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Curriculum vitae larrieu 100%

    President  of  the  Fédération  des  Salons  du  Grand  Palais  in  2006     Permanente  gallery  :


Gallery Assistant Romeet G 97%

JOB DESCRIPTION – GALLERY ASSISTANT ROMEET CONTEMPORARY ART SPACE Romeet was founded by Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS) in 2011 as a Phnom Penh platform for emerging and established alumni of the PPS's Visual Art School in Battambang.


Herb Ritts - new 96%

E x p o s i t i o n s Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama « Herb Ritts :Celevrity and Fashion » 2014 CWC Gallery, Berlin « Supermodels – Then and Now » Edwynn Houk Gallery, York « Herb Ritts – Supermodel » Galerie Edwynn Houk, Zurich, Switzerland « Herb `Ritts » New Hamiltons Gallery, London, UK « Herb Ritts – Prints from the Private Archve » Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York « Herb Ritts » 2013 Fondaeione Forma, Rome « Herb Ritts – In Plena Luce » Camera Work Gallery, Berlin « Herb Ritts » Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma « Herb Ritts – Beauty and Celebrity » The Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA « Beauty CULTure » (Exposition de groupe) The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota ‘Harb Ritts – LA Style » 2010 Central Connecticut State University Art Galleries, New Britain, CT « Revealed, The Tradition of Male Homoerotic Art » Robert Diamond (Exposition de groupe) 2012 Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati « Herb Ritts – LA Style » The J.Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles « Herb Ritts – LA Style » Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona « Thanks of Being With Us :


KGplus map 95%

KG + MAP 2013 カフェ 食事 prinz イベント KYOTOGRAPHIE 国際写真フェスティバル会場 1 京 都 芸 術センター 19 prinz KYOTO ART CENTER 〒604 – 8156 京 都 市 中 京 区 室 町 通 蛸 薬 師 下 ル 山 伏 山 町 546 – 2 〒606 – 8242 京 都 市 左 京 区 田 中 高 原 町 5 5 Takahara-cho, Tanaka, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto TEL 075 – 712 – 3900 MAIL WEB 雅 景 錐 /GAKEI 546 – 2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Tel 075 – 213 – 1000 Mail Web 京都府立植物園 2 GIMLET SAAS 20 Kyoto Botanical Gardens ユナイテッドアローズ 京 都 店 GAKEI GIMLET SAAS UNITED ARROWS KYOTO 〒603 – 8312 京 都 市 北 区 紫 野 中 柏 野 町 23 〒600 – 8005 京 都 市 下 京 区 四 条 通 柳 馬 場 東 入 立 売 東 町 12 – 1 23 Nakakashiwano-cho, Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto TEL 075 – 432 – 8283 MAIL WEB Kitaöji 一乗寺 Ichijyoji 3 ANEWAL Gallery 12 – 1 Tachiurihigashi-cho, Yanaginobanba higashi-iru, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Tel 075 – 256 – 8055 Web 北大路 21 GALLERY 9 Kyoto ANEWAL Gallery GALLERY 9 Kyoto 〒602 – 0059 京 都 市 上 京 区 実 相 院 町 156 〒604 – 8043 京 都 市 中 京 区 寺 町 通 四 条 上 ル 東 大 文 字 町 311 – 1 プリントQ s h i o ji SONGBIRD DESIGN STORE 4 通 higa 鞍馬口 〒604 – 0075 京 都 市 中 京 区 竹 屋 町 通 掘 川 東 入 ル 西 竹 屋 町 529 529 Nishi Takeya-machi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto TEL 075–252–2781 MAIL WEB 下鴨神社 2 5 1 上立売通 Kamitachiuri-dori 百万遍 Hyakumanben 堀川通 Horikawa-dori アンスティチュ・フランセ関西 Institut Français Japon – Kansai 586 – 2 Bano-cho, Aneyakoji-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Tel 075 – 213 – 6688 Web 9 10 大西清衛門美術館 Onishi Seiwemon Museum Kaleidoscope Museum of Kyoto – Art Gallery Space 誉田屋源兵衛 黒蔵 Kondaya Genbei Kurogura 〒604 – 8184 京 都 市 中 京 区 姉 小 路 通 東 洞 院 東 入 ル 曇 華 院 前 町 706 – 3 Omiya ギャラリー H 2 O 15 30 gallery a.p.p.


DP Camouflage 94%

ALEXDEVOS@SEVEN-GALLERY.COM - WWW.SEVEN-GALLERY.COM Le camouflage est l’art se fondre dans le décor et de disparaître ...


Brochure tours 93%

CLASSICAL TOUR + CIRCUS SHOW CLASSICAL TOUR From 2pm to 6pm Sangker Gallery Visit of the gallery and presentation by the curator OPTION + LIVE PAINTING CLASSICAL TOUR OPTION Architectural visit Visit of old buildings and one of the oldest cinema in Battambang Tep Kao Sol Visit of the gallery by the curator and the artist From 7pm to 8:30pm Movie screening at Lotus Gallery Screening of short movies directed by khmer artists from BAYMAN studio Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus show at the most famous Art school in Cambodia 2 pers.


