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100% - Peds0914 Hematuria

Peds0914 Hematuria An Evidence-Based Approach To The Management Of Hematuria In Children In The Emergency Department September 2014 Volume 11, Number 9 Authors Kathryn H. 29/09/2017

67% - biblio covid19 4

11/72 cases (15.3%) Anti-2019-nCoV Volunteers, Caution on Kidney Zhen Li et al Dysfunctions of 2019medRxiv nCoV Patients February 12nd, 2020 Kidney function among 63% (32/51) of the patients exhibited proteinuria, by dipstick analysis patients infected by SARS-CoV 2 9% (11/59) of the patients had increased plasma creatinine (>200 μmol/L in all 3 deceased patients ) Prospective cohort study of 701 patients with COVID19 admitted in a tertiary teaching hospital On admission, 43.9% of patients had proteinuria and 26.7% had hematuria. 26/03/2020

41% - Common Medical Terms sorted by Arabic

d/b/a HTH Worldwide English Medical resuscitation cold (low temp) adult oral hoarseness asymptomatic feces prostate sputum calf abdomen belly after bacteria impetigo hemorrhoids urine accidental anal cardiac geriatric insurance hematuria experimental eructation Down's Syndrome (Trisomy ēä) cosmetic sublingual analysis suppository transfer electrocardiography electroencephalography mental retardation phobia photophobia prolapse massage Page 5 of 16 01/11/2015

32% - nejmra Sickle Cell Disease

1563 The n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l Cardiothoracic System Left ventricular diastolic disease Venous sinus thrombosis Silent cerebral infarction (brain) Pulmonary hypertension Acute chest syndrome m e dic i n e Nervous System Hemorrhagic stroke (brain) Chronic restrictive lung disease of Reticuloendothelial System Acute ischemic stroke (brain) Splenic sequestration Proliferative retinopathy (eye) Orbital infarction (eye) Chronic pain Functional hyposplenism Dysrhythmias Anemia Cognitive impairment Sudden death Musculoskeletal System Hemolysis Urogenital System Gastrointestinal System Papillary necrosis Cholelithiasis Cholangiopathy Proteinuria Avascular necrosis Renal failure Hepatopathy Hematuria Mesenteric vaso-occlusion Nocturnal enuresis Priapism Leg ulceration (skin) Figure 2. 09/06/2017

25% - joi150012

Extracerebral hemorrhages included gastrointestinal, intraocular, and intramuscular hemorrhage and hematuria.23 Complications, either ischemic or hemorrhagic, were noted when requiring hospitalization. 17/06/2015