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sourate al zomor traduction 100%

Sahih International Indeed, We have sent down to you the Book, [O Muhammad], in truth.


GreatPyramid-ENGLISH 97%

Indeed, when we divide the number irrational and transcending Pi, into 6 equal parts, the result is 0,523598776.


Spaces & Exchanges 89%

Indeed, this statue is tall and represent a woman who wear a 7 spikes crown.


Study Skills - Thibault Liautard 85%

Indeed, hospitality industry is a sector which requires specific skills, so student have to make the good choice depending on the career they want to pursue.


Observatoire Metropolitain Hydrologie Urbaine PAP 80%

Indeed, the discharge of contaminants in natural water bodies pose a significant concern to water quality and to the health of aquatic organisms.


Lumi'Group - AV MT 79%

Indeed, Lumi'group is divided into five


Anglais pour scientifiques français 79%

Les faux et moyens amis FRANÇAIS ANGLAIS actuellement currently, at present en effet actually, indeed ancien former très vieux ancient ancienneté seniority éventuellement possibly finalement, enfin eventually affronter


Virtues List 79%

Virtues List Virtues List Virtues are the essence of our character and character does indeed determine destiny.


Waterlooplein photoessay dumoulin 77%

Indeed, this place combine a bike market, a vintage market and a kind of bazaar.


Legal startup 75%

Linkedin, Indeed, Jobteaser, Cooptation, Pôle emploi


La preuve de l'Hypothese de Riemann 75%

And we will give an algorithm that allows both to generate prime numbers and confirm that P is indeed determined by


Newsletter 2131489 db GzD (3) 75%

The polo in Gstaad, indeed, has become a must see event.


Note 1 - Ripples in the Sand 75%

And indeed, I reached the caravan in the deep of the night.


flyer 74%

Indeed, the candidate's skills are subject to different algorithms to define the profile and compatibility of the candidate with your needs.


Anglais 73%

Indeed, the agencies placed under the will and the belief of the Catholic Church (14%), the Jewish Church (92%), and the Protestant Church (42%) began to accept more and more adoptions for homosexual people.


2015-10-15~1861@GILBERT GAILLARD 73%

They have been entirely transformed, yet not lost their soûl Indeed, behind their economie performance lies a unique business model designed to promote new vocations.


Liste 73%

Indeed - Recherche d'emploi Orientation pour tous - Le portail de votre orientation.


Zionism in the Age of Dictators 72%

As a general subject, the age of the dictators, the world war, and the Holocaust have indeed been covered


bisphenol et hyperactivité (1) 72%

Our studies here provide mechanistic support that the neurogenic period indeed may be a window of vulnerability and uncovers previously unexplored avenues of research into how endocrine disruptors might perturb early brain development.


Health risk assessment of fluoride 71%

Indeed, concentrations lower than 1 mg/L can cause dental caries, reduction of mineralization of bones and teeth.


Laundry Service Singapore Delivery 71%

Laundry is indeed an essential domestic errand.


Chevreux-Hollande 71%

Indeed, he has so far remained evasive on both for purely but sensible electoral reasons:


Groupe 7 - Le défi de lurbanisation - 26-09-2013 68%

These examples demonstrate a new way for urbanisation, indeed, this self-sufficiently in electricity reached by cities could create an T he best example of responsible production


French Market 68%

Indeed, a lot of stocks were not enough exchanged to be really representative of the market.