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FAST France Analysis EndPoint 100%

SURVEY ANALYSIS IN SHORT The survey was conducted among 52 French AS families with a fair representativity of genotype and age.


6-Hall-Neurosci-2002 99%

Mice of each genotype were half male and half female and were tested at 12^20 weeks of age.


ch4 97%

4.2.3 The environment and quantitative variation All genes are expressed in an environment (phenotype ¼ genotype þ environmental effect).


reférences 97%

(2008) ACE Genotype and the Muscle Hypertrophic and Strength Responses to Strength Training.


rapport 1 modif pdf 96%

For rs4646994, PCR was performed followed by agarose gel electrophoresis to determine the genotype.


02. Chapitre 4 95%



joi150028 95%

1 was a randomization of drug code and treatment allocation, and the other 3 were MTHFR C677T genotype–specific randomized sequences with a fixedblock size of 4.


ch3 95%

Calculating gene frequency To understand the genetic structure of a population, consider a large population in which random mating occurs, with no mutation or gene flow between this population and others, no selective advantage for any genotype, and normal meiosis.


ch6 93%

6.3 Genetic and breeding implications of allogamy The genotype of the sporophytic generation is highly heterozygous while the genotypes of gametes of a single plant are all different.


8-Mead-EJN 2002 90%

Responses to novelty were analysed using two-way mixed factor ANOVA with genotype and time as factors.


5-Sora-PNAS-2001 90%

The presence of an 8.1-kb fragment indicates a homozygous mutant genotype, whereas wild-type fragments are 9.6 kb32.


Génétique examen-2011 89%

2) Donner Ie genotype de groupe sanguin suivant:


PUMA HBV Kit FR 89% Plate-forme ouverte PUMA HBV Kit Validations techniques Comparaison à la technique de référence* * PCR Commerciale, nous contacter pour plus d’informations Reproductibilité 0.6 - 4.1% <5% LOD 90 IU/ml 19 IU/ml Linéarité R² = 0.9996 R² = 0.9987 Diversité** 7 genotypes 7 genotypes Volume de sérum 250µl 500µl Composition du kit Contrôles Mix (5 log) Validations cliniques - Internal <10% + 0.1 - 10.2% Panel Répétabilité Courbes d’amplification Water Technique de référence Primers/Probes OMUNIS ** (WHO Reference Material 1st HBV DNA Genotype Panel for NAAT) Comparaison à la technique de référence* * PCR Commerciale, nous contacter pour plus d’informations Corrélation de charge virale Bland &


3-Sora-PNAS-98 87%

The presence of a 5-kb fragment indicates a homozygous mutant genotype, whereas wild-type fragments are 12 kb.


7-Spielewoy-Psychopharm 2001 86%

Results Effect of acute d-amphetamine Analysis of the acute locomotor response of DAT+/+, DAT+/– and DAT–/– mice to saline and increasing doses of d-amphetamine (0.3, 1, 3, and 10 mg/kg, SC) revealed a genotype effect [F(2,210)=37.03, P<0.0001], a dose effect [F(4,210)=7.59, P<0.0001], and a genotype×dose interaction [F(8,210)=13.12, P<0.0001] (Fig.


art%3A10.1007%2Fs10147-011-0275-6 85%

Yuasa Department of Medical Oncology and Genitourinary Oncology, Cancer Institute Hospital, 3-8-31 Ariake, Koto-ward, Tokyo, Japan 123 genotype of the ABCB1 C3435T polymorphism showed a significantly more severe leukocytopenia during the first cycle of DEC therapy compared to patients with the CC ?


cervantes et al., 2016 85%

Seed morphology is useful in genotype discrimination [3] and the results are of significance in systematics.


nejmra Sickle Cell Disease 84%

Nearly all genetic studies of sickle cell disease have concentrated on the genotype of sickle cell anemia (i.e., HBB Glu6Val, rs334).


Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium in Algeria (1) 81%

the detection of van genotype of all strains was performed by PCR.


2-Rocha-Nat1998 73%

Animals (four per genotype) were handled daily prior to rapid decapitation in order to minimize stress-induced increase in c-fos mRNA levels.


2018-march-9- Epidemiological update Measles 71%

According to the laboratory analysis conducted by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz/RJ), the genotype identified in 5 laboratory confirmed cases is D8, which is identical to the one identified in Venezuela in 2017.


10-Moron-JNeurosci2002 69%

Absolute values for total [ 3H]DA uptake rates in each genotype of mice are expressed as a percentage of that observed in wild-type mice.


gène de l'intelligence 68%

Some individuals were only included in part of the analyses, depending on availability of the genotype, imaging and cognitive data for each participant.


Production de blé synthétique (Article) 64%

Le succès de l’hybridation du blé tétraploïde avec l’Aegilops tauschii dépend en grande partie de l’aptitude au croisement du génotype de blé.


ch1 64%

It follows, then, INTRODUCTION that in order to change a trait or its expression, one may change the nature or its genotype, and/or modify the nurture (environment in which it is expressed).