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100% - Art1 OPA3 F actin migration PlosOne13

Art1 OPA3 F actin migration PlosOne13 Downregulation of OPA3 Is Responsible for Transforming Growth Factor-b-Induced Mitochondrial Elongation and F-Actin Rearrangement in Retinal Pigment Epithelial ARPE-19 Cells Seung-Wook Ryu1,2*, Jonghee Yoon1, Nambin Yim1, Kyungsun Choi1, Chulhee Choi1,2* 1 Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea, 2 KI for the Biocentury, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea Abstract Transforming growth factor-b signaling is known to be a key signaling pathway in the induction of epithelial–mesenchymal transition. 05/11/2015

99% - Cruz2013NatRevNeurosci

In addition, previous studies on synaptic and molecular alterations induced by learning did not distinguish between behaviourally activated and non-activated neurons. 23/11/2016

94% - Experimental study of the transport of coherent interacting matter waves in a 1D random

Experimental study of the transport of coherent interacting matter waves in a 1D random Home Search Collections Journals About Contact us My IOPscience Experimental study of the transport of coherent interacting matter-waves in a 1D random potential induced by laser speckle This article has been downloaded from IOPscience. 06/09/2011

90% - 2012 Dual involvement of a Medicago truncatula NAC transcription factor in root abiotic stress response and symbiotic nodule senescence

Over-expression of one of these transcription factors, MtNAC969, induced formation of a shorter and less-branched root system, whereas RNAimediated MtNAC969 inactivation promoted lateral root formation. 08/05/2012

89% - site trophique

In this review, we integrate the current views of plant cell fate manipulation by these sedentary nematodes and made an inventory of possible links between cell cycle activation and local, nematode-induced changes in auxin levels. 12/02/2012

89% - coursKatok

Induced action and Mackey range o. 30/11/2011

89% - Soliton percolation in random optical lattices

Specifically, we address lattices with a gradient of the refractive index in the transverse plane, featuring stochastic phase or amplitude fluctuations, and we discover the existence of a disorder-induced transition between solitoninsu-lator and soliton-conductor regimes. 07/09/2011

88% - 2018 May Steph CV

Characterization of the response induced by DSS and the involvement of CCNY in wound healing (immunofluorescence, Western-Blot…). 04/07/2018

86% - Steph CV alternative

We demonstrated that chronic stress induced functional changes in rats, as well as a shift in mucin O-glycosylation without changes in mucin expression. 12/09/2017

86% - Art2 Mito dyn lymphocytes JEM2006

We found that Pertussis toxin (PTx) treatment (19) inhibits CXCL12-induced mitochondria redistribution in T cells (Fig. 05/11/2015

86% - Delannoy ISAN2015 PosterDownload

to explore the effects of pre-sleep induced emotional states, on sleep stage distribution and EDRf, as potential markers of emotional processing during sleep. 23/09/2015

84% - PhysRevA.84.023844

PhysRevA.84.023844 PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023844 (2011) Optical forces due to spherical microresonators and their manifestation in optically induced orbital motion of nanoparticles J. 31/08/2011

84% - 2045 709X 20 26

MANUAL THERAPIES SYSTEMATIC REVIEW Open Access The effect of spinal manipulative therapy on experimentally induced pain: 05/03/2014

83% - 6 Hall Neurosci 2002

Both reported strains of DAT knockouts display robust cocaine reward despite complete elimination of cocaine-induced locomotion (Rocha et al., 1998a,b; 28/09/2011

83% - Hyundai TDS 385 400 VG 25 FR 4

Extended Product Reliable Warranty Warranty More Power Plus de Generation production en In Low casLight de faible ensoleillement Anti-LID / PID Anti-LID / PID BothLes LID(Light Induced and Tempered glass and reinforced frame effets LID (Light Degradation) Induced Degradation) Verre trempé et design du cadre renforcé PID(Potential Induced Degradation) are sont design et PID (Potential Induced Degradation) pourwithstand supporterrigorous les fortesweather charges de neige strictly eliminated to ensure higher actual conditions limités garantissant ainsi un rendement et vent. 25/02/2022

83% - TIH

ACCP GUIDELINES Treatment and Prevention of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Antithrombotic Therapy and Prevention of Thrombosis, 9th ed: 03/09/2013

82% - PhysRevA.84.023821

In a planar geometry the conditions of the signal beam reflection from the optical inhomogeneity induced by the reference beam are found. 31/08/2011


Human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells have recently emerged as a promising renewable source of expandable patient-specific cells that can be used to generate human neurons4–6. 25/03/2016

81% - Kauer & Malenka 2007 Synaptic plasticity and addiction REV

Reversing or preventing these drug-induced synaptic modifications may prove beneficial in the treatment of one of society’s most intractable health problems. 04/10/2011

81% - 3 Sora PNAS 98

There are also limitations to postulated direct relationships between DAT blockade and psychostimulant-induced reward. 28/09/2011

81% - dress syndrome

dress syndrome cas clinique DRESS sous traitement par sulfasalazine Sulfasalazine-DRESS induced syndrome R. 24/04/2012

81% - 3 Gresch JNchem 1995

Furthermore, desipramine potentiated the tail shock-induced increase in both extracellular DA (stress alone, 64% ; 28/09/2011

81% - Lateral behaviour

Roll rate 1) intial roll input 5deg of aileron, beta so that Cn=0  to mesure “adverse yaw due to aileron deflection, induced drag part” Much more beta with V than Reduced rolling moment for V (Clbeta) Pitch up trend (deflection at tail ?) Numerical problem with induced drag for (interaction in HTP/VTP corner ?) 2) Sustained rolling movement, non coordinated. 16/11/2011

81% - PPP Master1

Here, we report that senescence associated secretory phenotype (SASP) induced by senescent cells in Introduction A great number of SASP produced by senescent cells have been investigated and are known to have an impact on the local environment. 27/04/2022

81% - No pain no gain Exp Physiol 2014 Smith

For example, training-induced adaptations include, but are not limited to, heightened skeletal muscle stamina and metabolic efficiency, enhanced cardiac function, improved glucose handling, increased insulin sensitivity, reduced body weight and fat deposition, potentiated vascular endothelial function, favourable alterations in parasympathetic–sympathetic balance and decreased resting blood pressure (Vina et al. 22/12/2014