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100% - Pedersen CTF Introduction Agritechnica2011 Forum

Jeff Tullberg, Australien Böden sind überbelastet Soils are over-stressed bar 3 Druck 0,4 m Tiefe Stress 0.4 m depth 2,5 2 1,5 1 0,5 0 1930 1940 1980 2006 2006 80 80 80%, 80%, wheeled 80% wheeled befahren // / wheeled Rädern Rädern 60 60 0% 0% 40 40 40% 40% 20 20 00 80% 80% 00 20 20 Pflanzendecke crop cover Abfluss / runoff mm Verbessertes Wassermanagement Improved water management 40 40 60 60 80 80 100 100 Regen / rain, mm Australien: 22/11/2011

99% - PhysRevA.84.025401

The comparison between numerical results from our improved semiclassical model and the quantum-orbit theory shows a good agreement for small values of the Keldysh parameter γ , implying the important role of the inherent quantum tunneling effect in HATI dynamics. 01/09/2011

93% - pb moteur 4.2

V8/V10 engines S6 V10 BXA 008214 improved for Parts A6 V8 BVJ 027981  WAUZZZ4F2AN084338 V8 BVJ  028181  WAUZZZ4E8AN009263 V10 BSM  improved for Parts Audi S5 V8 CAUA 023205 WAUZZZ8T6AA079621 Audi Q7 V8 BAR  045611  WAUZZZ4L3AD029002 A8 On the V6 engines the pipe processing was changed from the following engine numbers: 12/05/2015

90% - Motor CAD v5

· BPM Interior magnet rotors (IPM) · Slotless Winding Geometry · Housed BPM Outer Rotor · BPM Outer Rotor Axle mounting · Sensitivity Analysis – multi-parametric and linked solving with improved graphing capabilities. 02/02/2014

88% - gastrointestinal hormone after bariatric surgery

While massive weight loss undoubtedly plays an important role in consolidating the long-term anti-diabetic impact of bariatric surgery, the role of the altered hormonal gut milieu is now known to be integral to improved glucose homeostasis. 24/06/2018

88% - ONDE CHOC bjsm

During 1 year all scores improved significantly. 06/06/2014

86% - FP 269 Coating for improved inner cleanliness 328784

FP 269 Coating for improved inner cleanliness 328784 COATING FOR IMPROVED INNER CLEANLINESS Author: 22/11/2019

85% - smt et sciatique 1

The proportion of patients, “improved” or “worse,” was calculated for each treatment. 10/06/2015

84% - Shell Spirax S6 GXME TDS

KEY BENEFITS ✓ Reduced friction for improved fuel efficiency ✓ Exceptional wear, pitting and corrosion protection for longer transmission life ✓ Longer oil-drain interval for reduced maintenance costs and better value ✓ All-climate, year-round performance SHELL’S ULTIMATE, SYNTHETIC MANUALTRANSMISSION AND GEAR OIL Shell Spirax S6 GXME is a unique, fuel-efficient and long-life oil designed to provide the ultimate protection for the latest, heavy-duty manual transmissions and gears. 15/01/2013

84% - 68RifleSection 160 201

Redesigned two-lever system puts the sear engagement point at the backside of the hammer for improved leverage that lightens pull weight to approximately 1.5 or 2.5 lbs. 29/10/2015

83% - whats new in arcgis 10

113 New and improved geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS 10 . 22/06/2012

82% - Jobprofile 2016 Uganda DANIDA

Voice and Accountability – Citizens’ engagement for improved service delivery. 14/01/2016

82% - Helgerud MSSE 2001 Aerobic Training in soccer

b) lactate threshold oxygen uptake (V improved from 47.8 ⫾ 5.3 mL·kg⫺1·min⫺1 to 55.4 ⫾ 4.1 mL·kg⫺1·min⫺1 (P ⬍ 0.01); 15/04/2011

81% - Organic Acid Premix

- Improve digestive safety - Improving the quality of manure and bedding - Lower production of ammonia - Improved growth - In hens: 06/01/2016

81% - BMW icom next

Improved Functionality and Performance ü Gbit workshop LAN, backwards compatible ü Preparation for Gbit LAN on vehicle OBD (cars do not yet support this and interface not yet defined, ICOM Next hardware adaptation will be necessary for future Gbit car interface, will cause adaptation costs) ü Faster start-up times and high throughput ü Through high-performance, low-power ARM SoC ü Improved handling: 18/04/2016

79% - Anthonin de Rouvray Resume

• Created and improved termsheet generators in VBA for the Solutions for Private Banking Sales. 29/09/2013

79% - mathgen 2098536964

Smith [7] improved upon the results of P. 01/11/2017

78% - CS SeamanCorporation

“We also deploy this mobile solution to our replenishment warehouses in select locations throughout the country, so that we can track inventory at remote facilities.” Delivering Mobility for More Inventory Control “The Janam XP20 provided many improvements over legacy systems, including newer technology, speed, better screens and improved memory.” — David Thacker Satellite Forms Workers easily adopted this new mobile computer, and Seaman Corporation’s inventory and shipping processes improved with the new Janam XP20 handhelds. 12/06/2012

78% - Gopro Suppliers Uk

Featuring improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates, HERO4 Silver takes award winning GoPro performance to a whole new level. 29/04/2016

78% - Case360 Datasheet

Leverage applications and content and process management through reusable business services Deliver improved business agility while ensuring discipline for human-centric, content-enabled, and service-oriented business processes Organizations have a huge challenge in bringing together information, people, and the tools needed to work effectively and efficiently. 01/02/2011

77% - Vitalac Vitacid porc GB

pH2 AI Piglets and porkers Farrowing Weaning 21 or 28 d 70 d 180 d Liquid Vitacid or Digestable or Vitacidex Dry Benefits Ensure a healthy balance of the intestinal flora • Promote the enzymatic activity (Lowering of urine pH) • Feed decontamination by a bactericidal action • Hygienization of water and feed • Stimulation of water consumption • Improved protein digestibility • Controlled of intestinal and Double uro-genital flora • Improved feed intake zootechnical pH2 pH4 Dose effect Objective : 06/01/2016

77% - [2]

Measures of motor performance were equally improved by LSVT-BIG and AOT-SP but high-intensity LSVT-BIG was more effective to obtain patient-perceived benefit. 22/02/2017

76% - SEMCO IC (en) 333046

SEMCO IC (en) 333046 COATINGS F I LT R AT I O N FEEDING SYSTEMS M E LT S H O P R E F R AC TO R I E S SEMCO* IC Inner Cleanliness Coatings for the latest engine technology M E TA L LU R G I CA L A N D P O U R I N G C O N T R O L BINDERS CRUCIBLES SEMCO* IC Coatings providing improved inner cleanliness for latest engine technology Introduction Today the influence of a coating applied at a thickness of about 3 human hairs goes way beyond the actual cast component; 22/11/2019

76% - 723mods uk CF media

If you wish to employ a dedicated regulator for the dac, this can be easily done but no real benefit will result sonically as the improvements to the regulator and power supplies have already improved the power supply impedance. 03/06/2014