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100% - Dr Salama Inside Dentistry 2012 Impacted Canine

Dr Salama Inside Dentistry 2012 Impacted Canine CONTINUING EDUCATION Inside Implants Periodontics RESTORATIVE Extraction of an Impacted Maxillary Canine with Immediate Implant Placement Impaction can cause a number of detrimental conditions, often necessitating their removal. 23/11/2014

80% - traduction CP EdM typhon Philippines

These days, close to ten million inhabitants, including four millions children are impacted by this disaster. 28/11/2013

77% - English petition Galderma

550 jobs impacted - more than 100 jobs impacted in Paris - closure of the industrial production site in Switzerland - and jobs affected in Sweden Galderma was established in 1981 as a dermatology-focused, Swiss-based joint-venture between Nestlé and L’Oréal. 27/10/2017

75% - PhD Morphodynamics BaieDeSomme M2C LOG

Coastal areas are strongly impacted by climate change (e.g., sea level rise, changes in storm regimes), which leads to changes in the frequency and intensity of flooding as well as coastline retreat. 07/05/2022

68% - Statement by the Hon. Minister of Finance on COVID 19 27th March 2020 Approved by the Hon.Minister 09hour.docx

The reduction in merchandise trade has impacted negatively on revenues particularly for commodity exporting economies. 27/03/2020


When I talk about the globalization as a project, I should be talking about very fantastic operation, what’s impacted almost the world, but a large part of human being was ignorant for this side of their daily life. 13/03/2014

58% - Resume T.LEBLANC Mktg intern Nest

I created a new Business Model enabling RATP to tenth the number of customers impacted by its service. 15/09/2014

58% - EMS 2010

Given the economic turmoil and market uncertainty during this past year we hope to offer some perspective, (less hype) on how these factors have impacted the European housing sector. 26/02/2011

56% - Delannoy ISAN2015 PosterDownload

Autonomic activity during NREM3 sleep is impacted by pre-sleep emotional information. 23/09/2015

55% - SWAN Covid Article Tbwa Zambia. PDF

Suffice to say, the local industries, SMEs and policy holders did not foresee the COVID19 related risks that have negatively impacted businesses. 29/06/2020

54% - Mr DEGRE Speech @ R.E. Conference 27 Oct 2020

More than others, the African continent is impacted by climate change. 12/11/2020

53% - Mooring Integrity LE BEON MANUFACTURING DOT 2014 79

An “issue” can be a mooring system damage (only one line impacted, no direct consequence to production) or a mooring system failure (two or more lines impacted, causing production shut down and potentially damages to riser system). 10/11/2014

53% - vog anglais II

Global warming is human made Finding Conclusion, résultat To release communiquer Global warming Réchauffement de l'atmosphère Oceanography Océanographie Evidence Preuve To impact Avoir un impact sur Arround the globe Sur tout le globe To remove Dissiper, chasser, écarter, supprimer To close their ears to Refuser d'écouter Compelling Convaincant To simulate Simuler Ahead En tête Supplies Les réserves Impacted by Percuté par Melting Dégel To sign up S'engager, s'inscrire à XXIII. 09/05/2012

53% - Global Luxury Real Estate 2013

- Changes to tax laws impacted some prime property markets in 2013, but in general these laws have had little impact outside of Asia and France. 24/04/2014

53% - PressRelease Toques & Clochers Auction 2012 Results

Then, of course, there are the regular customers, of whom an import company from the Netherlands which made a hit (20 barrels), the institutional… And finally Brazil, which impacted of all its strength on this 23rd edition! 04/04/2012

52% - ccoiv

Approximately one-third of CCOs (34%) report that consumer attitudes toward the environment impacted their job during the past two years. 30/01/2014

52% - NetExplo Talent Forum Final synthesis 20180304

aspect Chatbots are the beginning of what can be done in customer relations, but everything cannot be replaced by robots The communication between collaborators will be impacted: 04/03/2018

50% - b2b buyers survey

While Slideshare, Pinterest, Instagram and Quora also impacted that process, they did so to a lesser extent. 06/09/2017

49% - CNRS report

The hydrodynamics of the roads of Villefranche-sur-Mer is impacted by the Ligure current which circulates from East to West. 12/10/2017

48% - correction lab 1.7 2

    Only the boss of the company has a direct line No answering machine features Users cannot put a call on hold Users have to user their own solutions for conferencing Also, your IT Budget is impacted by the cost of the phone services and the maintenance contract from the PABX provider. 31/03/2011

47% - Energy Conference Amb Remarks 2020


47% - Thesis summary (Financial...clubs) Michel Lukasiewicz

We witness how the Bosman ruling positively impacted the players’ mobility during transfers and increased the exchanged amounts of money. 30/12/2014

47% - WI Iguana Husbandry Manual complete

In situ headstart facilities have been constructed for those taxa for which juvenile survival is severely impacted by introduced predators, and facilities are currently raising hatchlings for release on Grand Cayman, Anegada, Mona, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. 14/03/2012


Their habitats are slowly impacted by the rising waters. 03/06/2018

47% - Russian grammar

Such a massive influx of new lexical items has impacted areas of the phonological system of CSR, especially in terms of consonant palatalization (cf. 04/06/2013