Pascal Haudressy - Expositions, concours et prix 93%

Pascal Haudressy Né en 1968 / vit et travaille à Paris / EXPOSITIONS PERSONNELLES (Sélection 2015/2017) 2017 Heart, installation église Sainte Eustache Paris, France Interstice, Abbaye de Caen, Caen, France In Between, Irène Laub Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgique Water study, Ambassade de France, New-York, USA 2016 If, Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie, Aubusson, France If, la nature en écho, Musée Dom Robert, Sorèze, France 2015 Noises, Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italie La NEF, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Fontenay-sous-Bois, France EXPOSITIONS COLLECTIVES (Sélection 2012/2017) 2017 Humansbeingdigital, The Lowry, Salford, Royaume-Uni Nuit Blanche, Saint-Eustache, Paris, France 7 ans de création en Aubusson, Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie, Aubusson, France Miroir Miroir, MUDAC, Lausanne, Suisse Heart, année France-Colombie :



SEE PAGE 214 FASHION 112 117 133 145 202 046 ∑ Jewellery box The many facets of Elie Top’s new Parisian salon 140 148 166 Point break The gallerist duo taking on one of Paris’ most hallowed art spaces Full stretch Hussein Chalayan’s shapeshifting show at Sadler’s Wells The brave and the bold Daring new design chiefs Human nature British artist Marc Quinn and his muse, dancer Jenny Bastet, collaborate on a new body of work Floor show Refined retail, from Athens to Tokyo DESIGN Aussie rules The strict forms of Valentino’s Antipodean muse adorn the catwalks Off the wall How to cut a dignified dash on New York’s gallery scene 122 128 Ocean swell The Hugo Boss yacht, fitted out by Konstantin Grcic, is ready to race Silver lady The sterling work of LA jeweller and designer Sophie Buhai Point break A Paris duo bring sharp practices to the city’s gallery scene PHOTOGRAPHY:


CV Daphné Le Sergent EN 92%

Agnès Violeau Jeu de Paume (5th june-23th sept)/ CAPC Bordeaux (17th may-30th sept)/ Amparo Museum, Puebla, Mexique (8th dec-21th jan) 2013 «Gestire’s reversal», Metropolis Gallery, Paris (6th june - 13th july) 2012 «Unfoldings/deployement» with Aï Kitahara, La BF15, Lyon, (22rd nov 2012- 19th january), curator:


CV artistique 2021 EN 92%

Agnès Violeau Jeu de Paume (5th june-23th sept)/ CAPC Bordeaux (17th may-30th sept)/ Amparo Museum, Puebla, Mexique (8th dec-21th jan) 2013 «Gesture’s reversal», Metropolis Gallery, Paris (6th june - 13th july) 2012 «Unfoldings/deployement» with Aï Kitahara, La BF15, Lyon, (22rd nov 2012- 19th january), curator:


Newsletter OCT2012 91%

Newsletter Singapore, October 2012 Sana Gallery announces its Grand Opening in Singapore Sana Gallery, located at 12 Blair Road, Singapore is South-East Asia’s first Contemporary Middle Eastern Art gallery.


dpthisishim 90%

dorothy’s gallery Presents « THIS IS HIM » Statue grandeur nature de Michael Jackson par l’artiste Jean-Baptiste Seckler A l’occasion du 1er anniversaire de la mort du King of Pop 24 juin - 30 juin 2010 Vernissage vendredi 25 juin de 18:00 à 21:00   27, rue Keller, 75011 Paris « THIS IS HIM » TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON Le 25 juin 2010 marquera le premier anniversaire de la mort de Michael Jackson.


