writing and micro-content writing Marketing data, strategy and innovation ✓ Setting up digital strategy ✓ Marketing Business Analyst ✓ Web Analyst ✓ analyst revenue manager ✓ Data scientist / Data Mining Marketing product price mark ✓ Head web and mobile project ✓ Brand manager ✓ Community manager ✓ Sleep information and e-reputation ✓ Social media marketing APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES AND ARCHITECTURE CMS LANGUAGE Joomla HTML Wordpress PHP incentive XML typo 3 phyton BetterCMS Javascript Kentico CSS CMSaspNet mysql bootstrap jquery Numediastack SERVER POSTGRESQL APACHE IIS ACCOMMODATION CLOUD VPS WINDOWS Linux VPS shared server dedicated server CRM-ERP Magento Odoo XCart dollibar beyourmarket SugarCRM PrestaShop WooCommerce Benefit costs and schedule BENEFITS DESCRIPTIONS DURATION OF BENEFITS COSTS Website (media forum, Niche Blog) e-commerce (online store) ERP (business platforms) 5 days 3 days 5 days 300 Euros / Dollars (CRM platform customer relationship management) 5 days 1000 Euros / Dollars Search optimization gear Popularity position notoriety Marketing product price mark Communication on services and Mark Marketing data, strategies and forecasting and decision analysis 45 days innovation 90 days 45 days 1000 Euros / Dollars Full service 185 days Application Development web / mobile Construction + optimization + digital marketing 500 Euros / Dollars 2000 Euros / Dollars 1500 Euros / Dollars 2500 Euros / Dollars 5000 Euros / Dollars



As a supplement and corrective to these standard techniques, the analysis of nonverbal data provides valuable pointers to underly ing repertoires and a basis for forecasting future developments.


CV Alexis Juredieu - Google 60%

DCF, trading and transaction comparable Redacted marketing and transactions documentations Google University Program - Workshop 10x Challenge - Moonshot thinking like Google • • • Dec., 2012 Shanghai Participated in a team of 5 people to introduce Asian Management to African opportunities Designed early strategies to develop cross-border transactions in 3 Emerging Markets Presented ‘Silk Road to Africa’ report to 20 key business leaders in Asia Degroof Petercam – M&A Analyst Intern Investment Banking Boutique – • • • Singapore Restructured Operations delivery areas to decrease delivery time by 50% Built forecasting tool to foresee demand that led to a 50% increase in rider utilization Optimized restaurants on-boarding throughput down to 5 days after sale closing Automated order placement process for 1,000 restaurants to bring response time below 1 minute PayPal – Junior Consultant Online Payment – • • • Jan., 2014 Jun., 2014 6 months Designed a process to deliver food free of charge in 15 minutes Launched concept to market in 2 weeks (sourcing, processes, recruitment, execution, after-sale) Achieved an average asset utilization 20x higher than competitors’ Led and trained a team of 30 runners and 20 restaurants to provide best user experience ever Rocket Internet @ foodpanda – Business Development Manager Online Food Delivery Platform – • • • • Singapore Pitch a disruptive technology to solve an issue that could drastically change 1,000,000 people’s life Imagined a back-spine chip to interpret one’s actual lifestyle consequences on his health Winning team among 5 others – 5 students per team screened prior to workshop New Venture Contest – EMLYON Business School • • • 4 months to develop a virtual company business plan as part of the program Designed an innovative smartphone rental solution saving up to 40 % versus traditional solution.


HDS Telecom analytics infographic 59%

dollars.) BIG DATA BENEFITS TELECOM OPERATIONS TELECOM BUSINESS L-TIME A E R Network Optimization Business Optimization Data Monetization and Target Marketing Analysis and Forecasting Customer Service Assurance SOLUTIONS NEED TO BE...


6. P&G Stage Logistique France 58%

forecasting customer demand, managing the information flows from orders, shipments and invoices and owning the physical distribution process from Distribution Centre to the customer’s shelf.


CV-Djibril 58%

Octobre 2009- Mars 2010 Université Toulouse 2 en partenariat avec Ecole des Mines d’Albi Chef de Projet Conception d’un jeu de formation pour la méthode de gestion CPFR (le collaborative Planning, Forecasting and replenishment) Logiciel de Gestion – Maquette – Guide d’utilisation – Production du jeu 2008-2010 Master 1 &


1 Rhombo 58%

Production forecasting • Quiz : General overview &


apex api 57%

120 Customizable Forecasting Objects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120 Forecasts Objects .


CV-Djibril-04-13 57%

Octobre 2009- Mars 2010 Université Toulouse 2 en partenariat avec Ecole des Mines d’Albi Chef de Projet Conception d’un jeu de formation pour la méthode de gestion CPFR (Le collaborative Planning, Forecasting and replenishment) Logiciel de Gestion – Maquette – Guide d’utilisation – Production du jeu 2008-2010 Master 1 &


Customer Relationship Management 54%

From the organization's point of view, this entire relationship encompasses direct interactions with customers, such as sales and service-related processes, and forecasting and analysis of customer trends and behaviors.


accounting and finance for Business Analysis 54%

Forecasting Cash Needs and Budgeting ..............................................................................................


12 52%

Smart grids - power generators - renewable energy – Analysis Hierarchy Proses – forecasting method Degrees: