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100% - European Union presentation, Mr Borchard Head of Cooperation

A newly developed way of financing renewable energy programmes, is through EU guarantees schemes for Renewable Energy under the European Fund for Sustainable Development - EFSD, with a focus on the European Guarantee for Renewable Energy (EGRE). 06/11/2020

97% - SH HC31 English AHD2

Warranty statement Guarantee period: ... Guarantee terms: 06/02/2018

95% - European Union Renewable Energy Financing instruments

At Global level the EU is now promoting the use of new Financial Instruments, like the use of t Guarantee schemes to address Private Sector investments How do we implement our interventions „ At National Level we can indicate: 06/11/2020

94% - Teaser Miga Conditions and terms

1) It is non-cancelable by MIGA (unless the insured defaults on its contractual obligations), though it can be terminated by the insured on any anniversary date, after the guarantee contract's third anniversary. 03/09/2013

93% - Annulation Assurance

Gritchen Affinity 27, rue Charles Durand CS70139 - 18021 Bourges Cedex The purpose of this agreement is to define the conditions for the application of guarantees by MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE to Beneficiary subscribers of the collective contract GUARANTEE TABLE - COVID EXTENSION CANCELLATION FEES – COVID EXTENSION CANCELLATION FEES  Cancellation for illness declared in the month preceding departure in the event of an epidemic or pandemic  Cancellation for refusal of boarding following temperature rise Amounts According to the conditions of the scale of cancellation fees Maxi 5000 euros per file Without deductible €30 deductible per file ASSISTANCE - COVID EXTENSION Amounts › Pre-departure consultation (A) (A) 1 Call › Medical repatriation (including in the event of an (B) Actual costs epidemic or pandemic) (B) › Repatriation following cancellation of flight due to (C) Max of 1,000 € per person and 50,000 € per group epidemic or pandemic (C) › Hotel expenses following placement into quarantine (D) (D) Hotel expense 80 € per night / Max 14 nights › Hotel costs following cancellation of flight due to (E) Hotel expense 80 € per night / Max 14 nights epidemic or pandemic (E) › Medical expenses outside the country of residence due › Deductible (F1) to COVID illness including epidemic or pandemic (F) (F) 30,000 € per person (F1) 160 € per person › Support for a local telephone plan (G) (G) up to 80 € › Psychological Support (H) (H) 6 sessions per event › Emergency suitcase (I) (I) 100 € Max per person and 350 € Max per family ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE TO PERSONS  Home helper (a) (a) 15 hours spread over 4 weeks  Delivery of household shopping (b) (b) maximum 15 days and 1 delivery per week  Psychological support after return home (c) (c) 6 sessions per event G ritchen Af f inity - SAS au capital de 10.000 euros immatriculée au RCS de Bourges sous le n° 529 150 542 dont le siège social est sis au 27, rue Charles Durand - CS70139 - 18021 Bourges Cedex - N° TVA : 21/02/2021

91% - CEP 2022

HUMAN RELATIONS For our clients, we endeavor to guarantee excellent service and communication from the placement of an order to the delivery. 21/01/2022

90% - GSC CGV

Of the Consumer Code, of the legal guarantee of conformity, for apparently defective products, spoiled or damaged or not corresponding to the order, the delivery obligation imposes on the seller to deliver to the buyer something that conforms, that is to say the characteristics of which are exactly those provided for in the contract. 16/11/2021

88% - WBG Presentation Deck Sept 2016 RIAS AML

Through the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) we offer political risk insurance (guarantees) to investors and lenders. 02/09/2016

86% - powerful burning laser

We guarantee delivery to every country in the world. 05/07/2016


For over 30 years Britpart has been supplying quality parts and accessories for Land Rover users across the world and now we are very proud to announce that all* Britpart parts and accessories will be backed by an industry leading 24 month guarantee. 04/02/2014

86% - 231 558 2 PB

the age of the producer, the number of schooling years, the size of the household, the agreement on the quantity of nuts to be delivered under contract, the appreciation of the solidarity guarantee and the assessment of the risks presented by agricultural contracts. 20/01/2018

86% - Prospectus1

Contact us and the success of your event is simply guarantee. 05/01/2013

85% - Catalogo2019 DIRECT € web

Cotton on the inside to guarantee maximum comfort, polyester on the outside for greater solidity. 28/09/2019

85% - General Catalogue 2022 EN

We manufacture our products in Europe and we guarantee their quality and the effectiveness in service. 09/02/2022

84% - 00 uk tarif 2017 bd

» 2 / Sinks / Luisisteel / 3 Luisisteel Guarantee YEARS L u i si st e e l Metal is still on trend and kitchens take advantage of it and use it with skill: 30/06/2017

83% - Catalogue

ALPINE gear oils guarantee highest possible reliability. 29/03/2018

82% - ReferralSecrets20

This book does not guarantee that the reader or anyone else who follows the advice of the author will actually earn any income whatsoever. 03/09/2012

81% - Catalogue 2016 2017

• CERTIFIED NF OFFICE EXCELLENCE The mark of excellence, guarantee of Buronomic’s commitment in a corporate social responsibility approach that focuses on people. 29/09/2016


couv-2014-PRODUITS-PERSONALISABLES.indd 3 Brochure_Produits personnalisables.indd 2 Our quality papers, manufactured in our own paper mills guarantee consistency and continuity of quality. 24/01/2022