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•breedcards gastero 100%

At the end of its move, if the Big Bourgogne shows the Snailbomb special side, it immediatly explodes.


AWG spaghetti safetydatsheeta 78%

- Some risk may be expected at temperature - 350 °C for emission of noxious compounds (HF and COF2) which are extremely corrosive and can cause severe burns not immediatly visible.


•evocards gastero 74%

if it’s the Snailbomb, it immediatly explodes.


Em-1 help to cure wounds V1 74%

I'm immediatly sprayed the wounds with EMAS which I use to clean my bathroom.


Master thesis - Stacked gender prediction from tweet texts and images - Arthur Sultan (1) 53%

The police then used those informations and was able to immediatly identify and arrest the real outlaw [6].


EDDM 28%

If the conditions under a) or b) no longer apply, radar and/or vertical separation will be provided immediatly.