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160308 ERFA - Rail Freight Corridors 97%

Position Paper A revision of regulation 913/2010 is needed Further strengthening of Rail Freight Corridors Contents Current state of play Our vision Our aim Main challenges Recommendation        Plan, do, check:


IRG-Rail (16) 1 - Fourth Annual Market Monitoring Report (5) 97%

39 Freight Market ............................................................................................................................... ... Freight traffic ......................................................................................................................... ... Freight terminals ...................................................................................................................


111017 Aircraft Commerce Article 95%

84 I FREIGHT BUSINESS The ATR 42 and ATR 72 are the most likely turboprop candidates for passenger-to-freighter conversion.


CFI 2012 09 17 94%

ter Coas ex t Ind h Freig I ight re ter F Coas dex Co t Coas x de 28 t In eigh er Fr t r aste Co ight r Fre x Inde eigh r Fr aste ht In eig er Fr ter F Coas ndex te Coas ndex Coas ter Coas h Freig dex ht In reig ter F Coas d ht In reig ter F Coas ex ht I Freight Index Coaster t Ind Freig ex t Ind de ht In reig ter F te Coas ight r Fre te Coas I x h Inde reig ex Coa ight ter F e s r a t Ind F ex o h r d C g i e n t e I 26 r t x t Coas ter F eigh eigh Inde Coas er Fr dex ight er Fr t n t e eigh s I s r a x a F t Co Co er Fr igh nde ter t e I s s r a a t x F o o h e C ig ter x C 24 t Ind r Fre C Coas eigh Inde r aste t x F ex o h e r C g d rei t Ind x aste t In F h e o h r g d C g i e i n t e I re ex Coas er Fr ight ter F t Ind Frei oast ex h22 r Fre C d Coas g e i n t e I s ster r a t x F o h e r Coa C g d i e ex oast ht In r Fre aste t Ind x C Freig o h e r dex C g d i e n t Fre ht In ex 20 oas ht I r g d C g i e i n t e e I s r r t rF Coa 17.2012 23.2012 29.2012 dex 45.2011 51.2011 5.2012 33.2011 39.2011 11.2012 te35.2012 ter F eigh ht In Coas dex w eek Coas g er Fr i n t ter F e I s r a t x Co Coas de igh n September 17, 2012 published weekly oaster F e I r x F t e h ter t Ind x C Freig Coas eigh Inde ster r x a t F e o h r d C g e rei oast ht In ex Freight Rates ter F x C Freig t Ind e h r d Coas g e i n t s Fre ht I CoaCountry Cargo Lot Loading port port Rate, $/tonne w-o-w ster Freig oaDischarging r Country C e t s a x o e C d square billet 10,000t Mumbai India Taiwan x China 36-37 = t In de eighIndia ht In hot rolled coils 7-8,000t Mumbai ster Fr Manila Philippines 36-37 = g i e Coa er Fr steel products 10,000t Jakarta Tianjin China 28-29 = oast CIndonesia t Coas usd/t x Inde hot rolled coils 10,000t Taiwan China Busan South Korea 18-19 = steel products 5-6,000t North ports Spain South ports Argentina 84-85 = flat steel products 3,000t St.


Transportation Company Galveston TX 93%

We are an efficient logistics company for any and all types of freight.


Projet de rapport Ayala Logistique 160923 93%

taking stock and the way forward towards sustainable mobility1, – having regard to its resolution of 2 December 2015 on sustainable urban mobility2, – having regard to its resolution of 4 September 2008 on freight transport in Europe3, – having regard to its resolution of 5 September 2007 on freight transport logistics in Europe and sustainable mobility4, – having regard to Regulation (EU) No 1315/20135 and Regulation (EU) No 1316/20136, – having regard to Regulation (EU) No 913/20107, – having regard to the Commission Communication on a European strategy for low-emission mobility (COM(2016)0501), – having regard to the Rotterdam Ministerial Declaration of 20 June 2016 on Implementing the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)8, – having regard to the issue papers prepared by the European Coordinators on the TEN-T corridors for the 2016 Rotterdam TEN-T days9, – having regard to Court of Auditors Special Report No 08/2016:


