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Partial purification and characterization of two 100%

411-418, 18 February, 2011 Available online ISSN 1996-0808 ©2011 Academic Journals Full Length Research Paper Partial purification and characterization of two bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances produced by bifidobacteria Abdelmajid Zouhir1*, Ehab Kheadr2,3, Ismail Fliss2 and Jeannette Ben Hamida1 1 Unité de Protéomie Fonctionnelle et Biopréservation Alimentaire, ISSBAT, University El Manar, BP 94, Tunis cedex 1068, Tunis, Tunisia.


Antimicrobial properties of extracts regions of Tunisia 95%

COMBINATION WITH PLANT EXTRACTS IMPROVES THE INHIBITORY ACTION OF DIVERGICIN M35 AGAINST LISTERIA MONOCYTOGENES ABDEL-MAJEED ZOUHIR1, EHAB KHEADR2,3, IMANE TAHIRI2, JEANNETTE BEN HAMIDA1 and ISMAIL FLISS2,4 1 Unité de Protéomie Fonctionnelle et Biopréservation Alimentaire ISSBAT Tunis, Tunisia 2 Dairy Research Center STELA Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Institute (INAF) Laval University Quebec, PQ, Canada, G1K 7P4 3 Department of Dairy Science and Technology Faculty of Agriculture University of Alexandria Alexandria, Egypt Accepted for Publication July 24, 2007 ABSTRACT The susceptibility of 11 strains of Listeria monocytogenes to divergicin M35, a bacteriocin produced by Carnobacterium divergens strain M35, and to aqueous extracts of garlic, onion, oregano, red chili and black pepper at 30 and 10C, was evaluated using a microdilution assay.


Gagaoua et al. 2012 Serpins as biomarkers of meat tenderness 74%

All inhibitory serpins are irreversible covalent “suicide” protease inhibitors forming a highly stable covalent complex with their target enzyme, a complex detectable after gel electrophoresis in denaturing conditions [9,12,13].


Bright Oléoactif® - Brochure - v210416 72%

[1] Akemi Kobayashi and al., Inhibitory mechanism of an extract of Althaea officinalis L.



Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of 0.65mg/ml was obtained in acetonic extract generated from C.


calabresi 2009 65%

(b) During Parkinson’s disease, in the absence of a pharmacological treatment, dopamine deficiency causes overactivity of the indirect pathway and reduced activity of the inhibitory GABAergic direct pathway, disinhibiting the output nuclei and thus causing excessive inhibition of the motor thalamus.


PNAS-2013-Aharoni-6223-8 63%

Here we show that error-related brain activity elicited during performance of an inhibitory task prospectively predicted subsequent rearrest among adult offenders within 4 y of release (N = 96).


Antimicrobial properties of aqueous extracts from three 59%

for inhibitory activity against the food-borne pathogens listed below.


cocaine.piperidine-based.analogs.sar-2 56%

Therefore, it is possible that the combination of 5-HT and DAT reuptake inhibitory properties into a single molecule may offer a more 10.1021/jm9905561 CCC:


une plante chinoise contre la douleur 55%

yanhusuo, a plant used for centuries for pain relief DHCB is antinociceptive against acute, inflammatory, and neuropathic pains DHCB’s antinociception relies on its inhibitory activity at the dopamine D2 receptor DHCB administration does not induce antinociceptive tolerance Summary Background Current pain management is limited, in particular, with regard to chronic pain.


Quand l'effet miroir gêne la lecture 55%

evidence for the role of inhibitory control in discriminating letters with lateral mirror-image counterparts Grégoire Borst et coll.



In the visual system, inhibitory interactions could take place among both monocular neurons (binocular/interocular competition) and binocular pattern-selective neurons (monocular/pattern competition), and the persisting neural signals could be passed on to higher stages of processing, where visual competition can continue [2].


gastrointestinal hormone after bariatric surgery 54%

Changes in levels of glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), gastric inhibitory peptide, peptide YY (PYY) and ghrelin have been described following metabolic surgery.


Maurice et al 1999 53%

This study suggests that, in the prefrontal cortex–basal ganglia circuits, the trans-subthalamic pathways, by their excitatory effects, participate in the shaping of the inhibitory influence of the direct striato-nigral pathway on SNR neurons.


Mostal (procyanidin B2 1st study) 53%

Comparison of the inhibitory effects of monomeric, dimeric, and trimeric procyanidins on the biochemical Copyright # 2001 John Wiley &


08.10.15 09H00-10H00 TAGZIRT (cours 1) 53%

avec la lactoferrine et LIF(leukemia inhibitory factor) qui inhibe l'effet du GM-CSF et du G-CSF.


effects on neuron 52%

The inhibitory effects of these antagonists showed some differences among nicotine and the neonicotinoids.


frontal 50%

working memory, preparatory set, and inhibitory control.


BACTIBASE a new web-accessible database for bacteriocin 47%

Bacteriocins are very diverse group of antimicrobial peptides produced by a wide range of bacteria and known for their inhibitory activity against various human and animal pathogens.


Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium in Algeria (1) 46%

Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) were determined by E-test method according to CLSI guidelines.


coxit3 44%

Inhibitory eŠect of bone resorption and in‰ammation with etidronate therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years and in vitro assay in arthritis models.


Oral corticosteroids and acute respiratory diseases 42%

However, the inhibitory effect of the betamethasone:prednisolone ratio on the HPA axis is 50:1;


Immunogrossesseetvieillissement2010 42%

Parmi les cytokines produites par les uNK il y a beaucoup de LIF (Leukemia Inhibitory Factor), cytokine indispensable aux étapes très précoces, et notamment à l'implantation;


Duffau 38%

The parietal lobe is known to have strong connections to the premotor areas of the frontal lobe36 and to contain motor functions, as demonstrated through cortical ­stimulation in macaques and lesion studies in humans.37,38 These original findings provide further evidence that the motor control network extends beyond the frontal lobe, since it includes frontal and parietal subcortical fibres, as well as a projection pathway with inhibitory and excitatory characteristics.


P2-Immuno-Grossesse Vieillissement-1210 (1) 37%

ça permet de détruire tout ce qui n’est pas du soi).Pour empêcher une action lytique contre les cellules trophoblastiques elles expriment énormément de molécules inhibitrices à leur surface que l’on appelle des KIR (killer cell inhibitory receptor).