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Febrile infant update 100%

Bachur Purpose of review The approach to febrile young infants remains challenging.


nejmoa073059 98%

Decisions regarding whether to administer intensive care to extremely premature infants are often based on gestational age alone.


High Flow oxygen therapy-bronchiolitis 97%

The n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l of m e dic i n e Original Article A Randomized Trial of High-Flow Oxygen Therapy in Infants with Bronchiolitis Donna Franklin, B.N., M.B.A., Franz E.


10.1097@MOP.0000000000000553 97%

first line of defense for expecting mothers and vulnerable young infants Casidhe-Nicole Bethancourt a, Tiffany L.


Peds0314 Crying Infant 97%

A Systematic Approach To The Evaluation Of Acute Unexplained Crying In Infants In The Emergency Department March 2014 Authors Volume 11, Number 3 Lauren Allister, MD Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Stephanie Ruest, MD Department of Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Boston, MA Peer Reviewers Abstract Crying is a common behavior of infancy that can be a signal of a broad spectrum of conditions ranging from the normal needs of hunger and sleep to significant medical or surgical pathology.



heterosexual primarycaregiving mothers (PC-Mothers), heterosexual secondary-caregiving fathers (SC-Fathers), and primary-caregiving homosexual fathers (PC-Fathers) rearing infants without maternal involvement.


liste logements 96%

children=0&infants=0&s=X9Y3L6Np La Trinité sur Mer (10 pers + sans frais) 885€


SKI 2018 95% 55 pistes Logement : %20Cenis%2C%20France&adults=8&children=0&infants=0&guests=8&check_in=201 8-02-11&check_out=2018-02-17&tier_override=0&s=ZUR05oUu  La Toussuire - 9h15 de route depuis Bruxelles - Forfait 180 € pour 6 jours :


cri de nn 95%

These results show a tendency for infants to utter melody contours similar to those perceived prenatally.


Baby Clothes On Sale Online Dubai 93%

Eager guardians love looking for the ideal items for their infants like dens, bottles toys and other stuff to design their room and make the infant agreeable in its landing.


Social-Emotional-Development[1] 92%

Be aware of the ways in which infants and young children mature in their emotional development.


neural plasticity of speech processing before birth 91%

unlike infants with no exposure to these stimuli, the exposed fetuses showed enhanced brain activity (mismatch responses) in response to pitch changes for the trained variants after birth.


Esophageal pH Monitoring and Impedance.9[1] 91%

During 318 hours of recording in 50 infants, 1,887 episodes of reflux occurred according to IMP.


5 and 10 mn Apgar and risks 89%

3 January 2018 ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE To investigate associations between Apgar score at five and 10 minutes across the entire range of score values (from 0 to 10) and risks of childhood cerebral palsy or epilepsy, and to analyse the effect of changes in Apgar scores from five to 10 minutes after birth in infants born ≥37 completed weeks.


Becker et al-2015-The Cochrane library 89%

However, not all infants can feed at the breast and methods of expressing milk need evaluation.


tribunejuridique.alhimaya ljinaiya... 87%

1- Actuation (Arousal) Universities to increase the researches which related to the subjects of Infants(Under-Ages) to promotion society awareness for the Financial Rights.


Health risk assessment of fluoride 86%

Calculated risks for fluoride in the selected wells Sampling points MDI (mg/kg/day) Adults Infants Infants 5–14 0–4 years years ADI mg/kg/day Risks (=MDI/ADI) Adults Infants Infants 5–14 0–4 years years Luly mg\L 1.58 1.53 1.64 0.05 5 Williamson mg\L 1.69 1.60 1.85 0.10 5 Sources Matelas mg\L 1.20 1.17 1.24 0.03 5 Luly Williamson 7.23 8.16 25.30 28.54 37.95 42.81 0.06 0.06 120 136 422 476 633 714 Titanyen Mg\L 1.71 1.67 1.75 0.03 5 Titanyen 7.71 27.00 40.50 0.06 129 450 675 Lafiteau Mg\L 2.01 1.92 2.10 0.07 5 Lafiteau 9.26 32.40 48.60 0.06 154 540 810 CONCLUSION The aims of this study was to assess human health risks generated by chronic exposure to high fluoride concentration in drinking water from alluvial aquifers of Cabaret and Acahaie .Risk quotients ranged from 120 to 154 were estimated for adults living in four localities(Luly, Williamson,Titanyen and Lafiteau), while risk quotients for infants of 5- 14 years ranged from 422 to 540.For infants 0-4 years the calculated risk quotients were ranged from 633 to 810.These risks were very much limit of 1.These results have been obtained on 5 samples only from retained localities.It is necessary to characterise fluoride with a larger number of water samples in order to confirm these initial results .In the future ,it would be intereting to reinforce theseestimations by carrying out epidemiological studies on the exposed population.


Article 82%

A preference for geometric patterns early in life may be a novel and easily detectable early signature of infants and toddlers at risk for autism.


Topic sessions-International Congress Ped.Pulmo. Lisbon 2017 82%

Interestingly, the use of biomass fuels a group of infants enrolled in the South African birth cohort to varies by location, culture and socioeconomic status, determining both assess the determinants of early lung function in African infants.


Trbles intestinaux fonctionnels JIM 81%

Références  1. Vandenplas Y, A Abkari, Bellaiche M et al. Prevalence and health outcomes of functional gastointestinal symptoms in infants from birth to 12 months of age. JPGN 2015; 61:531­7  2. Benninga MA, Faure C, Hyman PE, St James Roberts I, Schechter NL, Nurko S. Childhood functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: Neonate/Toddler. Gastroenterology 2016; 150: 1443­55  3. L Scherer,  Zikmund­Fisher B, Fagerlin A et al. Influence of “GERD” Label on Parents’ Decision to Medicate Infants. Pediatrics 2013; 131:839–845  4. Vandenplas Y, Rudolph CD, Di Lorenzo C et al. Pediatric gastroesophageal reflux clinical practice guidelines:


Impact prothèse sur allaitement 80%

This systematic review and meta-analysis suggests that women with breast implants who breastfeed were less likely to exclusively feed their infants with breast milk compared to women without breast implants.


Les Antilles empoisonnées au chlordécone 80%

- Cognitive, visual, and motor development of 7-month-old Guadeloupean infants exposed to chlordecone Environmental Research Renée Dallaire et coll.


Abstracts from CIPP XVI Meeting-Libon june 2017 80%

BRO NC H I A L AS TH M A AN D O TH E R C H R O N I C OB S T R U C T I V E P U L M O N A R Y DISEASES infants and preschool children exclusively by written questionnaire is inaccurate and in agreement with Michel et al.(4) and Cane and McKenzie(5).