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Febrile infant update 100%

COPE-D-17-00005 REVIEW URRENT C OPINION Febrile infant update Kate Dorney and Richard G.


nejmoa073059 98%

Standardized neurodevelopmental assessments were performed at a corrected age of 18 to 22 months by certified examiners trained in a 2-day hands-on workshop.20 Neu­ rodevelopmental impairment was defined as a score of 70 or below on either the Psychomotor Developmental Index or the Mental Developmental Index of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development, second edition (on a scale of 50 to 150, with 150 indicating the most advanced development), moderate or severe cerebral palsy,20 bilateral blindness, or bilateral hearing loss requiring amplification.


High Flow oxygen therapy-bronchiolitis 97%

Bronchiolitis in an infant was defined according to the American Academy of Pediatrics20 criteria as symptoms of respiratory distress associated with symptoms of a viral respiratory tract infection.5 We excluded critically ill infants who had an immediate need for respiratory support and ICU admission;


10.1097@MOP.0000000000000553 97%

Recent findings Recent studies show that administration of influenza and Tdap vaccines during pregnancy is well tolerated and provides protection to the pregnant woman, her fetus, and young infant.


Peds0314 Crying Infant 97%

Identify and differentiate common and life-threatening etiologies of infant crying.



We measured parental brain response to infant stimuli using functional MRI, oxytocin, and parenting behavior in three groups of parents (n = 89) raising their firstborn infant:


PNAS-2008-Kushnerenko-11442-5 95%

Syllables were presented in pseudorandom order, changing the speaker approximately every 40 s to keep the infant attentive.


SKI 2018 95%


cri de nn 95%

Discussion Prosodic features such as melody, intensity, and rhythm are essential for an infant acquiring language [22].


Baby Clothes On Sale Online Dubai 93%

Looking For Baby Products Online Looking for infant items isn't just something moms need to do;


Social-Emotional-Development[1] 92%

Know the sequence through which social abilities develop in the infant and young child.


neural plasticity of speech processing before birth 91%

The MMR, the infant analogy to the adult mismatch negativity (MMN), represents the brain’s automatic change detection system (24) and is elicited by any discriminable change in the learned material, therefore indirectly reflecting the underlying neural representations of learned repetitive (“standard”) stimuli, such as those for native language speech sounds.


Esophageal pH Monitoring and Impedance.9[1] 91%

Gastroesophageal reflux, as measured by 24-hour pH monitoring in 509 healthy infants screened for risk of sudden infant death syndrome.


Viral Bronchiolitis in Children 2016 (1) 90%

63 The n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l Patho gene sis The immune response elicited by RSV may be both protective and pathogenic, and there appear to be functional differences between an initial infection in a seronegative infant and reinfection in an older child or adult (Fig. 1).


5 and 10 mn Apgar and risks 89%

Introduction The Apgar score is a vitality index from 0 to 10 assigned to virtually every newborn infant at one, five, and 10 minutes after birth.


Becker et al-2015-The Cochrane library 89%

Comparison 1 Any type of pump versus hand expression, Outcome 1 Adverse effects for mother or infant.


tribunejuridique.alhimaya ljinaiya... 87%

Criminal Protection of Infant(Under-Age) Properties in the Saudi Policy – Comparison Study Student :


Health risk assessment of fluoride 86%

nt. Health risk assessment of fluoride in drinking water:


Article 82%

This makes sense given that even typically developing (TD) 3- and 6-month-old infants have been shown to be highly inconsistent in where they look during face viewing in comparison with older infants.14 Furthermore, the infant brain is undergoing an explosion of activity during the first year of life, a period when the number of synapses reaches a peak in many areas that is twice that of the adult15 and brain volume doubles in size in comparison with birth.16 Given the active pace of brain development during the infancy period combined with high intersubject variability of eye tracking patterns to faces during this time, examining the percentage of time an infant attends to the eye region of a face may not be stable enough to make diagnostically predictive claims, especially at the individual subject level.


Topic sessions-International Congress Ped.Pulmo. Lisbon 2017 82%

Also, the occurrence of acute pulmonary hemorrhage in infants exposed to toxigenic moulds is another example of the infant’s vulnerability to an environmental hazard [6].


Trbles intestinaux fonctionnels JIM 81%

Publié le 01/05/2017 Interview du Dr Bellaïche :


Impact prothèse sur allaitement 80%

World Health Organization recognises that while providing some breast milk to the infant is better than none, exclusive breastfeeding is needed to achieve optimal growth, development, and health for © 2014 Schiff et al.;