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100% - Technology and Institutional Innovation

Technology and Institutional Innovation Document de Travail Working Paper N° 2012-01 Technology and institutions: 31/08/2012

98% - Institutional Funding Officer Major Giving Officer

Institutional Funding Officer Major Giving Officer Institutional Funding Officer Application pack © William Daniels / Handicap International Handicap International UK UK Registered Charity No. 16/08/2017

98% - InstitutionalInvestorsAndGreenInvestmentsFINAL


97% - OAP 2016 timeschedule v11

Institutional logics, identity and materiality in MOS (Session chair: 08/04/2016

97% - Pooling of Institutional Investors Capital

Pooling of Institutional Investors Capital POOLING OF INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS CAPITAL – SELECTED CASE STUDIES IN UNLISTED EQUITY INFRASTRUCTURE April 2014 This analytical report is circulated under the responsibility of the OECD Secretary General. 16/04/2014

96% - thesis csr governance

thesis csr governance The Effects of Different Institutional Investors and Board of Director Characteristics on Corporate Social Responsibility of Public Listed Companies: 09/10/2014

88% - Contrat d'étude STUDENTS ERASMUS

____/______/ 200 Nom et signature du coordinateur d’établissement Institutional coordinator’s signature Date : 09/03/2017

87% - Proceedings 6th OAP Workshop

OAP 2016 will be focused on the theoretical perspectives and ontologies that inform the (meaning of these) new modalities of institutions and institutional dynamics, and that affect how these changes matter. 08/04/2016

87% - Eurolink Securities AlphaMena Press release

“Addressing American Institutional Investors’ growing demand on MENA zone” Kais KRIAA, CEO and Head of Research, AlphaMena, adds: 27/01/2014

84% - PARQUE COMERCIAL RIO NORTE ppt (2) 1 copy

Contacts All the information hereby enclosed in addition to the organisation of visits to the property in question will be managed by the Institutional Clients Department. 20/09/2012

79% - Eliz Master Budget HRGGP Russia update 11 09 2012

The Promoting Comprehensive and Con Rights 40020213 Mother's Right Foundation (Russia) Enhancing Respect for Right to Life in the Russian Army 03/16/2010 04/22/2012 $150,000.00 Human The purpose of this charitable OSI Russia donation is to provide continuing institutional support Aida to Somfai Mother's | Elizabeth Right Foundation Eagen | Attila (MRF) Kovacs in 2011-2012. 12/12/2015

79% - DCD WKP(2014)2 ADD PROV

Furthermore, Australian long-term institutional investors, such as pension funds, have been investing in infrastructure since the 1990s. 23/04/2014

76% - 01509721

the evolution of social capital through historical ties, the enabling of social capital creation through institutional or organizational facilitation, and the creation of social capital through the shared pursuit of common goals in the absence of historical ties and facilitation. 28/08/2014

75% - 12 Tunisia

However, from 2005, the Bank expanded its support to Tunisia’s development by financing, in the form of grants, from the resources of the MIC Trust Fund, studies and capacity building support operations aimed at deepening its knowledge of the country and strengthening the institutional capacity of the Tunisian administration. 13/05/2013

75% - it sec spy 2011

The following section is an update on the main threats to security, described in a new format specifically devised to facilitate institutional communication and the promotion of a culture of security. 02/01/2013

73% - Job Offer TES Project Manager To

Job Offer TES Project Manager To Job Posting October 7 Available Position Project Manager in Public Participation and Regional Coordinator Location Toronto About Transfert Environment and Society For over 25 years, Transfert Environment and Society (TES) has developed its unique expertise and approach to achieving social acceptance of industrial and institutional projects. 07/10/2014

73% - Booklet final

Building institutional and research competency The development of research and innovation capacities cannot be achieved without the mastery of a set of knowledge, skills and competences. 09/03/2018

72% - IPD SA Infopack August 2015

Main Goal The main goal of the summer academies is to support institutional academic peacebuilding, mediation and conflict resolution education and strengthen the skills of the representatives of state organs, business sector, INGOs, education institutes and independent mediators. 22/04/2015

71% - accord inter institutionnel erasmus v2 du 04.02.15

of the course catalogue) Site internet (du catalogue de cours par exemple) Mobility numbers5 per academic year Nombre de mobilités5 par année académique (Paragraph to be added, if the agreement is signed for more than one academic year the partners commit to amend the table below in case of changes in the mobility data by no later than the end of January in the preceding academic year Paragraphe à ajouter si l’accord est signé pour plus d’une année académique :les partenaires s’engagent à modifier le tableau ci-dessous en cas de modification des données, au plus tard à la fin du mois de janvier de l’année académique précédente.) FROM TO DE A Subject area code* 1 Number of student mobility periods Nombre de périodes de mobilité Inter-institutional agreements can be signed by two or more higher education Institutions Les accords inter-institutionnels peuvent être signés par 2 ou plusieurs établissements d’enseignement supérieur 2 Higher Education Institutions have to agree on the period of validity of this agreement 2 Les établissements d’enseignement supérieur doivent indiquer la période de validité du présent accord 3 Clauses may be added to this template agreement to better reflect the nature of the institutional partnership 3 Des clauses supplémentaires peuvent être apportées à ce modèle d’accord pour préciser certains aspects du partenariat 4 Contact details to reach the senior officer in charge of this agreement and of its possible updates Coordonnées de la personne contact responsable et leurs mises à jour éventuelles 5 Mobility numbers can be given per sending/receiving institutions and per education field* (optional*) Le nombre de mobilités peut être exprimé par établissement d’accueil/d’envoi et par discipline* (*facultatif) 1 Modèle accord interinstitutionnel Erasmus 2014-2020 V2 04/02/2015 (Erasmus code of the sending institution) (Erasmus code of the receiving institution) (Code Erasmus de l’établissement d’envoi) (Code Erasmus de l’établissement d’accueil) (ISCED) Code discipline* (CITE) Subject area name* Discipline* Study cycle Student Mobility Student Mobility (short cycle, for Traineeships* for Studies Mobilités Mobilités de 1st , 2nd or 3rd)* Niveau* Cycle court L/M/D d’études stage* (total number of months of the study periods or average duration*) (Total en mois ou durée moyenne*) (*Optional: 09/03/2017

71% - index.cfm

Conduct scientific and institutional research; 05/09/2012

71% - Letter from the TCPD's Scientific Board

Given that the university leadership has explicitly acknowledged “lapses in institutional processes,” we need to be informed as to what concrete steps the university is taking to identify those lapses and, more importantly, how they will be prevented in the future. 25/03/2021

70% - Brochure Applied research ECOWAS Sep 017

However, the lack of a close working relationship between national agricultural research and extension organizations, and with different categories of farmers and farm organizations, is one of the most difficult institutional problems confronting ministries of agriculture in many developing nations. 25/07/2017

68% - Cultural Policy in Liberia by Kenneth Y. Best (1975)

these are largely institutional, administrative and financial in nature, and the need has increasingly been stressed for exchanging experiences and information about them. 13/03/2013


The ethical justification for these risks is that society will eventually benefit from the knowledge gained from the trial.1 Because the risks involved in trial participation may be significant, and because individual trial participants often do not benefit directly from trial participation, substantial safeguards have been implemented to protect the interests of study participants both prior to and during the trial.2 These safeguards take multiple forms, including oversight by institutional review boards, the informed consent process, and data and safety monitoring boards. 11/11/2013

66% - Overcoming Constraints to the Fin of Infrast

Institutional framework must provide the support and incentives for proper PPP implementation, with viable coordination between the different parts of government involved. 25/02/2014