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98% - Lemur news 2014 18

Lemur news 2014 18 Page 22 Lemur News Vol. 21/01/2015

98% - hamiguitan

agro-ecosystem, dipterocarp, montane, typical mossy and mossy-pygmy forests. 11/09/2013

98% - Soudani Francois Nature

VIEWS doi:10.1038/nature13052 Re mote sensing A green illusion An analysis reveals that satellite-observed increases in canopy greenness during dry seasons, which were previously interpreted as positive responses of Amazon forests to more sunlight, are in fact an optical artefact. 06/02/2014

96% - désertification au kenya

Desertification can have a huge impact on animals, but animals have only few impacts on desertification except elephants by destroying forests (Graeme et al., 2009) that’s why we won’t be focused on wildlife management. 03/05/2017



94% - The Green Empire of the East and the West's web

are the tools of a new forest governance by Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART Within the Green Empire of the East and the West, new forests rich in biodiversity are being shaped by practices such as the edible forest-garden (Permaculture technique) and Terra Preta (black soil carbon-rich containing large amounts of charcoal). 11/10/2021

94% - Scarabs 85

That really makes me sad, because the species are really beautiful and given the fact that forests are rapidly disappearing they might not be there any more in near future. 04/07/2019

94% - Vermeer2013

were regarded as Montane Forests in field classification. 27/01/2014

94% - TheEarlyAntandroyKingdom

the tombs and sacred forests of the contemporary landscape; 10/02/2015

92% - (447811895) IstanbulTurquie

(447811895) IstanbulTurquie Synopsis :  I. 09/02/2015