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Portfolio 100%

corporate identity design (logo creation, manual guide lines, mocks-up, etc.), visual communication (posters, ads, packaging, etc.), edition (catalogs, book covers, booklets, etc.), UI/UX design (design of apps for smartphone, design of icons, etc.), photography, and more...!


anglais assimilation 99%

Cultural Identity Gareth Johnson, a 64 year-old professor in history in the University of Harvard, is specialised in Emigrated Civilisation.


The third luxury 97%

The affirmation of luxury within the expression of our own identity (which tells us something about ourselves that would be stable, permanent).


References EN 97%

COMOROS ISLANDS Office of the Presidency responsible for Defense and Public Security e-Passport // Biometric Passport // Visa // Foreigner Residence cards // National identity card // Citizenship certificates DR CONGO Ministry of Transports / Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Driving License // Work permit // Artist cards Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Passport // Visa // Foreigner Residence Cards // National Identity Card // Biometric Border Verification GEORGIA Civil Registry Office of the Ministry of Justice / National Post Office / Ministry of Finance e-Passports // Postal Stamps // Excise stamps GUINEA-BISSAU LYBIA Ministry of Justice / Ministry of Internal Affairs / Ministry of Defense Passport // Foreigner Residence card // National identity card // Military card* and veteran card** // Staff card** Ministry of Internal Affairs, State civil service Civil Record:


GWD-Y2-Q1-11-12 97%



Trusted List LSTI SAS RGS V3.0 96%

LSTI COPYRIGHT LSTI SAS TRUSTED LIST 29/09/201714:18 TSP NAME RGS Level* AC Name service Certigna ID PRIS*** Pro *** Signature Certigna Authentification PRIS*** Pro *** Authentification Certigna Client Serveur * Authentification serveur Certigna Cachet Serveur * Cachet Certigna Cachet serveur (messagerie) * Cachet Certigna SSL PRIS * Authentification serveur Certigna Identity CA * Confidentialité FR03 - Certigna Cachet Serveur * Cachet Certigna Identity CA * Authentification et signature Certigna Identity CA * Confidentialité Certigna Identity CA * Authentification et signature Certigna Identity Plus CA ** Certigna Identity Plus CA *** Authentification Certigna Identity Plus CA *** Signature Certigna Identity Plus CA ** Certigna Identity Plus CA *** Authentification Certigna Identity Plus CA *** Signature Certigna Services CA * Authentification serveur - Serveur Certigna Services CA * Authentification serveur - Client Certigna Entity CA * Cachet Certigna Entity CA * Cachet Certigna Entity CA ** Cachet Certigna Entity CA ** Cachet Certigna Entity Code Signing CA * Cachet Certigna Entity Code Signing CA ** Cachet Certigna Wild CA * Authentification serveur DOCUSIGN France * TSP French regulation oid Authentication &


Conference Programme Politics and Poetics of Belon 95%

Causes of and Solutions to Fractures in Libyan People’s Identity Discussion Lunch SESSION 4 09:00—09:20 09:40—10:00 10:00—10:20 Chairperson:


Horde Player's Guide 95%

PRINTED IN CHINA Designation of Product Identity:


Anarcholiberal-16p-A5-pageparpage 94%

Contre l’anarcho-libéralisme et la malédiction des Identity politics Against Anarcho-Liberalism and the curse of identity politics, publié le 25 novembre 2018.



These guidelines should be followed to give JCI a global uniform corporate identity, greater visibility and powerful marketing possibilities.


Mental-Dialectica05 93%

It is argued that (a) token identity is sufficient for mental causation, that (b) token identity implies a sort of functional reduction, but that (c) nonetheless functional, mental properties can be causally homogeneous despite being multiply realizable:


Shaping Identity- Male and Female Interactions in Cinema 92%

University of South Florida Scholar Commons Graduate Theses and Dissertations Graduate School January 2012 Shaping Identity:


Grivell Clegg Roxburgh 2014 92%

Mortimer House, 37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH, UK Identity:


Présnetation de Baskin Oran Conférence du 17 Juin 2011 91%

An attribute of the Nation, Nation meaning that the source of sovereignty is temporal, instead of spiritual (God) Identity « « Infra identity:


PS PPE Symfony 91%

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IBHM 159-182 91%

7.1 Identities An identity is a result or equality that holds true regardless of the value of any of the variables within it.



The local government approached our agency to create its visual identity.


10826084.2011.592432 88%

cultural identity had no direct effects, but a secondary model showed that social support and protective family and peer influences were related to cultural identity.


Marie Louise Riel-1 88%

Quoting Chris Andersen, Petersen posits the need for political maturation to secure a “real” peoplehood, with the most extreme consequence that, for Petersen, the “Métis Nation of Ontario” would amount to a “misappropriation” of the term “Métis” per the descendants of mere “Half breeds.” A similar social-evolutionary approach to Métis identity seems to inform the work of Darren O’Toole, who distinguishes the “passage” from métis/identity to Métis/nationality along a teleological spectrum, placing at its apex a metaphysical embodiment of a nationalistic Métis “Geist” capable of subjective desires and even “agency” (O’Toole 2013).


IBM Business Partner Guide 87%

APPLICATIONS IDENTITY LEARN MORE THREAT INTELLIGENCE IBM SaaS for service providers Security solutions provided as a service enable MSPs and CSPs to offer enterprise-class products to smaller organizations that they may not otherwise be able to afford or operate.


Maxime Dreno portfolio 2014 86%

I chose Kenzo for its philosophy and multicultural identity.


PORTFOLIO - Marie Visonneau (small) 86%

marie visonneau Graphic designer Designer Diploma / project manager / Master degree identity La Ressourcerie de l’île team project of two for an association « La Ressourcerie de l’île» is an association which collects and sells objects still usable but became useless for their owners.


book10 86%

HTML/CSS INTEGRATOR 2013 – Today (2 years) August 2011 – November 2013 (2 years 4 months) SLNEE COMPANY | SAUDI ARABIA WEB AGENCY CALYOS-FRANCE | TUNISIA + 2D Concept + Flash-Design + Brand Identity Design + Graphic / Web Design + Executed designs for both print and digital projects + Digital Marketing + Web Design + Graphic design + update websites + Brand Identity Design + Logo creation + Concept Design + Integration HTML / XML / CSS.


THF Nation Process 86%

This book gathers the process, the thinking, the evolution, the creation of what I have been working on during the “Corporate Identity” class of the summer semester 2016.


N LAUNAY commentaires eiD interoperability 85%

-Reliable and proofed identification while complying with eiDAS level 2 requirements for a controlled registration process, reliable identity proofing process and delivery conditions which mechanism can be assumed that it is delivered only into the possession of the person to whom it belongs.