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Jades Topic 100%

Increase Physical Attack and Physical Defense •AGI Jade :


BCIRA Vanadium in cast irons 91%

In grey irons-Vanadium contents up to about 0.5 per cent are very effective for increasing the tensile strength-an increase of 0.


boyfriend-sweater-pdf (1) 86%

set of 5, US 6 Crochet hook, US size F Optional lining fabric, 1/4 yard Optional button Stitch holders and markers increase row, until you reach 58 (66 ~ 78 ~ 90) sts.


SchlenkerWalker Airports 2012 85%

Reed Walker♠ October 2012 Abstract Network delays originating from large airports in the Eastern United States increase runway congestion in California, which in turn increases daily pollution levels around California airports.


4-Carboni-JNeurosci-2001 81%

21 RC141 1 of 4 Cocaine and Amphetamine Increase Extracellular Dopamine in the Nucleus Accumbens of Mice Lacking the Dopamine Transporter Gene Ezio Carboni,1 Ce´cile Spielewoy,2 Cinzia Vacca,1 Marika Nosten-Bertrand,2 Bruno Giros,2 and Gaetano Di Chiara1 Department of Toxicology and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Center for Neuropharmacology, University of Cagliari, 09126 Cagliari, Italy, and 2Neurobiology and Psychiatry Faculte´ de Medicine de Creteil, 94000 Creteil, France 1 Behavioral and biochemical studies suggest that dopamine (DA) plays a role in the reinforcing and addictive properties of drugs of abuse.


201700001235 Moro C 81%

In our MPTP monkey model, which showed a clear loss in striatal dopaminergic terminations, PBM generated a striking increase in striatal ­TH+ cell number, 60% higher compared to MPTP monkeys not treated with PBM and 80% higher than controls.


1109.4859v1 79%

Both causes of price increase, speculative investment and ethanol conversion, are promoted by recent regulatory changes—deregulation of the commodity markets, and policies promoting the conversion of corn to ethanol.


Global Advertising Update Q12012 77%

and 3 percent in the U.K.—In the U.S., ROI increased by 11 percent year on year indicating there is room to increase search spend.



ADELIE JULLIEN RESUME 1 EXPERIENCE A COMMUNITY MANAGER (PART-TIME) ANGLOINFO - TOKYO  |  SINCE JUL 2016 J Create daily social media posts on Facebook Creation of pictures for sponsored posts ADÉLIE JULLIEN JOB SEEKER COMMUNITY MANAGER (INTERNSHIPS) ANGLOINFO - SEOUL   |  MAR 2017 - SEP 2017 ANGLOINFO - TOKYO  |  MAR 2016 - JUN 2016 Social media marketing  to increase follower's interest Moderate social media channels  Create daily social media posts  Promotion of the company MARKETING ASSISTANT (INTERNSHIP) CHINA LINGUIST - CHENGDU  |  MAR 2015 - JUN 2015 ABOUT ME Social media marketing  to increase follower's interest Business development Market research for the local translation market  SALES ASSISTANT (STUDENT JOB) C&A LUXEMBURG  | JUL 2010 - FEB 2016 20 October 1992 Customer advisor, Storage, Cashier  Passionate about watercolor and crafts  Interested in cosmetics particularly K-beauty


NRJED111218EN P849 V. Juillet 75%

It is the ideal solution to increase the quantity of digital Inputs and Outputs of any existing IEC 61850 protection device.


Teranet E 151112 75%

The Teranet–National Bank National Composite House Price IndexTM rose 0.1% in October, a tenth increase in a row.


184 74%

Decoronation is a technique developed in 1984 to remove ankylosed teeth and increase marginal bone levels in young, growing individuals.



• ch – chain (UK=chain) • mr – magic ring (UK=magic ring) • sc – single crochet (UK=double crochet) • dc – double crochet (UK= treble crochet) • sl – slip stitch (UK=slip stitch) • inc(sc) – increase in single crochet (UK=increase in double crochet) • dec(sc) – decrease in single crochet


Anglais EPP 2013-2014 74%

Many of the ecological characteristics in the Mediterranean Sea are under threat (see summary information for GES Descriptors above), with over 20% of the known species under threat, and will likely increase given that currently undescribed species will be added in the future and a large proportion of species are either not assessed or assessed as Data Deficient (an issue in itself).


TPP 74%

Increase read GDP by $42.7 billion, or 0.15 percent;!


201512 Office Market Update 2015 Q4 COLLIERS 73%

outlook Does the end-of-year increase in 2015 bode well for 2016?


bielleF1hond 73%

bielleF1hond Development of Hollow Titanium Connecting Rod Sadami MINATO* Ken MIZOGAWA* ABSTRACT It is necessary to reduce the reciprocating mass in order to increase the engine speed and power of Formula One engines.



Three-point bending tests on short beams showed an increase in resistance to shear stresses by increasing the crosslinking of the resin induced by the heat treatment.


WINE SEARCHER 27 07 2017 72%

While US exports might have softened, imports rose in the first four months of the year, with a 2 percent volume lift and a 6 percent increase in value compared to the same period last year.


100907 SUD-AFP pensions en 72%

They also refer to an increase in the number of people eligible for retirement, even though the current system could perfectly well cater for that increase, as it has catered for similar rises in the past.


100907 SUD-AFP pensions en CORR 72%

They also refer to an increase in the number of people eligible for retirement, even though the current system could perfectly well cater for that increase, as it has catered for similar rises in the past.


Belfrey 72%

ch (chain) SC (single crochet) HDC (half double crochet) DC (double crochet) INCR (increase) DCR (decrease) Materials:


DeKorvin systeme eval optique 2014 71%

– An increase of more than 2 degrees in any one gibbosity or in the sum of the gibbosities (in either of the two examination positions) enabled the detection of a five-degree increase in the Cobb angle with a sensitivity of 86% and a specificity of 50%.


Industry Program Panel 71%

In this perspective, analysing the potential security risk appears to always increase in complexity due to the new information system possibilities and ongoing development of the critical infrastructures in the sectors such as finance, healthcare, transport, energy or army.