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100% - 7A.10 Rainforests of the Atsinanana

Rainforests of the Atsinanana (Madagascar) (N 1257) Year of inscription on the World Heritage List 2007 Criteria (ix) (x) Year(s) of inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger 2010 Threats for which the property was inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger a) Illegal logging of precious wood species(ebony and rosewood) b) Secundary impacts of the illegal logging c) Poaching of endangered lemurs Desired state of conservation for the removal of the property from the List of World Heritage in Danger A Desired state of conservation has not yet been set. 23/08/2011

99% - CGV

HERITAGE WHISKY 6 Rue Casimir Vincent 92700 COLOMBES Préambule 1- Prévention 2- Prix 3- Les modalités de paiement 4- Contrôles anti-fraude 5- Commande 6- Disponibilité 7- Annulation et modification de commande 8- Livraison et tarifs 9- Politique de retour 10- Force majeure 11- Réserve de propriété et propriété intellectuelle 12- Service Client et SAV 13- Règlement des litiges Préambule Les Conditions Générales de Vente visent à définir les modalités de vente entre HERITAGE WHISKY et l'utilisateur, effectuant un achat par le biais du site de vente en ligne 03/07/2014

97% - CGV Heritage Whisky

CGV Heritage Whisky CONDITIONS GENERALES DE VENTE RT&Co S.A.S Nom commercial: 03/01/2017

96% - Newsletter Mars 2013

      The  many  acBons  undertaken  by  European  Historic  Houses   follow   the   wish   list   and   the   interests   of   owners   of   historic   houses   even   more   effecBvely   and   conBnue   to   protect   our   European  heritage,  real  source  of  wealth. 15/03/2013

96% - Paper

Paper   GJIROKASTRA’S  CULTURAL  HERITAGE   from  communist  museum  city  to  UNESCO  world  heritage   Written by Marie LE DEVEHAT – student at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne With the support of Gjirokastra Foundation July 2015   1     Forewords From the top floor of the Ottoman style house called Zekate, I am watching the city of Gjirokastra. 14/09/2015

96% - CIMUSET 2017 Publication

Arabic Scientific and Technical Heritage 9 Jytte Thorndahl, The Danish Museum of Energy, Denmark……………………………………………………...…… 19 The green changeover of industrial society towards sustainability and energy saving ways of living Hartwig Lüdtke , Technoseum Mannheim, Germany…………………………….………………………………..……. 01/07/2019

96% - Paper FINAL

Paper FINAL GJIROKASTRA’S CULTURAL HERITAGE from communist museum city to UNESCO world heritage Written by Marie LE DEVEHAT – student at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne With the support of Gjirokastra Foundation This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Foundation or the University cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 30/10/2015

95% - meteorite auction

Foreground — the largest complete slice of the Abee meteorite (see lot 49116, page 90) Background — close-up of immense Allende slice with oldest matter mankind can touch (see lot 49004, page 11) Heritage Signature® Auction #6089 Meteorites October 14, 2012 | New York LIVE AUCTION Signature® Floor Session (Floor, Telephone, HERITAGE Live!,® Internet, Fax, and Mail) Ukrainian Institute of America at the Fletcher Sinclair Mansion 2 E. 29/09/2012

94% - NID katalog

NID katalog poland for world heritage poland for world heritage Introduction 1. 05/11/2015

94% - pone.0037887

Whites (N = 473) and Blacks (N = 250) from the HERITAGE Family Study; 01/03/2016

91% - inscription hotdog heightsok

Afin de valider votre inscription merci de joindre une photo en tenue soit avec votre courrier soit par mail à contact Page 1 / 2 Les inscriptions ne seront prises en compte que lorsque Heritage-Airsoft aura reçu ce formulaire d'inscription, votre photo et le règlement de 20 euros. 15/04/2013

91% - rx cw43

rx cw43 29/12/2013 Global electronic heritage manuals 29/12/2013 Global electronic heritage manuals 29/12/2013 Global electronic heritage manuals 29/12/2013 Global electronic heritage manuals 29/12/2013 Global electronic heritage manuals 06/12/2015

89% - Brochure CPRB 2015

The Rural Heritage Communes of Central Brittany This association was created in 1987 by mayors, worried about safeguarding and emphasizing the architectural and landscape heritage of their communes. 18/05/2017

89% - Catalogue modernité tunisienne ENG

Catalogue modernité tunisienne ENG Inauguration of the City of Culture A TUNISIAN MODERNITY 1830-1930 1830-1930 March 2018 A TUNISIAN MODERNITY 1830-1930 Exhibition at the City of Culture March 21st 2018 – June 15th 2018 Ministry of Cultural Affaires General Directorate of Heritage CATALOG CONTENTS The exhibition “A Tunisian Modernity” was conceived and carried out by a multifield team under the scientific direction of Professor Abdelhamid Larguèche, Director General of Heritage. 24/03/2018

88% - CIMUSET Kyoto Publication

What is sustainable scientific and technical heritage? 29/01/2021

88% - livraison BL

livraison BL HERITAGE WHISKY 6 rue Casimir Vincent 92700 Colombes (France) Tél : 21/01/2015

88% - ISCARSAH Webinar Mar 2021 (1)

(Mexico) Iscarsah International Scientific Committee on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage Earthquakes and Traditional Construction (Part 2) Traditional structures located in earthquake regions have seismic mitigation strategies as part of their original construction or past repair - knowledge gained from centuries of trial and error. 22/03/2021

86% - Montlhery 40 ans de la Bagheera 8 juin 2013 Bulletin d'inscription

Montlhery 40 ans de la Bagheera 8 juin 2013 Bulletin d'inscription AUTODROME HERITAGE FESTIVAL 2013 Anniversaire Matra Bagheera REGLEMENT et CONDITIONS GENERALES Engagement véhicule de collection : 03/11/2012

84% - Proposition Blue Horizons

UNESCO World Heritage, calesa ride, Ayala Museum, fine dining Breakfast at hotel 0900H : 10/10/2021

84% - Fernando de Noronha EN

Fernando de Noronha EN Fernando Fernando de Noronha (Brazil) World Natural Heritage Document made by a traveller who visitated the island on November 2012 and who wants to share her questions about its management by the Brazilian government of the Pernambuco state, and her suggestions… for a“CHEAP PRESERVATION PROGRAM” and for a “WORLD THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE RICH TO ENJOY IT” Document made on January 2014 texte An archipelago facing the Pernambuco state (Brazil) Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, 220 mi (354 km) offshore from the Brazilian coast. 17/06/2014

84% - invitation 12 juillet FHS

invitation 12 juillet FHS Denis de Kergorlay President de French Heritage Society Claude Martin Jean de Lambertye Président des Amis de Reigny Président de La Demeure Historique Louis-Marie et Béatrice Mauvais sont heureux de vous inviter à la remise officielle du prix French Heritage Society - Philadelphia and Dallas Chapters 2013, le samedi 12 juillet 2014, à 16 h 30 à l’Abbaye de Reigny. 25/06/2014

83% - 2014 SHP statement

Strategic heritage plan of the United Nations Office at Geneva New York, le 21 novembre 2014 Déclaration de M. 21/11/2014

82% - Portfolio Alexandrine Wadel ENG

Portfolio Alexandrine Wadel ENG PORTFOLIO WADEL Alexandrine Interior architect / HMONP architect / urban planner Heritage rehabilitation Project with the Institut des Métiers de la Ville (IMV) - Tana City Lab, Antananarivo | Decentralized cooperation between the region of Ilede-France, France, and the city of Antananarivo, Madagascar Project : 30/07/2018