DP MIA SINGAPOUR 90%     MIA&D Fair Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Center 23/26 October, 2014 LIST OF PARTICIPATING GALLERIES (NOT DEFINITIVE) Artists GALLERY COUNTRY Group show 2902 Gallery Republic of Singapore Gian Paolo Barbieri 29 Arts in Progress UK Group show Admira Italy Chien Chi Chang, Philippe Clair Gallery France Halsman, Petr Lovigin Group show Riccardo Costantini Contemporary Italy Group show Database / Duomo Italy Da Li Zhang, Matthew Johnson, Edwin Koo, Elwin Goh Goldmann Inc Republic of Singapore Billy Monk, Casper Faassen Immagini Art Gallery Republic of Singapore Kacper Kowalski Leica Gallery Poland Thierry Konarzewski, Little Birds Gallery France Domitille Ortes Chan Hyo Bae mc2 Gallery Italy Rimas Sakalausakas Patricija Gilyté Gintautas Trimakas Meno Parkas Lithuania Jee Young Lee Opiom Gallery France Matteo Basilé Galleria Pack Italy Leonora Hamill, Francesco Jodice, Thomas Jorion, Podbielski Contemporary Germany Won Seoung -Won Group show Preteen Belgium Group show Revolver Galeria Perù Krisada Suvichakonpong Richard Koh Fine Art Malaysia / Republic of Singapore Design Group show Rossana Orlandi Italy Group show Sabrina Raffaghello Italy Group show Sealey Brandt Photography Republic of Singapore Design Group show SecondoMe Italy I-Lann Yee, Wawi Silverlens Gallery Republic of Singapore / Philippines Navarroza Group show Spanking Projects Australia Group show Spazio Nuovo Italy Luciano Romano Studio Trisorio Italy Kim Joon, Steve McCurry, Robert Polidori, Sebastiao Salgado Sundaram Tagore USA / Republic of Singapore / China Andrea Pacawnoski White Room Art System Contemporary Art Italy Letizia Battaglia, Mwangi Workshop Venice Italy Hutter Mauro Fiorese, HansZott Art Space Germany Joachim Ellerbrock Area Mekong - Curatorial Project by Loredana Pazzini Paracciani Anida Yeou Ali represented by Java Arts Bounpauol Phothyzan represented by MGgallery Lim Sokchanlina represented by Galleria SasaBasac Nge Lay represented by YONE Arts Piyatat Hemmatat, Sutthirat Supaparinya Thao Nguyen Phan 2 Cambodia Laos Cambodia Myanmar Thailand Vietnam GIAN PAOLO BARBIERI, TATIANA SAVIALOVA FOR VALENTINO, 1996, PHOTOGRAPH IN ANALOG, CM 100 X 122, ED.


dp-dnp2014-3-light 90%



HGallery CP Gunsett LeMéhauté DOSSIER D'EXPOSITION 89%

DOSSIER DE L’EXPOSITION CAROLINE LE MÉHAUTÉ Sauvages Vague à l’âme H Gallery vous invite à découvrir deux artistes, Caroline Le Méhauté et Charlotte Gunsett hors de leurs premières expositions personnelles à H Gallery.


60 valeurs ajoutées de Washington DC 89%

Sackler Gallery National Portrait Gallery Freer Gallery Of Art Smithsonian International Gallery Navy Memorial Grand Army of the Républic Memorial McPherson Square Franklin Square Faragut Square McPherson Statue Albert Pike Statue General Hancock Statue Washington Monument Natural of History Muséum American History Muséum Smithsonian Institution Building Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building American Art Muséum Smithsonian National Air &


Dossier de presse à télécharger 89%

dorothy’s gallery L’art contemporain dans tous ses états!


ARTiculation 2012 (Info & Booking) 89%

1109279 Regional Heats Information The Saatchi Gallery, London (Monday 30 January 4pm – 6pm) To be adjudicated by Dr Stephen Deuchar, Director ArtFund.


SAC lecture series 89%

The Great Artists Renoir to Damien Hirst Opera Gallery Collection Exhibition Lecture Series Opera Gallery Seoul is pleased to announce a lecture series in honor of our 20th Anniversary exhibition taking place at Seoul Arts th th Center from June 28 to September 17 , “The Great Artists:


VASIE Newsletter No3 EN Final 89%

Photo gallery: Photo gallery: ... Photo gallery: ... Photo gallery:


texte miller-fin 88%

dorothy’s gallery www.dorothy’s de Henry Miller aux artistes d’aujourd’hui du 14 janvier - 7 mars 2011 vernissage le samedi 15 janvier de 16h à 21h Dorothy’s gallery a l’honneur et le privilège de présenter du 14 janvier au 7 mars 2011, «To Paint is To Love again».


texte miller-final 88%

dorothy’s gallery www.dorothy’s de Henry Miller aux artistes d’aujourd’hui du 14 janvier - 7 mars 2011 vernissage le samedi 15 janvier de 16h à 21h Dorothy’s gallery a l’honneur et le privilège de présenter du 14 janvier au 7 mars 2011, «To Paint is To Love again».


Catalogue de photos disponibles à la vente 88%

Online Shop Page 1 sur 15 SOMMAIRE        Photos en vente – tirages disponibles Catalogue Boutique en ligne Approche artistique Suivre mon actualité Contact Autres liens page 3 page 5 page 11 page 12 page 15 page 15 page 15 Page 2 sur 15  Photos en vente VENTE TIRAGE UNIQUE - GÉOMÉTRIE FRACTALE - PORTRAITS N&B Embellissez votre quotidien d'une manière intemporelle avec l'assurance d'une qualité de tirage photo et d'encadrement haut de gamme, la même qu'exigent les galeries d'art et musées pour leurs oeuvres.


DP Amman 88%

projet miroir par un collectif jordanien LIEUX DU FESTIVAL Association jordanienne de photographie Cairo Amman Bank Gallery Children Museum Dar Al Anda Gallery Darat al Tasweer Duke’s Diwan Fann wa Shai Foresight Gallery Galleria Gallery 14 Jacaranda Images Jordan Museum Le Hangar électrique Nabad Gallery Peugeot Mecca Street Institut français de Jordanie Paris Circle SAE Jordan Zara Centre Zara Gallery … 5



Syndicat Potentiel gallery, Strasbourg. ... Wolf Space gallery, Rotterdam, Nederlands.