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Open Promenade position, holding inside hands, Lady Slightly forward from Gent. 26/10/2011

98% - pirata 2018 n handmade

pirata 2018 n handmade NORIMBERGA 2018 Art. 23/02/2018

96% - FM 22 5 Infantry Drill Regulatons 1943

(b) Using both hands.-Insert partially loaded clip into receiver.on follower with right hand by gripping the sides of clip S BASIC FIELD MANUAL with the thumb and middle finger and using the forefinger to' hold cartridges against lower lips of clip. 27/09/2010

96% - sea sheels 28p 32 i29 dance with me

1-8 1&2,3&4 5&6 7&8 Hands SHUFFLE FWD, SHUFFLE FWD, ½ TURN SHUFFLE SIDE, ½ TURN SHUFFLE SIDE Step fwd R, step L next to R, step fwd R, step fwd L, step R next to L, step fwd L Turn ¼ left stepping side R to face inside (ILOD), step L next to R, turn ¼ left stepping back on R Turn ¼ left stepping side L to face outside(OLOD), step R next to L, step side L Drop ladies left hand on count 5 and bring right hands over ladies head. 09/01/2012

96% - In your hands SS text

In your hands SS text In Your Hands Charlie Winston Mother I’ve ______________________________________ here So I can ______________________________ From this __________________ And when I ______________________________ I’ll _______________________________to you Father Give me___________________, I pray I have to _________________________ It’s _________________________________ pain I’m ____________________________ richer lives Where the___________________________ I’m __________________________ my Whole __________ In your hands I ______________________ my Whole __________ In your hands (x 2) Mister Please _____________________________________somehow You’ve kept me ____________________ And still I’m ____________________________________ And every time __________________________________________ “___________________________________________________” I’_____________________________ my Whole ___________ In your hands I’_________________________ my Whole ____________ In your hands (x2) Listen, Listen to me Mister, Mister You say ______________________________________ Don’t you know __________________________________ You say _________________________________________ But why am I so cursed for where I’m born You________________________________my Whole _____________________ In your hands I’_____________________ my Whole _________________ In your hands (x2) I’__________________________ my Whole ____________ In your hands I’____________________________ my Whole ____________ In your hands (x2) 25/03/2011


SPORTSLAND BEARN 40 HANDISPORT 6 handisport Du 16 Fév. 13/02/2015


PROGRAMME HANDI CAP 2018 À Tout Crin & 02/04/2018

95% - Breakdownlist marionroussel

Hands, Beating feets, Lovers' piggyback, Lady's dance -Hello Brooklyn- (2011) : 13/08/2012

95% - imperatives commands games 40600

1) Close your eyes 2) Smile with your eyes closed 3) Touch your left/right ear 4) Wiggle your fingers 5) Shake your body 6) Raise your right/left hand 7) Say “Hooray!” 8) Clap your hands two/three/four times 9) Stand up (Sit down) 10) Shake hands with the person on your right/left 11) Touch your nose with your right/left hand 12) Touch your left/right eye with your left/right hand 13) Say your name 14) Open/Close your English book 15) Take a pen with your right/left hand 16) Put your hands on your head 17) Don’t move 18) Laugh 19) Cry like a baby 20) Say “hello” to the person sitting next to you. 03/04/2020


Tango or Cha-Cha Tempo , Start Position:- Tandem Position Right Hands Joined At Lady's Right Hip, Left hands Extended Out To Left Side, Lady's steps same as mans unless noted Cha Tango - Dave Sheriff, Fast as you - Dwight Yokam, Addicted to Love Kimber Clayton 1-4 1-2 3-4 Step Slide, Step & 12/06/2011

94% - SomethingFine

16 SHUFFLE FORWARD, SHUFFLE FORWARD, ROCKING CHAIR 1&2 3&4 5-8 Chassé forward right, left, right Chassé forward left, right, left Rock right forward, recover to left, rock right back, recover to left ¼ TURN VINE RIGHT, BRUSH, STEP SIDE, CROSS BEHIND, ¼ TURN SHUFFLE FORWARD 1-4 Turn ¼ left and step right to side, cross left behind right, step right to side, brush left forward (ILOD) Hands release left hands & 06/02/2012