LIONEL US 2019 89%

new paint schemes on classic locomotives and cars, Lionel’s Super 381 Electric that never went into production, and new body styles in the 200 series freight cars, Lionel’s largest and most elaborate Standard Gauge freighters.


press release ALLRAIL 170420 87%

Establishment of Alliance of Rail New Entrants (ALLRAIL) Alliance of Rail New Entrants (ALLRAIL), Europe’s new rail association, bringing together nonincumbent companies from the freight and passenger rail market, has been established in Brussels.


SCF-cityLogistics-Call 86%

an International Journal Call for Papers Special issue on City Logistics Although vital to keep city centres alive and thriving, urban freight is the source of a range of impacts in city life resulting in various noise, pollution and health or safety problems.


Agenda 11th SERAC 85%

Rail Freight Corridor with Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 913/2010 4.


Summary SERAC 10 decembre 85%

Rail Freight Corridor with Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 913/2010 [IA34EN01] 1 SR11EN01 20.12.2016 DG MOVE explained the procedure for creating a new Rail Freight Corridor under article 5 of Regulation 913/2010:


Insurance Excluded Losses and Causation 83%

    ITCH  83  (International  Hulls  and  Freight  Clauses)     3-­‐  BURDEN  OF  PROOF   Burden   of   proof   generally   lies   on   a   person   claiming   the   benefit   of   an   exception   to   prove   his   entitlement  to  do  so  –  so  on  the  insurer         II.



Already at last year‘s fair in Leipzig, we were able to give an indication, albeit a somewhat concealed one, of an additional new design in the freight wagon sector.


IRG-Rail (16) 2 - IRG-Rail Annual Report 2015 82%

the implementation of the Recast Directive, the negotiations on the Fourth Package, and the implementation of all nine rail freight corridors.


Draft Agenda 11th Meeting SERAC WG RFCs-v20170410 82%

EUROPEAN COMMISSION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR MOBILITY AND TRANSPORT Directorate C - Land C.3 - Single European Rail Area 11th SERAC WG on Rail Freight Corridors Brussels - Conference Centre Albert Borschette (Meeting room AB-1C) 17 May 2017, 09:30 - 18:00 1) Adoption of the agenda 2) Adoption of the minutes of the 10th meeting 3) Introduction by Mr Vinck:


20160926 RU Dialogue AGENDA 3rd Plenary 27Oct2016 Vs1 82%

Reports from the subgroups, orientation of their future work (including possible meetings with PRIME and other bodies) Short presentations of 5-10 minutes maximum from subgroup chairs, followed by discussion o International passenger transport (Marius Macku, Thalys) o International freight transport (Alfred Pitnik, OeBB) o Access to service facilities (Tony Berkeley, Rail Freight Group) Coffee Break o Digital Railways (TBC, SNCF) o Discussion on lessons learnt from the subgroups, best practices o Joint meeting with PRIME (Plenary) or its subgroups Lunch Break 3.


TILLIG H0 NH2016 81%

Comprehensive supplements in the passenger carriage and freight wagon fields enrich the TILLIG H0 gauge range.


TILLIG Schmalspur NH2016 80%

This spring the freight wagons will be to the fore.


2013 mth euro eng 80%

Freight engines include Freight Yard Proto-Effects, a symphony of freight terminal sounds.


piko 2014 79%

Neuheiten New Items 2014 GüterWAgen · Freight CArs II / 2014 III / 2014 37425 E-Lok Taurus „kombiverkehr” Ep.








Athearn 2013 Edition I Catalog LR 78%

Over the next two years, we’ll take the cover off of nearly 20 new locomotives and freight cars.



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