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100% - 160308 ERFA Rail Freight Corridors

empowered Rail Freight Corridors to handle capacity planning and improve operations In our view, RFCs will not achieve the expected results as long as they are not empowered to influence the national infrastructures in the interest of optimised international freight traffic. 08/03/2016

99% - BDO Digital Presentation & Roadshows

Rethink the customer experience • How can you improve the experience that the customers have when they buy or use your products and services? 01/09/2016

98% - ITIL V3 Application Support

Increasingly, IT organizations are seeking to improve the quality of the services that they provide to the business. 16/06/2011

95% - 723mods uk CF media

To improve on the existing casework, we need to dampen the resonances of the base and top cover of the chassis to make it less susceptible to outside influences. 03/06/2014

95% - Duke Peterson Vision Without Glasses eBook

30 Vision exercises to improve your eyesight ................................... 02/05/2016

95% - Coaching Productivity Singapore

We are a professional productivity improvement consultancy with specialitie About Us Talent Continuity enable businesses to multiply operations productivity and improve business profitability. 01/05/2018

94% - Management of acute asthma exacerbations

statistics, there is a clear opportunity for utilizing quality improvement science to reduce variation, minimize costs, and improve outcomes. 28/07/2017


identify the BP treatment target of less than 140/90 mmHg for the majority of patients, simplify treatment strategies and encourage pill reduction, decrease therapeutic inertia, improve patient empowerment, and involve healthcare systems and reduce the prevailing focus on drug costs in many healthcare systems. 09/06/2016

94% - anglais61

If the team realizes processes allow them to improve their own work, then processes are not busywork. 04/03/2017

93% - Ferrari Bravo IJSM 2007 sprint vs interval training in soccer

Furthermore, as this test included shuttle sprints, the muscular contractions required for decelerating and to reaccelerate body mass may potentially be beneficial to improve muscular power and the ability to change direction [28]. 15/04/2011

93% - [3]

These results provide evidence that LSVT1BIG is an effective technique to improve motor performance in patients with PD. 22/02/2017

93% - CV EN Ian Guillot interactive

1 year October 2012 to October 2013 Methods Engineer (Wroclaw, Poland) Wood industry – Garden furniture Production for Eden Side Group Deployment of LEAN solutions in order to increase the production results, improve the quality, and industrialize new products with proper standards. 20/01/2016

92% - diabete 2 article

To help health practitioners choose the best clinical tool to improve their patients’ sleep without detrimentally affecting glucose regulation, this Review critically analyses the effects of common treatments for insomnia and OSA on both sleep and glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes. 25/01/2018

92% - 10 0001

In particular, our shared, increasingly urgent, worldwide concern over global climate change is causing many to be far more accepting of potential limitations to physical mobility just as we stand on the threshold of rapid advances in physical mobility that can contribute dramatically to social mobility in societies all over the world and thereby improve the well-being of billions of people. 25/05/2011

92% - SEMCO IC Press Release (en) 352522

it can beneficially improve the surface roughness resulting in an improvement of the performance of the engine and extend the service interval frequency of modern combustion engines. 22/11/2019

92% - Derma Plantae en

The international team in our company can facilitate the communication among various parties and improve the process of the international brand promotion. 16/03/2015

92% - Start Silhouette Slimming Program Start Silhouette A result-oriented wet thermal holistic treatment PROTOCOL • Designed to improve the appearance of cellulite, and perfected in French thalassotherapy centres, Start Silhouette effectively treats cellulite and is a non-invasive remineralizing method for producing longer lasting cellulite improvement. 07/05/2012

91% - tildren navicular disease

The lower dose failed to significantly improve the condition. 02/02/2019

91% - WASPmod manual

WASP mod offers a number of improvements and tweaks which improve performance. 07/05/2011

91% - 201512 Office Market Update 2015 Q4 COLLIERS

economic climate Encouraging signs for 2016 Change in GDP in France and the Greater Paris Region (%) Growth expectations improve >T  here was a 1.1% increase in French growth over 2015, a marked improvement compared with 2014: 12/05/2016