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DAN Gold Catalysis 100%

•  Relativistic mass increases as velocity approaches c •  Increased mass results in decreased Bohr radius •  Contracted 6s orbital better shields (expands) 5d orbital • Faster • Heavier • Nearer Relativistic contraction of 6s orbital Filled 5d orbital Filled 4f orbital 79Au Gorin, D.


Armstrong 2006 Nutritional strategies for football Counteracting heat, cold, high altitude and jet lag 99%

Regarding lipid metabolism, the concentration of plasma free fatty acids rises (probably due to effects of increased catecholamines and suppressed insulin) during the later stages of a contest, with only a minor increase of plasma glycerol (Shephard, 1999).


Global Advertising Update Q12012 99%

Search spend increased year over year 16 percent in the U.S.


MicrowaveCongruenceSchiz 96%

43 44 45 46 Microwave exposed rats, when trained on inter-response time reinforcements reflect the same direction of deficit by increased total lever presses (at 31% of US occup.


428088782-Etats-Unis-Rapport-septembre-2019-criminal-Victimization-2018 96%

The number of violent-crime victims then increased from 2015 to 2016, before increasing again from 2016 to 2018.


AION Patch Notes 2 5 95%

Increased Abyss Points received from Kamar Battlefield.


Blood Transfusions in Cardiac Surgery 95%

An analysis of 7,957 patients demonstrated that lower nadir hematocrit during bypass was associated with worse renal function, more myocardial injury as measured by troponin levels, longer ventilator support, and longer hospital stays, in addition to increased mortality [14].


Fitzgerald et al. 2009 Slaughterhouses and Increased 95%

Slaughterhouses and Increased Crime Rates Organization &


hyperthyroidism and pulmonary (4) 93%

In conclusion, hyperthyroidism is associated with increased risk of venous thromboembolism, including PE.


hyperthyroidism-and-pulmonary-4 93%

In conclusion, hyperthyroidism is associated with increased risk of venous thromboembolism, including PE.


ncomms3685 93%

Fetissov1,2 Obese individuals often have increased appetite despite normal plasma levels of the main orexigenic hormone ghrelin.


Topic sessions-International Congress Ped.Pulmo. Lisbon 2017 91%

However, there is In addition, an increased interest in ultrafine particles has been rising increasing evidence that other sources of IAP (e.g.


OXIMED2012-741545 90%

in diabetic conditions, increased flux through the polyol pathway enhances oxidative stress due to increased consumption of NADPH by aldose reductase.


Helgerud MSSE 2001 Aerobic Training in soccer 89%

a) maximal ˙ O2max) increased from 58.1 ⫾ 4.5 mL·kg⫺1·min⫺1 to 64.3 ⫾ 3.9 mL·kg⫺1·min⫺1 (P ⬍ 0.01);


Mostal (procyanidin B2 1st study) 89%

In the procyanidin B-2 group, 78.9% showed an increased mean value of hair diameter, whereas only 30.0% in the placebo group showed any increase (p <


MV obese icu patients 89%

Atelectasis formation is increased in obese patients, because of the negative effects of thoracic wall weight and abdominal fat mass on pulmonary compliance, leading to decreased functional residual capacity (FRC) and arterial oxygenation.


SuicideAD 89%

After the warning, suicide in this age group increased for five consecutive years (60.5%).


b2410 features 88%

3-SPEED RANGES For increased efficiency.


Pathophysiologie nitrite 88%

The mean %BBBP increased in tandem with the mean CSF [nitrite] (R 5 0.84, P 5 0.018), which peaked at 18 h in the absence of a change in the serum [nitrite].


Estimated glomerular filtration rate 88%

One day postoperatively her creatinine level remained increased (125 μmol/L, eGFR 36 mL/min/1.73 m2).


envhper00379-0070 88%

Skakkebak1 Recent reports have suggested that the incidence of genitourinary abnormalities in human males has increased during the past 50 years, including congenital abnormalities such as cryptorchidism and hypospadia, which seem to be occurring more commonly.


humour3 88%

All rights reserved PERSPECTIVES Table 1 | List of all fMRI (and one PET) studies on humour in humans included in the meta-analyses* Stimulus modality Contrast depicted Summary of main findings Refs Studies including main effects of humour contrasts Visual static ToM cartoon versus non-ToM cartoon Verbal written versus visual static ToM versus non-ToM for stories versus cartoons Activity during ToM stories and ToM cartoons overlapped in the mPFC (paracingulate cortex) 102 The processing of semantic versus phonological jokes produced differential activity in the posterior MTG, posterior ITG and IPG but overlapped in the vmPFC 100 Visual static versus verbal ToM versus non-ToM for cartoons written versus stories Verbal auditory Semantic funny versus non-funny Phonological funny versus non-funny Semantic versus phonological funny Phonological versus semantic funny Funny versus baseline (semantic and phonological) Visual dynamic Natural amusement funny versus instructed smiling non-funny Laughter or smile induced by visual comics (as opposed to voluntary movement) increased activity in the visual cortex, ATP, uncus, OFC and mPFC Visual static Funny versus non-funny Humour increased activity in the TOC, IFG, ATP, SMA, dACC, mesocorticolimbic reward areas, hypothalamus and AMG 104 Visual dynamic Humour comprehension Humour comprehension (‘getting the joke’) entailed increased activity in the inferior frontal and posterior cortices, whereas humour elaboration (experience of mirth) activated the insula and AMG 105 Humour elaboration 103 (PET study) Visual dynamic Funny versus non-funny Passive viewing of funny (versus neutral) films led to increased activity in the insula, ATP, STG, MTG and CUN 36 Visual static ToM versus physical cartoons ToM (versus physical) cartoons entailed increased activity in the PREC, IPL and MTG (in healthy control individuals only) 69 Visual static Funny versus non-funny Humour (versus neutral) increased BOLD signal change in the FG, STG, MTG, IFG and cerebellum Visual static with caption Humour for language-based gag versus sight gag Visual static without caption Humour for sight gag versus language-based gag High-level visual areas activated more strongly during visual humour;


MoneyandCreditMaintainRapidGrowth 88%

In the first three quarters, RMB loans increased by RMB 8.67 trillion, up RMB 5.19 trillion year on year.


ahlstrom 2012 erl 88%

We found robust patterns in terms of an extra-tropical loss of carbon, except for a temperature induced shift in phenology, leading to an increased spring uptake of carbon.