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rapport 1 modif pdf 100%

Genotypes were determined using Life Technologies' Taqman Genotyper v1.0.1 software.


reférences 90%

(2010) Relating fitness phenotypes to genotypes in Lithuanian elite athletes.


02. Chapitre 4 90%

Un même phénotype pour plusieurs génotypes.


Production de blé synthétique (Article) 70%

Dans le but de synthétiser du blé tendre, des croisements ont été réalisés entre 7 génotypes de blé dur et 13 écotypes d’Aegilops tauschii d’origine diverse.


Génétique examen-2011 65%

Génétique examen 2011 Universite de M'sila.


ch4 61%

Population genetics traditionally focuses on frequencies of alleles and genotypes, whereas quantitative genetics focuses on linking phenotypic variation of complex traits to its underlying genetic basis to enable researchers better understand and predict genetic architecture and long term change in populations (to predict the response to selection given data on the phenotype and relationships of individuals in the population).


biocel 6 - ladn 59%



joi150028 52%

INTERVENTIONS Eligible participants, stratified by MTHFR C677T genotypes (CC, CT, and TT), were randomly assigned to receive double-blind daily treatment with a single-pill combination containing enalapril, 10 mg, and folic acid, 0.8 mg (n = 10 348) or a tablet containing enalapril, 10 mg, alone (n = 10 354).


cervantes et al., 2016 49%

The methods of shape quantification based on these models are useful for an accurate description allowing to compare between genotypes or along developmental phases as well as to establish the level of variation in different sets of seeds.


Appel à candidatures pour BOURSE en Ph D 44%

PhD Scholarship on Ecophysiology and Nutrition of Cocoa This advertisement has been re-opened for Ivorian candidates only One fully‐funded PhD fellowship is available for a highly talented candidate from Ivory Coast to investigate the physiological responses of different cocoa genotypes to nutritional treatments and the interactions with agricultural management, particularly shade, to achieve high yield and bean quality.


e00157-11.full 42%

We used this technology to sequence isolates of Vibrio cholerae from Nepal, identify single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and compare these high-resolution genotypes to the complete genome sequences of isolates from the Haiti outbreak.