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100% - tildren axial

tildren axial Efficacy of tiludronate in the treatment of horses with signs of pain associated with osteoarthritic lesions of the thoracolumbar vertebral column Virginie Coudry, DVM; 02/02/2019

99% - Horse Insurance

Individuals might need horse health insurance, horse mortality insurance, horse medical insurance, equine insurance, horse major medical insurance, horse life insurance, horses insurance, livestock insurance, horse liability insurance, horse farm insurance, equine liability insurance, and horse stable insurance. 17/11/2015

99% - quantitative assessment of 2 methods of tiludronate adm for navicular syndrome

quantitative assessment of 2 methods of tiludronate adm for navicular syndrome Quantitative assessment of two methods of tiludronate administration for the treatment of lameness caused by navicular syndrome in horses OBJECTIVE To determine effects of 2 tiludronate administration protocols on measures of lameness in horses with navicular syndrome (NS). 02/02/2019

99% - English Dokumentation VFD Symposium Reken N B dw

English Dokumentation VFD Symposium Reken N B dw TOURISMUS- UND REGIONALBERATUNG Berlin ▪ Hannover ▪ Eisenach SYMPOSIUM „TRAVELLING WITH HORSES IN EUROPE WITHOUT FRONTIERS“ Saturday, 31. 07/10/2014

98% - nature genetics melanomas

Leif Andersson1,2 In horses, graying with age is an autosomal dominant trait associated with a high incidence of melanoma and vitiligo-like depigmentation. 29/09/2018

98% - Feedback Clinic 2

It’s a wonderful way of being with my horses that leaves no bad taste in my mouth. 20/08/2011

98% - 1047753 opt


97% - a to z

There are theories 古の馬種のひとつと考えられている。現在世 Vladimir Petrovich Chamborant。 "Golden Horses".These horses are adapted to regarding the original ancestry of the Akhal- 界で約 3,500 のアハルテケが、トルクメニス アハルテケは通常体高 14.2 ハンド(144 cm) rough climatic conditions and are thought to be Teke, some dating back thousands of years. 11/01/2022

96% - Feedback Clinic 2

Suzanna is VERY keen to teach Milly and our other horses and donkey to play soccer. 20/08/2011

96% - Spillers Nutrition Insights Gastric Ulcers

Horses have evolved to eat little and often so their digestive system has evolved to continually secrete gastric acid into the stomach. 23/02/2013

96% - tildren navicular disease

Seventy-three horses, split into 2 subpopulations of recent and chronic cases, were enrolled to be followed-up over 6 months. 02/02/2019

95% - tildren locoreg

tildren locoreg Tiludronate concentrations and cytologic findings in synovial fluid after intravenous regional limb perfusion with tiludronate in horses Barbara G. 02/02/2019

95% - 7 Day Winners Horse Racing Review

7 Day Winners Horse Racing Review CEASE Wasting Time In addition to Money Painfully Selecting Losing Horses... 25/12/2014

95% - Horseback Riding Tours

The well-trained horses, the romance and the very special ambiance of cattle drive trips make it a wonderful experience. 24/10/2014

94% - EquicareUK V2

EquicareUK V2 RACE AND SPORT HORSES Recovery Rehabilitation Physical preparation and training Livery w w w . 21/11/2013

94% - Feedback Clinic 3

Please pass on to Donald that our horses say "thanks" 20/08/2011

94% - Feedback Clinic 4

I have owned donkeys and horses for many years, I have always tried to find a way to work together safely, so that we might enjoy each other’s company. 20/08/2011

93% - Owners

Hidden behind this stud name is Bernadette Lejeune, a horse-lover at heart, having chosen, despite market temptations, to retain a certain number of offspring for her own pleasure as the owner of highlevel horses. 03/12/2013

93% - 2012 NEWE Clinic

2012 NEWE Clinic Harmony in Horsemanship With International Clinician Donald Newe Are you searching for long lasting, stress-free and gentle solutions for timid, stubborn or aggressive horses? 09/05/2012