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Predator Beta D6 Release Notes 100%

There are now 2 ways to turn gases on/off:


Poster 2348 87%

The aim of this School is to bring together both leading scientists from all over the world to discuss current frontiers of research in ultra-cold atomic and molecular gases and young PhD students, postdocs, researchers working on ultra-cold gases.


Cryotechnic1 83%

Eventually, the released gases activate the engine's turbine allowing to drive the pumps which inject first liquid oxygen, and


Carbon footprint current methods of estimation 80%

There are disagreements in the selection of gases, and the order of emissions to be covered in footprint calculations.


slide 80%


Rain according to the Torah 78%

2- the opposition of two forces, that of ascending and descending air currents generates a compression from where agitation, friction and heat, the hydrogen is ionized positively and the oxygen negatively and the two gases combine in a true explosive chemical reaction (synthesis of water H2 + O → H2O), which says explosion says electric spark, the molecules thus born form the clouds and by condensation, it rains.


R-sultat(5) 78%

R sultat(5) Nombre de pilotes :


Mesh Networks - one pager 76%

telemetry  Monitors equipment at surface as well as underground  Uses web-based central server  Real-time monitoring of multiple variables  Real-time gas, temperature and humidity monitoring  Alarm notification Technology Description Battery-powered wireless infrastructure components Added Value  Self-organizing  Raw data export to spreadsheet Multiple Applications  Detection of carbon monoxide and other gases  Detection of impending collapse  Tracking mine personnel  Self-healing