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10.1007@s10916-011-9814-y 100%

29 December 2011 # Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011 Abstract Emergency care is basically concerned with the provision of pre-hospital and in-hospital medical and/or paramedical services and it typically involves a wide variety of interdependent and distributed activities that can be interconnected to form emergency care processes within and between Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies and hospitals.


Dépliant Sanitaire COP22 Ang 2V 99%

01 • Mohammed VI University Hospital:


Asthma treatment 97% Asthma treatment and outcomes for children in the emergency department and hospital Rupali Drewek, Lucia Mirea, Peter Touresian &


Introducing Electronic Health Records in Democratic Republic of Congo 97%

Therefore we equip four academic hospitals with a server providing medical software, linked workstations in a local area network at the hospital and interconnections to the academic network Eb@le that interconnects seven universities in the country.


Dépliant Sanitaire COP22 esp 2V 96%

05, • Hospital Regional Multidisciplinario (CHR):


In-hospital Cardiac Arrest How 96%

Current Research a SciTechnol journal In-hospital Cardiac Arrest:


The Fondation de France 96%

La#Fondation#de#France# The$mission$of$the$Fondation$de$France$is$to$connect$donators$to$the$best$ projects$ of$ solidarity$ and$ medical$ research.$ Thanks$ to$ its$ 21$ programmes$ and$ the$ 775$ foundations$ under$ the$ auspices$ of$ the$ Fondation$ de$ France,$ 9000$projects$were$funded$in$2014$in$all$fields$of$general$interest:$the$fight$ against$ social$ precariousness,$ medical$ research,$ aid$ to$ children,$ culture,$ environment$and$others.$$$ Our$voluntary$committees$of$experts$consisting$of$400$of$the$bestGknown$specialists$in$each$field$of$ action$recognize,$select$and$follow$up$the$most$useful$and$innovating$projects.$ Pervasive$ Developmental$ Disorders$ (PDD)$ which$ include$ autism,$ affects$ between$ 300$000$ and$ 500$000$ people$ in$ France$ and$ one$ out$ of$ 150$ births.$ In$ spite$ of$ important$ progress$ in$ the$ comprehension$ of$ these$ disorders$ there$ still$ remains$ a$ lot$ to$ discover$ about$ typical$ cognitive$ development.$$ It$ is$ this$ observation$ that$ leads$ the$ Fondation$ de$ France$ in$ 1999$ to$ engage$ in$ support$ for$ Fundamental$ and$ Clinical$ Research$ on$ PDD.$ The$ primary$ aim$ was$ to$ help$ interdisciplinary$ research$ and$ enable$ all$ those$ interested$ in$ the$ study$ and$ treatment$ of$ the$ disorder$ (psychiatrists,$ psychoanalysts,$ geneticists,$ epidemiologists,$ neuroscientists)$ to$ share$ their$ experience$ and$ their$ research.$ Ten$ years$ on$ a$ component$ on$ the$ typical$ cognitive$ development$ in$ children$ was$ added$ to$ analyse$ typical$ situations$ and$ establish$ standards$ of$ reference$ to$ permit$ better$ understanding$ of$ these$ disorders.$$ In$ 2015$ the$ FdF$ confirms$ its$ support$ to$ research$ for$ autism$ by$ funding$ important$ collaborative$ research$projects$that$will$contribute$to$better$knowledge$of$pathological$and$typical$development$ and$the$mechanism$of$learning$observed$in$children$from$the$fœtus$to$adolescence.$$ The$ aim$ is$ to$ develop$ original$ and$ innovating$ research$ concerned$ with$ all$ aspects$ of$ cognitive$ development$ in$ children$ and$ adolescents$ to$ improve$ the$ diagnostic$ and$ treatment$ of$ autism$ disorders.$ The#Fondation#de#France$projects#cover#five#subjects#:# G G G G G The$ mechanisms$ of$ normal$ and$ pathological$neuroGdevelopment$ The$modelisation$of$cognitive$and$ learning$development$ The$ identification$ of$ biomarkers$ permitting$ early$ diagnosis$ of$ autism,$ the$ evaluation$ of$ the$ effectiveness$ of$ treatment$ and$ strategies$for$prevention$ Longitudinal$ studies$ and$ the$ follow$up$of$groups$ New$ strategies$ for$ therapy$ and$ /or$innovating$treatment$for$autism$ $ ©F.$Albert$ Our$ multidisciplinary$ committee,$ composed$ of$ 12$ $ specialists$ $ known$ for$ their$ work$ in$ the$ field$ of$ Autism$Spectrum$Disorder$(ASD)$and$cognitive$development$in$children$and$adolescents,$selects$the$ most$promising$and$innovating$projects.$ $ Members#of#the#Autism#Committee# The$ committee$ is$ presided$ by$ Prof$ Catherine$ Barthélemy,$ university$ professor,$ hospital$ practitioner,$ pedopsychiatrist$ and$ physiologist.$ Responsible$ for$ team$ 1,$ Inserm$ U$ 930$ «$Brain$ and$ Imagery$»$ CHU$ Bretonneau,$Tours.$ $ $ Members$:$ G G G G G G G G G G G Dr#Alexis#Arzimanglou,$associate$professor,$hospital$pratitioner,$Head$of$$Department$at$the$ Institute$ of$ Epilepsy$ in$ Children$ and$ adolescents,$ hospital$ WomenGMotherGChild,$ Civil$ hospices$of$Lyon,$Bron$ Dr# Christine# Cans,$ hospital$ practitioner,$ Head$ of$ the$ Department$ of$ Medical$ Information,$ Pôle$Santé$Publique,$CHU$Grenoble.$ Prof# David# Cohen,$ university$ professor,$ hospital$ practitioner$:$ Head$ of$ the$ Department$ of$ Psychiatry$for$children$and$adolescents,$hospital$group$PitiéGSalpêtrière,$Paris$ Prof# Christine# Deruelle,$ Director$ of$ Research$ CNRS,$ Timone$ Institute$ of$ Neuroscience,$ Marseille$ Dr#Jessica#Dubois,#in$charge$of$research,$unit$of$cognitive$neuroGimagery,$Inserm$U$992,$CEA$ Neurospin,$GifGsurGYvette$ Prof#Nicolas#Georgieff,#university$professor,$hospital$practitioner,$Head$of$the$Department$of$ Psychiatry$for$children$and$adolescents,$specialised$hospital$centre$le$Vinatier,$Villeurbanne$ Prof#Stéphane#Marret,university$professor,$hospital$practitioner,$Head$of$the$Department$of$ Reanimation$and$Neonatal$Pediatrics,$CharlesGNicolle$Hospital,$member$of$the$Inserm$ERI$28$ «$Neovasc$»$team,$Rouen$ Dr# Angela# Sirigu,# Director$ of$ Research,$ Director$ of$ the$ Neuropsychology$ team$ CNRS$ UMR$ 5229,$Centre$of$Cognitive$Neuroscience,$Bron$ Dr# Sylviane# Valdois,$ Director$ of$ Research,$ Director$ of$ the$ Laboratory$ for$ Psychology$ and$ Neurocognition$–$CNRS$UMR$5105,$Pierre$MendesGFrance$University,$Grenoble$ Dr# Laurent# Villard,# Director$ of$ Research,$ responsible$ for$ the$ human$ neurogenetic$ team,$ Inserm$UMR$S$910,$team$1,$Timone$Faculty$of$Medecine$,$Marseille$ Pr# Monica# Zilbovicius,$ $ Director$ of$ Research,$ Inserm$ U$ 797,$ CEA$ of$ Orsay,$ responsible$ for$ research$ in$ cerebral$ imagery$ of$ infantile$ development$ disorders,$ Necker$ Hospital$ –$ sick$ children,$Paris.$


