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88% - Thèse GAMOUN Mouldi

Many measures have been implemented by the Government with a view to change some grazing practices related to land use. 19/05/2014

76% - TPT 10 April

8.0ha with 5.4ha grazing and 2.9ha bush. 08/04/2014

73% - Bulletin Des agriculteurs

Dans la pratique, Dominique a installé un point d’eau au centre de chaque pâturage qui est subdivisé en pointes de tartes par des rubans Mob grazing Dominique Dumas a été sensibilisée au électriques qui sont déplacés jusqu’à quatre mob grazing en écoutant une conférence fois par jour. 14/06/2019

67% - A peer review of the invasive species in the polar and sub polar regions and their ecological and economic impacts

Alien plants were also introduced and these may have a synergic negative effect on the native species, as plants adapted to grazing -e.g. 04/06/2021

61% - Quran

al-An’ām (The Grazing Livesotck). 16/08/2012

52% - Alternative antibiotiques

Writer Dorion Sagan and biologist Lynn Margulis, Garden of Microbial Delights We could not digest and absorb food properly without our gut “flora.” Grazing animals, cattle and their relatives, depend upon bacteria in their stomachs to digest grasses in the process of rumination. 18/06/2016

48% - sourate al zomor traduction

Then He made from it its mate, and He produced for you from the grazing livestock eight mates. 02/03/2014

47% - 1 s2.0 S092180090800298X main

The basis for disturbance and intensity multipliers continues to be debated, especially as they may show significant geographic variation (e.g., the disturbance caused by grazing in low-productivity arid regions may be of a different magnitude than that caused by grazing in high-productivity regions). 04/12/2013

43% - Call for artistic project GB 2020 Sentiers d'Art

The landscape comprises grazing meadows, cultivated fields lined with perennial hedges and wooded areas. 29/10/2019

34% - TheEarlyAntandroyKingdom

Access is restricted and certain activities such as wood-collecting, digging, grazing and defecating are strictly prohibited. 10/02/2015

34% - Pollack farm fossil site

Beaver, peccaries, browsing and grazing horses, chalicotheres and rhinos could all find suitable habitats in such places. 22/12/2010

33% - hribal animals working class

Each had to be enclosed and drained to find value—that is, the value of sheep grazing on the converted pasture and producing fine quality wool. 01/09/2015

33% - 11.04.01

quand nos amis anglophones diraient "The cows are grazing a generous grass in the meadows". 16/04/2011

32% - animal farm

the two of them usually spent their — 2 — George ORWELL Animal Farm Sundays together in the small paddock beyond the orchard, grazing side by side and never speaking. 10/03/2016

31% - Large farms in Europe

This can be explained for the United Kingdom by the fact that larger farms specialise in grazing livestock extensively. 20/06/2014

31% - Newsdec2012 english

- Confined in restricted spaces, it doesn’t see grazing and the sun often… - Intense milking by a machine even during pregnancy Cows and milk production in France: 24/12/2012

30% - banks peninsula conservation walks

Botanical significance of this reserve is low because of a long history of grazing, but there is plenty of wildlife. 27/01/2015

29% - désertification au kenya

superba, thank to significant nutritional value and his resistance to over-grazing (Mganga et al., 2015). 03/05/2017

28% - Jones et al 2018 one third of global protected land is under intense human pressure

scale, considered only a small subset of global protected areas (n = 8950), and did not consider many important human pressures, such as roads and navigable waterways (11), livestock grazing (12), and urbanization (13). 02/08/2018

27% - PDF 9545

The main near-future threats to the species are habitat changes associated with reduced grazing, along with persecution and collecting. 24/06/2016