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Discitis1 88%

Antibiotics were given in 11 cases and but no immobilization was used.


Hss Recycling 66%

Machine Tool Recyclers Inc.


Diagnostique electrique Dyna 2007 61%

● Security and immobilization functions.


Discitis3 61%

Treatment has largely been empiric and has historically included bedrest, external immobilization, and antibiotics.


FM 8-50 Splints, Appliances, and Bandages 1940 59%

FOR ___-__ Paragraph 1 Page 1 TRANSPOR- General -- ______________________ 2 Army hinged half-ring thigh and leg splint __--- __-_------------------3 4 Splint strap, adjustable traction_.__ 5 Splint support and footrest_-_______ Immobilization for transportation of 6 major fractures of lower extremity_ Emergency treatment and transportation of fracture of spine-_______ 7 Wire ladder splint_ -…______-______ 8 Thomas splint, arm-hinged_---__-_ 9 Basswood splint -_--_--____ -_______ 10 Prevention and early treatment of 2 2 4 4 9 12 14 15 18 11 18 General ------------------------ _-Definitive treatment of fractures___ Balkan frame _______-- -____--._____ Skin traction ----------- --------__ Steinmann extension apparatus____ Skeletal suspension and traction_____ Wire apparatus -__-____ ____--___--_ Skeletal fixation of proximal and distal fragments ____---- ___--- _____ Attachment Pierson ------ _-------_ Cabot splint --_--_----.


doc fZ6 56%


Main report 6 52%

The obtained results demonstrated that, in addition to the adsorption to the reactive sites, ion exchange with Ca(II) and the precipitation as metal carbonates were possibly involved as effective immobilization mechanisms, especially for Pb(II) and Cu(II).


Poster II - How to prevent and treat Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - A medico-social emergency - A tewnty years experience - Hamonet. Manicourt 51%

mattresses, memory foam seat or back cushions, plantar ortheses, lumbar belts, shoulder scarf, knee, elbow, wrist, hand and fingers ortheses, specially developed for EDS compression garments, K-taping, elastic bands after sprains to avoid immobilization favoring dysproprioception.


Berkerly rapid compost 39%

in this process, the ratio of carbon to other elements is brought into balance, thus avoiding temporary immobilization of nutrients.


competitive advantage 30%

Distribution channels must also be more efficient and take into account the characteristics of the products, for example, if the product is fragile it must be handled with care during transport of the products must be well calculated to occur fewer unpredictable situations, such as immobilization product for a longer period of time because instead of air travel, a ground transportation by the choice of company.


Nutrition for critically ill patients 30%

Unless such patients are provided with macronutrients in the form of enteral or parenteral nutrition, they accumulate an energy deficit that rapidly reaches proportions that contribute to lean-tissue wasting and that are associated with adverse outcomes.1 The catabolic response to acute critical illness is much more pronounced than that evoked by fasting in healthy persons, since the energy deficit in acutely ill patients is often superimposed on immobilization and pronounced inflammatory and endocrine stress responses.


Mekki et al. IJAPR (2014) 29%

The total nitrogen consists largely of organic nitrogen which decreases over time either through immobilization otherwise via mineralization by microorganisms (Hachicha et al., 2008).


Management of Pulmonary Embolism ESC 2014 28%

VTE is considered to be ‘provoked’ in the presence of a temporary or reversible risk factor (such as surgery, trauma, immobilization, pregnancy, oral contraceptive use or hormone replacement therapy) within the last 6 weeks to 3 months before diagnosis,14 and ‘unprovoked’ in the absence thereof.