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With views of the sea and of the gardens of the Promenade des Anglais, the aim of Dessange Méridien is to instil a sense of absolute wellbeing, for men and women.


Life-of-Muhammad 73%

the man of God, crowned with a spiritual halo from which radiated such scintillating rays of light as would instil spiritual life into his followers and captivate and enthral those who were not fortunate to follow him;


Goldwern eng2 58%

Distinguishing a Clerk’s shape behind shady fence in the dark may also be a good artifice to instil fear even if in truth they are inoffensive.


SBS Reconcilation Action Plan 2008-09 55%

Perform as an agile and creative organisation Objective 3.1 Foster a positive culture • Instil SBS purpose, values and brand engagement throughout the organisation.


NewsletterBM1406 numero 1 52%

We can now instil them good habits in terms of scientific cooperation for later.


G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Progress Report 2013 49%

To that end, we have also examined the education and training programs we use to raise awareness of corruption and instil values of integrity, honesty, fairness and probity.


Ibn Taymeeyahs Letters From Prison 43%

That group tried to instil the theories of the philosophers into the pure creed, thereby disfiguring it, so that beneficial knowledge was turned into sterile debate and idle discussion.