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100% - Acute Decomp Heart Failure

Acute Decomp Heart Failure Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: 03/08/2017

98% - English 2 Heart desperately wicked

Far away from Jesus we see nothing wrong with ourselves, but by steadfastly beholding Jesus we see the sinfulness of our wicked hearts, that only he can save us from! 10/04/2013

97% - PSWHRL34

PSWHRL34 IMPORTANT: Pack carefully in original package if possible. 28/11/2015

97% - lire

This form of healing treats, specifically, the heart, as God removes “rage form their hearts” [6]. 03/03/2013

94% - Codex Decium

II Ruler of the Darkness, Unhuman God, who you have pierced the universe with thy Crown, Destroyer, who you have inflamed our hearts with the cruel light. 15/01/2019

93% - biblio 15 travail 1

biblio 15 travail 1 Meeeting Report Received: 11/03/2015

92% - Valentines Menu 2011

Desserts Large Cookie Cut-Outs $1.50 Hearts, Sweet Hearts, Corsets, Broken Hearts, Lips, Cupids Small Cookie Cut-Outs $0.85 Hearts, Sweethearts, Broken Hearts, & 02/02/2012

91% - the true christmas

In fact, it is quite easy for me to believe because I see Jesus born in human hearts every day. 25/12/2012

90% - bienfaits des pierres

- Strengthens the hearts especially at confrontation. 03/08/2012

90% - WR1088

Cut 2 hearts from cardboard slightly smaller than crocheted heart, set aside. 08/08/2010