Batergee interview 96%

INTERVIEW Engineer Sobhi Batterjee President of the Saudi German Hospitals Group “My passion to my work is the reason behind my success” “My mobile number is accessible to all hospital’s patients and visitors” L everaging on the extensive experience in the healthcare sector for more than 25 years, his incredible passion towards his work continue to be his driving force to pursue his Vision and discharge his duties as the chairman of the Saudi German Hospitals Group spread across the Arab World.


HNC new atlas 95%

Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany.


High Flow oxygen therapy-bronchiolitis 94%

persistent tachycardia, tachypnea, hypoxemia, and medical review triggered by a hospital early-warning tool).


Informe Gestion 6meses 94%

Queda constituida una sala de situación en el Hospital Rogelio Cortizo bajo la coordinación de técnicos de la Dirección Nacional de Epidemiología del Ministerio de Salud de la Nación y la asistencia de personal epidemiológico de Río Negro.


Epinephrine in Out-of-Hospital cardiac arrest NEJM 2018 94%

8 A Randomized Trial of Epinephrine in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest G.D.


Plataforma 93%

Helena Freitas1,2 1 2 – Universidade de Coimbra – Associação Blc.Ceres.2G – Plataforma para o Desenvolvimento da Região Interior Centro LNEG, Auditório Carlos Ribeiro, Alfragide, 29 de Setembro de 2010 Projecto Biorrefina‐Ter 9Introdução Objectivo: Requisito Energético Fóssil e Carbono Zero Porquê este projecto? Porquê em Oliveira do  Hospital?


Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome 92%

P⬍0.001).8 In a Swedish study of almost 4000 OHCA patients, there was marked variability in hospital outcomes after adjustment for prehospital factors, with survival varying from 14% to 42% in different centers.9 A US cross-sectional study of 109 739 patients indicated that hospital factors, including teaching status, size, and urban location, were associated with outcome in patients resuscitated from cardiac arrest10;


Peds0914 Hematuria 92%

Pade, MD Fellow, Division of Emergency Medicine, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Deborah R.


Acute cerebellitis- eleven year retrospective study 92%

There was no correlation between clinical manifestations and clinical score on admission and length of hospital stay, sex, age and EEG findings with sequelae (P >


SSC Point Prevalence Study Sepsis Protocol v7 92%

 The  Surviving  Sepsis   Campaign  Guidelines  have  become  the  gold  standard  for  sepsis  care  as  they  are  incorporated  into   hospital  protocols  and  regulatory  mandates  internationally.


Press release May 12th donation 91%

500 masks + Medicine Total value of K 590,000 for Beit Cure Hospital LAFARGE:


Hospital governance - Grégoire de la Lande d'Olce 91%

Grégoire de la LANDE d’OLCE HOSPITAL GOVERNANCE – Final thesis In what extent the French health care institution:


Altered Level Of Consciousness 91%

Associate Division Head, Division of Emergency Medicine, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Editorial Board Jeffrey R.


Inhaled Foreign Bodies In Pediatric Patients 91%

Associate Division Head, Division of Emergency Medicine, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Editorial Board Jeffrey R.


Surgical outcome measurement for a 91%

the Department of Surgery,b Massachusetts General Hospital;


CV Stephanie Piazza 91% EDUCATION AND FORMAL VETERINARY TRAINING 2010 - 2013 Residency in Veterinary Neurology (ECVN) Frégis Veterinary Hospital (Arcueil – France) Supervisor:


Fever and an Abdominal Mass 90%

The n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l of m e dic i n e Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital Founded by Richard C.