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100% - International Variation Asthma bronchiolitis guidelines

International Variation Asthma bronchiolitis guidelines International Variation in Asthma and Bronchiolitis Guidelines Leigh Anne Bakel, MD,​a Jemila Hamid, PhD,​b Joycelyne Ewusie, MSc,​c Kai Liu, BSc,​d Joseph Mussa, BSc,​e Sharon Straus, MD, MSc,​b Patricia Parkin, MD,​f Eyal Cohen, MD, MScf BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: 03/11/2017

98% - 2012 05 22 Circular updatepractice rules

2012 05 22 Circular updatepractice rules OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET (TRADE MARKS AND DESIGNS)   Alicante, 18 May 2012  008‐2012‐03‐10‐N‐ICLAD‐LP‐Consultation Users Manual‐JL.doc        Note for the attention of the EU National IP Offices and the users’ associations      Subject: The process for updating the OHIM’s trade marks and designs practice    1. VISION  Currently, the practice of the Office is reflected in the Manual on Trade Mark Practice and  the Manual on Registered Designs practice. These manuals are working documents, two  dynamically changing practical guides which are revised on a regular basis.  The Office also has its Guidelines. However these texts have not been revised on a regular  basis. They were last updated in 2007 (trade marks) and 2008 (designs). This was due to a  fairly cumbersome process for adopting them.  The Office wants to merge these two documents and provide them in all the official  languages of the European Union while implementing a cyclical and agile process which  takes into consideration the feedback of our internal and external stakeholders, particularly,  the users and the EU national offices.  The goal, as spelled out in the Office’s strategic plan, is to improve the consistency of OHIM’s  decisions, in particular, between the first instance and appeal decisions (Key Initiative 23). In  order to achieve consistency, the prevailing practice of the Boards of Appeal has to be  included in the Manuals/Guidelines. To do so we will be looking at the Boards’ and the  Court’s case‐law on a regular yearly basis ‐ a shorter time span would neither ensure the  necessary continuity in practice nor give a complete picture of developing trends.  Avenida de Europa, 4 • E - 03008 Alicante • Spain Tel. 08/06/2012

97% - JW Guideline Watch 2017

JW Guideline Watch 2017 GUIDELINE WATCH 2017 New Guideline Summaries to Inform Your Practice August 2017 nejm journal watch Cardiology Emergency Medicine Gastroenterology General Medicine Hospital Medicine Infectious Diseases Neurology Oncology and Hematology Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Psychiatry Women’s Health Dear Reader, Clinical guidelines are increasingly important in setting practice standards and meeting quality measures, and NEJM Journal Watch wants to help you keep up with the guidelines most important to your practice. 13/08/2017

97% - Nephrol. Dial. Transplant. 2015 ii1 ii142

The methods support team also searched guideline databases and organizations including the National Guideline Clearinghouse, Guidelines International Network, Guidelines Finder, Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, National Institute for Clinical Excellence and professional societies of nephrology and endocrinology for guidelines to screen the reference lists. 13/04/2016

96% - delirium prevention

The National Clinical Guideline Centre developed these guidelines by using standard methodology of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. 04/04/2014

94% - General Guidelines (2013) (1)

General Guidelines (2013) (1) General Guidelines Version 4.2 June 7, 2013 General Guidelines Overview ................................................................................. 20/11/2013

94% - prostate

prostate NCCN Guidelines Version 1.2016 Prostate Cancer NCCN Guidelines Index Prostate Table of Contents Discussion NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) Prostate Cancer Version 1.2017 — December 16, 2016 NCCN Guidelines for Patients® available at Continue Version 1.2017, 12/16/16© National Comprehensive Cancer Network, Inc. 15/01/2017

92% - Chinese guidelines for childhood asthma 2016

Chinese guidelines for childhood asthma 2016 Journal of Asthma ISSN: 07/04/2018

92% - 2013 ener 076 electricity network code rfg en

2013 ener 076 electricity network code rfg en ROADMAP TITLE OF THE INITIATIVE Electricity Network Codes and Guidelines - Requirements for generators (RfG) LEAD DG – RESPONSIBLE UNIT ENER B2 [AP 2013/ENER/076] DATE OF ROADMAP 12 / 2015 This indicative roadmap is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change. 31/05/2018

91% - Recommandations patho cardio sport

Recommandations patho cardio sport European Heart Journal (2020) 00, 180 doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehaa605 ESC GUIDELINES The Task Force on sports cardiology and exercise in patients with cardiovascular disease of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Authors/Task Force Members: 24/01/2021



90% - sédation

sédation Special Article Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Pain, Agitation, and Delirium in Adult Patients in the Intensive Care Unit Juliana Barr, MD, FCCM1; 31/08/2013


JCI BRANGUIDELINES TM Junior Chamber International Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Brand Guidelines Junior Chamber International Brand Guidelines Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Introduction Corporate Brand Guidelines ensure that the visual design elements of JCI are applied correctly in every application in which JCI is identified. 16/04/2012

89% - Draft calendar key dates budget

21-24 November Presentation of draft report on Parliament's guidelines in BUDG committee Deadline for amendments to the EP guidelines report Adoption by the Council of conclusions on the 2016 budget guidelines Adoption of EP Guidelines in BUDG committee Adoption by the EP of the resolution on the general guidelines for the 2017 budget (Section III) in Plenary Trilogue ahead of the presentation of the Draft Budget Deadline for tabling indicative pilot projects and preparatory actions (PP-PAs) proposals for pre-assessment by the Commission Presentation of the Commission's Statement of estimates 2017 in the BUDG Committee Deadline for opinions from other committees to the mandate report Presentation of the recommendation for the trilogue during BUDG coordinators meeting Exchange of views on PP-PAs in BUDG Adoption of Council’s position on DB in Coreper Presentation of WD on Council position in BUDG committee Trilogue in Council’s premises Deadline for tabling budgetary amendments: 13/10/2016

89% - KyogamerPS4 Mes relations avec SONY, voir son com (Cooj)

Report abuse Please report any content that may violate’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. 20/10/2016

87% - IADT 2012 Avulsions Guidelines

IADT 2012 Avulsions Guidelines Dental Traumatology 2012; 08/11/2013

87% - choisir avec soin anglais

Recent guidelines from the Canadian Society of Nephrology recommend that patients with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) less than 15 mls/min should be closely followed by their nephrologist and dialysis deferred until symptoms of uremia, volume overload, hyperkalemia or acidosis become an issue or the eGFR drops below 6 mls/min. 29/05/2016


For non-combat situations, such as motor vehicle accidents, training accidents on the base, falls at home, and civilian acts of violence, the PHTLS guidelines described elsewhere in this manual apply. 09/01/2014

86% - new neck node atlas manuscript Guidelines Delineation of the neck node levels for head and neck tumors: 15/01/2017

86% - 5 Operational Details

OPERATIONAL Enactus Team Handbook • Academic Year Ending 2016 » 47 PARTICIPATING IN ENACTUS The following guidelines govern the activity and communication by This same flexibility applies to each team’s programmatic/outreach Enactus teams, Faculty Advisors, students and any other representatives efforts. 26/10/2015

84% - Adequacy of Evidence for Physical Activity

Adequacy of Evidence for Physical Activity Adequacy of Evidence for Physical Activity Guidelines Development: 25/04/2015

83% - Prone Position and

There are no specific guidelines on how to proceed in these circumstances. 11/10/2013

83% - Asthma Management for children

The asthma guidelines and strategies, nationally and worldwide, have focused on achieving control through careful assessment, education, environmental control, and therapeutic intervention. 28/07/2016